Hi Eunice….

14 04 2008

“Hi Eunice,

Just got back home and was thinking how sweet and innocent you looked today and yet how firm and resolved you can be. I was touched. G”

Well, Well !!!

Er, that was a text message I received in error from a very unknown number on my laid back G-Phone (made by Samsung BTW, Dante)

Anyways, I looked through my address book (Hard Copy), and did the double take, when I found that the number in question belonged to an Ol Skool classmate of mine called George…

He was one of them eclectic types in school. Always sharply dressed on a Friday afternoon… Heck in boarding school, this was kind of out of the way…

He was also one of those chaps who knew way too much about so many things…

He was bright, really really bright, this chap could range and average of 89% in 13 subjects without ever going to class for evening revision sessions…

He stayed in the joint, did 6 mandatory years, even wanted to be a Surgeon just like his pops…. He moved to Montreal (yeah, Tandra, the city in Canada) for his college degree…

Met him in town the other day (on K’la Rd) chatted about Canada, ol skool rugby, money, and cars, but we never did talk about chics…

You see G (as I may proceed to call him) was the shyest mutha******!

ok that’s lame

(Oops, we have innocent kids reading this)…

George was kinda hesitant when it came to chatting up girls (unlike we at at the B2B-blog)… he used to keep it strictly to the professional when it came to asking for their names, and interests…. Home phone numbers (we’re talking 1990s here, so yup no Worried Telecom and stuff, sorry, Warrid)

Anyways, I thought after a decade in the game, he would have upped his game, just like some of us did when we went down to Jo’burg for a few weeks, considering 5 and a half years in Montreal were life changing…

He told me that the first two years of living with his grandma were amazing….

But you can only get so many hunnies asking when they can pass by your digs after dinner and a movie when they know your grandma’s home

So when he finally did move out, he was in a hurry, and ended up dating a weird clingy type hunnie…

Fine as she was, he said he didn’t enjoi his time in Montreal…

So now he was on a mission to “express” himself….

Kinda funny the way he’s turned out after 5 (Wait, they’re more than 5, SixAndAHalf almost) years in another country…

Wanting to be a player approaching 30….


Hoping he succeeds and gets over it ASAP…

He didn’t have the balls then, and I sure don’t see him breaking hearts now….

I wonder what Eunice would say… (chuckling to me’self)



11 responses

14 04 2008


14 04 2008

err…. number please?

14 04 2008
Mr. B2B

the usual

@T (again)
you mean George’s!

14 04 2008

Ehh, George wanna be a playa at 30? Why do u sigh Edmo…? Is it unusual? Most men I know are still playing way into their 50’s.

George is gonna be played! Give him Tandra’s number.

14 04 2008
Mr. B2B

i sigh coz for starters Georgie can’t kiss any girl to make her cry!
well, not Eunice at least!

14 04 2008

Show the brother how to play the game!
30? 30?!
Even after being in “outside countries”?
Help him out, Mr.B2B!

14 04 2008

yes edmo…George’s..he even has as if uniqname.. think i like know two other George’s..waaaaaaaaiiit! he myt b one of’em 😀
wat do u mean he cant kiss any gal to make her cry? wat does that reaaaaaaaaaaallly mean???

15 04 2008
Mr. B2B

Kudos for the props, but hey…
i ain’t got any game remember!!
But i will share with him what i have learned!

I like saying that!
What i mean(t) was the fact that G is too timid to fall in and out of the game as cool (read kewl) as most players do…
translation, he can kiss the girl, but he will continue kissing and not stop kissing even if he wants out!

15 04 2008

eeeiiii bambi George… lets hope you won’t lead him astray mr.b2b… naye you can him my number, my girls and i can so help him out… right tandra?

15 04 2008

That happens to the best of us..we upstanding gentlemen of the universe.

Sounds like George wants a house on Chao-ville!!

16 04 2008

woiyeee….methinks George should be led on the opposite path.. (as in he keeps on bn the shy type..who knows..he may be someone’s cuppa tea)…si by 30 he should have gotten past the player stage????

He lived with his Gran for 2 years???Gatho!! if she’s anything like my grannie dearest there’s no way any girl was going to pass by..

but that text just made my day..I dunno why..it just made me laugh…

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