For Joshi

23 04 2008

The Real Basics, these are for you Joshi… somehow your blog page is er, protected… these are the first ten rules of a wanna-be-playa like yourself… and yeah dawg, the whole plan of writing stuff backwards, and asking me to look in the mirror is kinda lame..

I realised i was beyond being a wanna-be-playa when i know-ticed that i can do all of these things in-reverse!

You wanna be a playa Joshi, do the needfull, and show us your game…


Never show your real side…


Never say the words “I love you”


Only agree with her when you are sure there’s something innit for you


Always represent when it comes to her asking to do things for her, [always]


Never introduce her to your boys (Never)


Try not to hit on her friends, however hot they are! Let them ask how you are!!


Remember where you met her… and how you started talking to her too


Never try to jump into her pants, never ever show that you are desperate, even if Bwana is complaining how!


When it is time to “split”, don’t try to get into her pants one last time [Do Not]


Try not to fall for her….

Ladies, don’t despair, i shall drop the next ten to avoid peeps like Joshi, or the old [Mr.B2B]

Afterall, 2_can_play_that_game, innit??

The song in the playlist is Jon B’s “They Don’t Know”



17 responses

23 04 2008


23 04 2008

Yup. Socks and shoes.

23 04 2008

Ok. Enough excitement. I do believe this is a first (with pun) for me.
Now i know what to look out for.

24 04 2008

lol @candy box…..

mez waiting for the other list! but err… isnt it the same thing?

24 04 2008

Bwana, mr. b2b, who be that?

but why can’t you introduce her to your boys? wouldn’t it be kind of cool since you would be “changing” the chicks you are playing like often…..

24 04 2008

Eh, Sy! Oba you re-read the Bwana statement?Me thinks Bwana is definitely male, as in belonging to a guy but NOT a guy…

@ Mr.B2B: interesting list.

24 04 2008

A long long time ago, when I was a key member of a certain Playas Club, I knew the rules. These days, I have no use for them.

24 04 2008

Hmmm, that title is …

I’m going to try and follow this list and see if it works.

24 04 2008

But you…
I beg to differ on that friend intro thing.If you dont introduce her, she will think something is wrong and yet the whole point of being a player is making her assume she is the ONE.

24 04 2008
Mr. B2B

First time!
It gets you when you finally do get there!


Well, you do know huh!

Have a little patience…
Candy took your sockies too!

Well… Bwana is a very calm guy who reacts to what the eyes have seen! though sometimes…
About introducing “her”…
Ever heard about “feedback”!
Will drop more in the subsequent post!

Bwana is most definitely a guy!

I hear you!

Knock yourself out!

It comes across when getting rid of her!

So far…..
Even the ladies are helping you out!

24 04 2008

Lol Bwana…hahaha

Ok, lemme adapt these. but I alreday said the “L” word.

Nah, I wont be a playa. Not again! Tired of the game.

Left it for y’all.

24 04 2008

Men really don’t know a single thing about women. Here, this post, is proof.

24 04 2008


24 04 2008
Mr. B2B

I left it too for Joshi to try and step up, but er….

No No…
It isn’t as bad as it looks…
it could be much worse…


25 04 2008

Um… is there some blog tension around these parts

A blog beef if you will?

25 04 2008

DO i detect some ,what do they call it, nugu or the green eyed monster,in Mr.B2B’s comments?

30 04 2008

players..(frowns)…reminds me of the first Mr. Val…tsk tsk…

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