For Joshi-again

25 04 2008

For Joshi-again

So anyways, there is no beef between me and Joshi…

The truth of the matter came out simply because of the fact that after being a simple player, and learning a lot of ish about women, I er want to share a few things about the

Whatever, just read on….


Always be as if you are the chic, and allow him to believe he is the one…


When you meet a bunch of er, “cool” guys as in a click, just stay as confident as you normally are, and adjust your hair…. (especially if the sun is out)


Always look for the one who is not showing any er “interest” in you and see how he relaxes, carries himself, and compare him to the “jock”


If any of them tries to talk to you, just be calm and pretend to listen to him, and when he’s done, just tell him that as much as he is cute as hell, he just isn’t your type…


If at all you see this “scrumptious” chap with nice shoulders, and carries himself well, relax, walk up to him and say, you dress well. Dyu mind me buying you a drink sometime


If this one fails (about the drink), just tell him he looks like some guy you met at a conference, and if he asks about the conference……


Whenever a chap is approaching you, wait just a bit before you flush him. i.e. at least till he opens his mouth, and you hear whether his words match with his dress, or attitude….


Never ever step up to a guy having a heated discussion with another woman…


Try to look beyond the fact that he has a deeper pocket than the other chap…. and notice the side which doesn’t talk about dimezzz


Watch and listen a lot to both what he says, and what he does and see if at all they rhyme….

These are all random parts of what I gathered from a bunch of guys and girls who were having a heavy discussion about what they would want in a female…

Though number Ten is a truly basik addition from we @ the B2B-blog…

Joshi, hope you are getting this…

Eb, I can’t have any beef with Joshi…. Well, unless he wants to bring it….

Abid, ever heard of the word “provoke”

Ladies, your take can be included, the track in the playlist is  LL_Cool_J’s “around the way girl”



17 responses

25 04 2008

hmmm… about no. two, what’s with adjusting hair?

25 04 2008
Mr. B2B

It’s a guy thing
Chics look so good when they are “adjusting” their hair

25 04 2008

Kale these were my socks!

26 04 2008

Veni, Vidi, Commenti.

I just realised I didn’t have you in my blog roll! *smacks self* Gah! I’m so freaking disorganised!!!!!

26 04 2008

why’s joshi getting all the advice? i need help figuring out guys(and chics too. so do i get to get a post in my honor?

28 04 2008


28 04 2008


28 04 2008

Ha, Joshi is one guy you don’t want to mess with. Ask Sam and Mudamuli. They know.

28 04 2008

No.8; what’s that about?

28 04 2008

Just kidding, Candybox

28 04 2008
Mr. B2B


Calm down

Ok kewl….
But in a few ok!

bin a while…
Welcome by again!

No words huh!
I hear you too!

Well ok
Not looking for that drama…
just sharing techniques…

it’s like this….
if a dude is yelling, or being yelled at in the face of another female…
However cute he is…
do not even attempt…

Cram his cute face, and wait till she saunters off…
The “attack”


29 04 2008

Ok.. i just wanted to make sure…

8 applies if the dude is more like your brother than someone your messing with… i have topped many of dudes from jacking up a chick before… cant see my boy stoop to the level of some simple minded chicks ya know!

30 04 2008

2: that hair thing is weird.
3: why bother with people who don’t show any interest in you? (atayagala agende!)
4: don’t be discussing ‘types’ at the first meeting. that only limits your chances; you might need type “B” to get type “A”. after all, one of the ways to hook a guy is to have one.
5: who does that? how about sending him a drink? or leaving it at complimenting his sense of style. “dyu mind buying me a drink?” hello?
6: that one’s paraplegic dude!
8: a guy having a heated discussion with a chic, in public, is drama on the prowl. stay away!

30 04 2008
Mr. B2B

Appreciate your take…

2. It is a gut thing… why dyu think numerous adverts and certain scenes in movies have the main actress throwing their hair back…

3. Guys who like, i mean really like (other than just jumping into the sack) will always take a little while longer to show their real feelings, so basikly, just be a bit patient.
The “jock” is usually the one who chics hit on, and have no problem liking… He treats chics badly

4. By er, “explaining” your type, you show you are “confident” and then and only then can you ascertain the equally confident, or more confident chaps than yourself…. so when he does step to you….

5. I am with you here.
Appreciate that loads Jasmine

6. As in number 5..

8. We are on the same page here

Jas, thanks for dropping these, and also for dropping by

Love your name By The Way… (need to stop saying that!!)

30 04 2008
Mr. B2B

2. a guy thing
not a gut thing!

30 04 2008


30 04 2008
valentia four is so cruel methinks..

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