An Ode to blogger, wordpress, and the entire…

30 04 2008

An Ode to Blogger is not usually something that we at the B2B-Blog would really do, but there are some really impressive, thoughtful and interesting characters on both blogger and wordpress….

First off, the props I do throw out go sockies to both Kissyfur, and PetesMomz…

Kissyfur, for constantly telling me about blogger, and how some peeps really made her smile, and relate to a whole loada stuff she and they went through! Also to PetesMomz, for being the original muse (as Iwaya said so)…

They told me that you don’t have to blog the whole world, but you can just express how you feel about certain situations….

The first blog I ever read and was amused was coinhasfish200 blah-zi-blah!

Can’t quite remember the post exactly

I remember 9p.m though… something about a random ramble…

If it was a movie set…

I bet you Tumwijuke would be the director on set with Nathan_Savage a struggling producer… and this would be his big break!!! Sponsored by Mateo’s!

The main script of the movie would revolve around Keitetsi’s drama and how the whole world (blogville i.e.) would stage a Jack Bauer-24-ish kinda project plan to smoke her out of the utopia she lives in!

We would call upon the retired colonel and his League of Extraordinary Super Villains to jump on board…. with Joshi to chill out and make us laugh

Duksey, Heaven, and Cheri would be the hott kyanas in the movie, while Sy would be the innocent mother of the lost and found baby…

Miss_Tandra-licious would no doubt be the master minding super intelligent chic who comes up with all the answers….

We at the B2B-blog will no doubt be involved, but at the secondary level… promotions… chilling back throwing a few ideas with Mrs. B2B mainly though…

If you include the newbies, Antipop would no doubt develop the music score, judging by her interest in rock, hiphop and RnB… (LOL)

Phoebes would be chilling massaging the producer’s back…

DeTambs and Princess would be chilling in the background debating whether Chris Baraka really exists…

Sam, Mudamuli, and Peace would be watching DeTambs and Princess..

The 2weakchaps aka TheEmrys and TheDark-Knight would turn up with Lucy, Skunk , Jasmine and Valentia…

Foxylamb would no doubt be the super hott bad chick as a

Wait, Wait…

Foxylamb would be the super hott chic who is always undermined and ends up serving coffee to the whole team…

Aivan and Dante would be responsible for the graphics, and gadgets including the highy debated G-Phone

Iwaya would be the original screen writer….

Carlo , Candybox, and Dee would be trying to fend off all the irate photojournalists and making sure that they get the pics instead…

JackFruity and ScarlettLion would be wondering how come this idea wasn’t thought of long long time ago….

So here goes…

Oh shyte…

I need to holla at Iwaya

i don’t have the script with me, SHYTE!!!

I wanted to wait until June 25th to post this, coz it will be my 365th day being a blogger, but… I needed your ideas on out-thinking Iwaya…

Here’s to Bloggers…CHEERS!!!

A special shout out to Queen of My Castle (actually her castle), G’s Dairy, Eb-the_Caleb, and Moe…

For keeping me reading, though Moe has gone off the boil… and making want to listen a lot more than ask…

And you too Mrs.B2B for reading and chuckling with me, and also tripping when i take longer than usual to post (though i’ma go back-to-basics soon and just do once a week)



44 responses

1 05 2008

You forgot what 27th would be doing. Maybe someone could give him a gun and post him on sentry duty…

Does Chris Baraka really exists…hmmm, I don’t know what my stance is on that. I shall have to research. Don’t want Princess knowing more than me!

1 05 2008

:)…I’m jazzed..but can I just ask…after we turn up…then??

1 05 2008

this is beautiful MB2B. although, why am i not the hot bad ass chic in this epic? huh? huh? i knew i should have never revealed my face at BHH.

1 05 2008

I want to be one of the hot kyana in the movie. Why am I not one of the hot kyana in the movie? Huh? I want to be a hot kyana!

1 05 2008

lol@tumwi and antipop

awwwwwwwwwwwww…. he wrote abt us!

1 05 2008

Deliver ma script asap and you need a costume designer to get us those charles angels suits hmmm…
@tumwi;lol bambi you will crowd our air there.

1 05 2008

So i’m on guard duty am i? I’m off to clean my AK47, be right back.

1 05 2008

Savage would be a “struggling producer”??? Lol. Lemme wait for his comment.

Shyaa, I want Tandra’s part. Can I at least be her under-study. Miss Super intel chic… naye gwe.

On second thought, I’d want Phoebe’s role.

Lol Ivan and Dante.

Foxylamb’s role is interesting. Couldn’t u just stop at super badd!

B2B, this was fun.

1 05 2008

Yeah, damn right, producing is a real struggle.
I am glad I am getting my big break with such a great cast and crew.

I feel stressed and tense, can I get my massage now?

2 05 2008

Savage bamuwe massage!

Why do I feel like I am post humous – you know, the friends they acknowledge “in loving memory” just before he credits roll?

And if I am going to be dead, I want a part for Pete. He can be Mini-me or something.

2 05 2008
Mr. B2B

Me and @27th-C agreed that he would just be growing the Basiks Brand, and engaging on un-earthing the 28th Comrade wanna-be!!!
LOL @ Sentry Duty!
MOre LOLs at knowing less than Princess…

Cheers too… i.e. about the jazzing!
Hmmn, after we turn up…

Nice… Thanks…
So, you wanna be the bad ass hott chic huh!
Will hola @Savage!

Kati now who will be the director?
We all know you are Hott, but dyu wanna act and direct too??

I hear you!

Some ideas finally
Costume designer….
Charlie’s Angels… How about we name y’all er…
Blogren’s Hotties…
LOL!! at Tumwi crowding you out!


Calm down, Savage is a mad-skillz producer with no dime…
All he does need is a mad break, and the rest as they say is HISTORY!!!
Naye Gwe..
Naye Gwe…
Is that all you could come up with?
What about Banange!, or Shenzi-we…
Thanks for appreciating

The massage, lemme hola @ Phoebes for you
Nice appreciation dawg!

I was just giving you all the props that you deserve, from way back then…
Way Way Back
About Pete…
We can talk about a cameo appearance, didn’t want too many blog-kids though….
First Sy, now you

Thanks for reading.
Thanks a lot

I still need to write out me own script and make sure we all find a way of smoking out Keitetsi, with the help of Baz’s League of Extraordinary Super Villains

Juts goes to show,
We all want what we can’t have
We all have what we don’t want

So,can i get some ideas….

Cheers Bloggers!

2 05 2008

Banange, you now want to declare me impalpable and indistinguishable because I am unkagendekeble in posting?

2 05 2008

yii banange, even in pretend world i have been relegated to “crowd”? okay so i have no drama skills but…*goes away wailing*

2 05 2008

So at last our names appear even if to just watch.

2 05 2008

Writer’s block came the wrong time!!!!!! I know what could cure it…a massage! 🙂

2 05 2008

Iwaya, wait till you are the boss. The budget is small, we can’t afford massages for screenwriters.Till then, local waragi will do the trick of curing ya writer’s block.

3 05 2008

where am i? will do crowd for free!

4 05 2008

but crowd’s both male and female, how will you do them all? you Bi?

5 05 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

@Chris Baraka
Oh ok…

No No!
i actuallyjust suggested these ideas with an expectation of citicism…
Now tell me what part would you want to play in the movie
coz i am now casting you too…
How about the chic who everyone wants but is shy about stuff?


But Phoebes was strictly for a massage to the producer, not the screen writer..


You’re killing me!!

@Nathan Savage
On Point you are!!

5 05 2008

It sucks being late to comment on this post…

*stage whisper(who the hell is Chris Baraka?!)

*runs off to find out more than DeT. 😀

p.s. this is a fun post! 🙂

5 05 2008

okay, since we are casting me now, i want…let me see, hmmm, i want to be a sexy villain. psycho, and bi-sexual. you better put for me a steamy lesbian scene. (no mud please. i will not be rolling in mud ever)
i’m sure Iwaya can come up with something.

5 05 2008

ugh! your thingy keeps chewing my comments.
i said, i want to be a sexy villain. pyscho and bi-sexual, and that there’d better be a steamy lesbian scene for me.

5 05 2008

Jasmine has just killed me for riyo!! I know for a fact Intelligensia is anything but Bi. He has a ‘healthy’ appreciation for a woman’s body. 😉
Meanwhile, all I do is photo people? Shya! Tujjabilwanilamu. I want to also be in the movie. At least let me also get a massage. Frome one of the hot guys. And why are there no hot guys? Huh? We feel left out we women.

5 05 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

Yeah it does suck i feel you!

in that case, i’m gwan be a transvestite, and be the love interest (yours that is)
Just kidding…
Aww, some mud, just a little…
The reviewers will kill for this…

It seems your thingy be’s liking my thingy (excuse the PUN)
I am so waiting for other er, “actors” and “actresses” comments on what else they want!

i am witchu!

about the intelligensia chap…
Well, i er…

i think i er..

But we are very few hot guys on blogger Carlo..
We know that…

Only me, NathanSavage, Aivan, Dante and Iwaya…
Oh wait…
What about the 2weakchaps…

I could give them the tender….
Atte they are 2 chaps… so nuff to massage a few other female bloggers…


5 05 2008

WTF! Do you know, I could have sworn there were 24 comments here…that is before the power went off?!

*Are me eyes playing tricks on me?

5 05 2008

Why, oh, why won’t this computer let me read the comments after the 19th one?
*goes off in a sulk

5 05 2008

not just your PC princess. i think its this page. keeps hiding the comments.

6 05 2008

Aivan, Dante, NathanSavage…and u???

Where is Baz, Where is Rev?


6 05 2008
Mr. B2B

I know..
Wordpress was acting up

I know as well

But if you add them, then the we are done!

6 05 2008

mr b2b, i cant stop laughing. why did u add the part after do i look like the type of girl that would serve tea? nway i hope the costume is this bad girl costume that shows off my butt then i might reconsider. plus do i get to flirt with the male customers? then am all for it. holla back

6 05 2008

i am so with tumwijuke, want to be one of the hot chicks… but waiiiit, what exactly will their role be in this movie? probably to just “be there” looking pretty. on second thought, i want tandra’s role!

6 05 2008
Mudamuli Ntikita Ntikita

Kwanini hauja weka wakina nani hu? Wakina Dennis and his brother? Nauliza tu. Just asking.

6 05 2008

I am ever present!!! And I just to pay you back… I have also poached something that I posted up on my blog.

6 05 2008

By the way… I was a little worried when I started to read through your list of bloggers… my mind must be nasty lately but when I saw the link for your Tandra-licious and I had missed out the AL in the watamacallit!!! 😦 I know… SICK!

7 05 2008
Mr. B2B

i know i know…
just to make the other blogren laugh as well
I can picture you flirting LOL!

How is that possible…
Everyone wants to be a hott kyana is the movie…
There can only be one Miss Tandra-licious!
One i tell you!

@Mudamuli Ntikita Ntikita
Whattaname huh??
Either way, we are fewer than you think?

Bin there…
Thanks for dropping by finally…

Dawg, you need a drink or something!

7 05 2008
Miss Cheri

Moe…ok, now u have corrupted me as well!

Lemme tell on u to Tandra.

7 05 2008

Not even sentry duty? Bah! I could have argued with Princess and then gone off sulking and snogged him. Could have been some nice action in the scene background.

And who the fuck is this 28th Comrade? I want to know so I can kick their butt!! They’re stealing my fucking birth right!! 28th Comrade is my name! Unless they too were born 12 hours after the 27th Comrade, which I doubt they were, get the fuck away from my name!!

7 05 2008

A name for the movie?
Sorry, I’m fresh out of ideas!

*Why the hell is the comment form for the next post closed?!

7 05 2008
Mr. B2B

i hear you too

Oh ok..
It is you who was plagiarising Rev’s name huh!
Ease up on the profanity girl…
a simple F**K would suffice

Awww C’mon i had/ have loads of faith in you!

about the blockage…
it’s coz of the belief i have in something, someone, and i don’t want it shared till i open up!

7 05 2008

Awwwe… I feel so special.. thx for the link love!

9 05 2008

Err no it wasn’t me who was being the 28th comrade. I have better taste than that.

23 05 2008

And the producer’s back said;
Just leave me the hell alone, woman!

23 05 2008

my original comment has been thrown out by wordpress.
mbu, ‘duplicating…’

11 11 2008
.p.r.o.p.s. « B2B’s…

[…] but hey not everyone actually deserves these props… seriously, look at how we chaps at the B2B joint are always looking for props…. even thinking that writing about them will get us […]

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