Dennis Mitchell and his belief!

7 05 2008


The clock ticks

The pressure mounts

You wonder whether Dennis Mitchell will run that curve like he did at the previous world championships

Or of he will slip and miss giving the baton to Carl Lewis, and break the world record that they have been trying to break for the past 3 years…

You wonder whether he will end up like Marion Jones and be found out…

Was just a forgery

When it’s all said and done, the pressure was worth it, coz you always believed in Dennis Mitchell, even if he didn’t run the last sprint coz he took the curve even better than he did last time round and blazed the French silver medalist that allowed him to give Carl the baton first….

Allowing Carl to blaze the whole world, and eventually make the team take the gold medal in the 4×100 relays and break the world record….

All because of Dennis Mitchell’s belief…

I believe….



8 responses

8 05 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

Here you go!

Thanks for dropping by again!

8 05 2008

belief is important… without it there is no hope.

8 05 2008

Marion Jones should not be lynched without all those fans of her’s that demanded supernatural ability. competitive sport is back to the roman days when crowds would cheer as Lions tore apart gladiators. we are expecting too much out of these people and then tut when they fall for ability enhancers.

i’ve stopped.

Dennis…he believes what mpozi?

8 05 2008
Miss Cheri

B2B u even took your own socks!? Learn manners

Ok, the only name I could reconyze is Marion Jones.

Have a good day!

8 05 2008
Mr. B2B

Spot on!

Dennis believes in something, someone, and looks for that back..
Basically his team!!

Ok Madam
But you are no where near sockies today!

8 05 2008

Eh! I’ve forgotten what I was going to say yesterday…

*Thinking, thinking…

Oh, yeah! It’s fun watching people clutching a little stick and running for all they’re worth.
It’s patently obvious that the only name I recognise is Marion Jones,isn’t it? 😀

9 05 2008

Yay to the Dennis Mitchell’s of this world! Yay to those who believe enough and push enough to make those of us at the end look like real winners! Yay to them because I am too lazy to be them!

9 05 2008

@Tumwijuke: Lol

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