Touched finally 2wice…

12 05 2008

i think i finally get it…

I actually don’t give a shyte about her… i am so convinced that even if she beeps me,

Comes by my house, Uses my sister, Entices me with a Classic Tri-Nations Rugby tape/dvd, Plays me the nu LP joint, Organises a Sade Concert for me alone (hmmmn this one is tuff) , Tells me something is up, Kisses me right there (hmmmn also tuff), Quadruples my present Salary, Takes me on a vacation to Maui, I just don’t care about her….

Sounds like i am asking huh!!

i do, i do, i do

Perhaps if she just comes and stands right there in front of me without saying shyte, i might pay her some attention…

Have you ever met your match???


I need like two Hoo Haa Boss(es)

I really need..

Well, needless to say you get it!!

i have never walked away from a challenge, though there was this really tough cookie i encountered way back when i had the red and black lumberjacks,with the hat to match…

[Time to get paid, blow up like the World Trade] was the dopest line in that track

Oops, just popping on some Ol’Skool BiggieSmallz joint… [juicy] [Iwaya, where u @?]

Perhaps i need another Biggie Joint…. [sky’s-the-limit] maybe, or even [nasty-girl] or even [hypnotise] (wait i thought that’s how i got here in the first place) hmmmn

How about [onemorechance]…..?

Enough of putting_that_hunnie_first_shyte

it’s my time…

i warn you to stay outta my way….

Yadi Yadi Yaaagh


I wrote this out way back when I was still a novice on blogger… and i was just reminiscing how i was finally over someone over the past 18 or so months ) could have been longer)

I bumped into two hott bloggers on Saturday afternoon. We engaged in a laid back discussion on crushes, other hott bloggers, dating and eventually the part where one of them tried to explain something about smallville, superman and Clark Kent’s kryptonite…

As a blogger on wordpress, I will make it clear that kryptonite refers to a guy’s Achilles heel when it comes to lovelies…

I have never had a kryptonite in this situation as these two hott bloggers explained, but I did have my er chance of a lovely who I thought I would never get over…. She used to consume a lot of my thoughts for a while (like 6 months) and I used to think she was most definitely the one…

I even used to smile when the phone would buzz, just to find it wasn’t her, but er…. Whatsherface!!

Anyways, I believe that a guy can have that one Achilles Heel type lovely who makes him simmer everytime he thinks he is over her…. The case that the two hott bloggers were saying was about that one lovely who dude never ever tried approaching because of her aura, and hott heat! i.e. he was intimidated!! Uugh! Intimidated manyanga!!!

That one is the one that dude never ever knows what could have happened and constantly thinks about the what if?

I was tempted to ask about a chic’s case, so I did….

Mbu chic’s don’t think like that…

They are more stable in their minds and are resigned to being the chasee, and not the chaser!

I have my sentiments on that, but all in all, in true back2basics fashion, we at the B2B-blog want to say that a guy who can’t step up to his kryptonite probably has no idea that while he was hesitating, she was already anticipating you’re approach, and waited all of 5 minutes before TheUsualGuy turned up, paid some attention to her, and ended up enjoying each other’s company and then chatting each other up before setting a date for kesho…

You are history there and then, unless of course you drive a Beemer X5 with shiny rims… anybody remember that track by Jagged-Edge called [keys_to_the_range]



13 responses

12 05 2008

Eh mama! We are sorry for disappointing you by being “Whatsherface!!”

12 05 2008

why shiny rims by the way? mine [in my head at least] has gunmetal black rims.

12 05 2008
Mr. B2B

How is that cute little boi!
And about whatsherface, it was a loong loong time ago..

They look good at night that’s why!!
though gun metal black rims are on the Merc…

12 05 2008

so, that gal, she ever do any of that shit? i mean shyte? and did u change ur mind abt her?

12 05 2008
Mr. B2B

@Antipopping Girl!
She didna do any of that, and at that point even if she did… Though i was just imagining that whole Sade concert with me alone…
Anyways, i got over her a while ago!

12 05 2008

yup I remember keys to the range…lol

12 05 2008

((still blushing after being repeatedly called hott by Mr. B2B himself! someone fan me back to life . . . ))

12 05 2008

“TheUsualGuy turned up, paid some attention to her, and ended up enjoying each other’s company and then chatting each other up before setting a date for kesho…”

so true…hmmph!!!

13 05 2008

I’m glad you got better at blogging, that first thing, I couldn’t make neither head nor tail of it! @Carlo: Clark Kent? kryptonite…where did you learn that from?

13 05 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

i hear you.
Thanks for dropping by again!

lemme buy you a drink like T-Pain

Thanks for dropping by.
Yep, so true too

being a novice is hilarious…
reading me old posts makes me chuckle to me’self…
Thanks for the thumbs up

Don’t know where Carlo gets this stuff!

13 05 2008

hmmm… kyptonite, i love that song by 3 doors down…

13 05 2008

This, is…interesting! 😀

16 05 2008

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