Sorry, we’re closed…

13 05 2008

Sorry for the closure!

Well at least for the next er…. 14 working days… That’s just under 3 weeks Carlo

so you can pass by the usual other bloggggz that you trot through…

Like hers, his, oh, hers too, and hers as well…

pass by the ones on my roll…

you will be pleasantly surprised…

for some, make sure the bosslady isn’t anywhere near you!

And yeah, another shout out to Candy, Jasmine, Foxxy, Cheri, Dante… (he seems to be similar to intelligensia), VicJas, Valentia too, Heaven, DeTambs, princess (is that yr name), AntiPopping Girl, Duksey, LULU….. I would like to see y’all at thenext BHH…

Though Cheri you would need to organise your ticket like tonight!!

DeTambs, you would have to warn all of us first…

Val, let me know when you’ll be in town…

Dante… whatever…

We are way too many

27th, where you at? PetesMomz, you ok? Kissyfur, jobbo does that to you!!

BS, prayers with you from all of us at the b2b-blog




27 responses

13 05 2008

oooh mr. b2b, where are you going off to?

13 05 2008

but tandra, why do you need to know?

13 05 2008

I am going to miss him!

13 05 2008

yeah, i so know. i am so going to miss him too. what can we to keep him with us?

mr. b2b, tell us what to do!

13 05 2008

what if we offer him to join us for a threesome?! bet he has never tried that before!

13 05 2008

new frontiers off to ford are you? do hurry back. do bring back spoils from the villages that you shall pillage!

13 05 2008

Whats BHH btw?? (blame my ignorance on being a newbie)..

14 05 2008

wait, pliz dont go. i will be a good gal i promise. please dont leave me. wait, this is not about me, is it? phew!

14 05 2008

nasty nasty tandra

14 05 2008

I shall show by the end of the year and I shall give you no warning whatsoever!

@Valentia: UBHH – Ugandan Bloggers Happy Hour, generally once a month on a Thursday night at Mateo’s bar. Starts around 6 – 7pm and goes till whenever. No invite needed, just show up, it’s for bloggers and also for those blog lurkers who just like to read but never show their presence! Normally the next date for the BHH will be posted at The Kampalan a few days beforehand.

14 05 2008

wat antipop… u want in?

14 05 2008

miss you already.come back soon

14 05 2008
Miss Cheri

I miss u already B2B…

Come back in one piece and be sure to tell us all about it. Use protection. And keep the Tshirt.

14 05 2008

You’s a gentleman. You say when you’re leaving and when you’ll be back. Some peeps have got to learn the basics from you…

*Take care!

14 05 2008

Now you know darn well you are not allowed to take breaks…lol

Nah, but have a good time away.. and come back with a vengeance!

15 05 2008

We will miss you.

15 05 2008

You’re being offered threesomes? Eh! This love has surpassed!

16 05 2008

I nominate you UBHH mobilizer of the century. Enjoy your break.

17 05 2008
Mr. B2B

will letchu know when i get there!


Well, ditto too!!

Well, a massage would be good

Well, just my luck…
Me, you and who??
i have a few suggestions…
oh, and yeah AntiPopping Girl

No doubt i shall

BHH is Blogger’s Happy Hour… it happens on the last Thursday of every month. takes place at Mateo’s…
Last time round we were supposed to er, receive some kicommandos from a one Tumiwijuke in celebration of her sweeping almost all the awards at the recent (read last year’s UG-Best of Blogger’s Awards)
You clear now Val?

@AntiPopping Girl
Well, it could be, but then again i deny being a loser!!

@AntiPopping Girl
It seems you want in?
It’s all gravy, lemme check me diary!
Yep, there’s slot for me, you and Phoebes!!

I think she does!!


Cheers for the thumbs up, and the protection advice…
and the T shirt will surely be a relic!!

Bows Head…
Appreciate the appreciation
Will teach a few peeps, if they are willing to learn like i was!

Lookie who dropped by!!
Thanks girl for making the trip down south!
Will no doubt be back with a vengeance!


Maybe we can reach an agreement!
First Blogger to be offered a threesome in blogland!
and er, then some!

Thanks too.
will do just that!

19 05 2008

@ B2B..I’d love to attend…but yeah..some random thursday when I’m near + 256 🙂

22 05 2008
Miss Cheri

Edmo, come back nawe….

22 05 2008

dude,where are u off to? will u be able to read your blog while there, coz i may have a few suggestions on the threesome thingie. take care of urself, use a condom and dont drink and drive. abstinence,not an option. have fun. holla back

24 05 2008

when does 14 days end?

seconding Tumwi’s nomination.

that threesome; laughing to myself as i try to imagine it. Sy and Tandra would prolly leave you in the cold while they forget their roles and chat away. hot gossip would have them sitting up and slapping thighs while you roll your eyes and go find your clothes…

30 05 2008

hey, come back already! i miss you miss you.

31 05 2008

i got to see you today!

31 05 2008
Miss Cheri

Ok…the days have gone by…


If that isn’t loud enough, then I dunno what is.

4 06 2008


eveni me am back!!

Get back here!!

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