5 06 2008

Been away for a while, and have done a little reading, listening, know-ticing, and even expressing me’self in ways i knew i had, but didn’t expect to come out this soon

But i am back, and as i usually say Back2Basics…

Aivan, Valentia, Sy, Miss-Tandralicious, Dante, Tumwi, Cheri, Anti-Popping Girl, Heaven! and Jasmine… What’s been up?

Won’t trip, but will do a little more expression as and when I can….


Life has nada to with you


Growing up, and looking back at how I managed to get past the few issues that I feel would have and should have really held me back..

When you are younger, life strictly revolves around food, your bed, and the neighbour’s football, plus a few hours in the bathroom washing off a few things in the name of keeping Momz happy…

As you know-tice, the world sorta does revolve around chilling and more chilling…

But as you grow older, you tend to realise that life that does revolve around you has nada to do with you…

You start school and the only time that involves you is when the break time bell goes and it involves total playing all over again, except the neighbour has now graduated into uniform and you have learned to not mess up all the clothes and yourself too coz you still have to head to the bathroom lest Momz switches a quick one on you!

Moving on in both height, stature and the like brings about with it a little less monitoring and more responsibility, not for one’s self, but a lot more fro stuff that you didn’t create…

You learn to not give a shyte, about many things ‘cept where you are possibly, or should I say probably about to make a gain here! You go to Higher School (HSC) and learn that that is when life has a few things to do witchu, coz everyone is trying to get you to er “express” who you are…. Your teachers, your friends, your parents, your image in the mirror, you neighbour who used to have the football, who now has the Sony Playstation2, plus also your local reverend at the church who says you have so much potential to be an upstanding member of the community…

So you put in some effort in your self and yield some amazing results… find a source of escape in your time out from friends, wanna-be players, sports, writing, games, and the new neighbour who has lots and lotsa movies…

You head to the University and realise that life indeed has everything to do witchu…

The classes you like work out and the ones that bore you don’t matter till you just get a pass and head onwards…. You meet and learn to love peeps not only coz they can get you into the club from one weekend to the next… but also coz they are great company, and ask about the real things in your life… And you learn to open up to peeps coz they are slowly but surely letting you into their life(s)….

You get to meet the weird sorta peeps who are more real than the so-called wanna-be types who always know what so and so is doing, but don’t know what they are going to do the next month…

You consistently bump into that fyne hunnie from the party at whatshername’s digs… and realise that as much as she feels you, it has nada to do wicthu coz all you want to do is just get into her pants and head into utopia with no baggage to take care of…

Then she starts asking where you live and how come you do not have a cell phone… Gets tired of calling your roomie leaving messages and then just makes the round trip to your digs…

When it actually does dawn on you that life has nada to do witchu is when you leave the University and you have to start keeping excellent relationships with the lady at the tiny grocery store, the landlord, the taxi conductor, the bank manager, the insurance chap, the old neighbour who used to have the ball, but now has the hook-up, and also with the now old reverend who still believes in you mainly because he saw you growing up and know-ticed the way your parents showed you the correct thing(s)…

Life has everything to do witchu as long as you put in the willingness to learn and “express” yourself in the way that is truly you and only you…

That is until you jump that broom and it dawns on you for real that it indeed does have nada to do witchu



19 responses

5 06 2008

welcome back?

5 06 2008

he’s back! nice to hav u. hav u back i mean. dont want people gettin any ideas. now i gotta go read wat u hav bin up to

5 06 2008

love post. too deep. life has nothing to do with me. i have everything to do with it. some things, not that good. also, i dont see where u mention taking a bath as a grown up…dude pliz
way back it used to be about pleasing the mukadde. now it is about the honnies. you gotta take that shower.

5 06 2008
Mr. B2B

Cheers Dawg!

It’s all gravy having me…
Having me back!

Oh, ok…
Do take ’em showers but strictly for me first, then the hunnies laters…

5 06 2008
Miss Cheri

Antipop, u done sold yaself!!!!

Lemme read…

U didn’t expect to come out that soon? comeout of where? the closet????

Ok, this post is too deep for me…made me reflect quite a bit.

5 06 2008

I like this.

5 06 2008


Nice way to come back.

I see you are even more wise.

5 06 2008

Welcome back!

6 06 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

Well, i think she likes me!
about coming out, nope, not the closet but rather i meant i didn’t think i would be “expressing” me’self this soon…


Yeah, you hit the nail on the head

Thanks Girl

6 06 2008

this is deep… what happened to you when you were away that has caused all this?

6 06 2008

Yeah B2B, what happened? But we’re glad you’re back. Me and my other alter-egos.

7 06 2008
Ugandan Insomniac

Welcome back. You done gone ‘n growed up on us. Wello dani.

7 06 2008

as if deepness!
what happened while you were away?

7 06 2008

Man i like ur stuf,it rocks…

9 06 2008

First off, “Wel B back.” [do peeps still say that] 😀
*Next, this post is deep.Made me think. Nice! I like! 🙂

9 06 2008

😀 kyoka banange!!!

10 06 2008
Mr. B2B

Deep huh!
Well, i will find the right words to “express” what happened while i was er, away!

You have alter-egos…
Like who are we talking about
Dante’s Girl,
Carlomaniacal Girl
Hott Girl
Weird Girl
and yeah, JustMe


Still need some more time!

Welcome by
Appreciate the appreciation

Thanks too
Thanks again

Is that all?
I think you dont really like deep stuff…
Or am i pushing?

10 06 2008
Miss Cheri

Dude, post!

13 06 2008

B2B……out of hibernation to reply to this then I’ll get back..spate of bad karma is affecting my blogging capability….:(

Interesting head is kinda muddled though so yeah I didn’t really get it…

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