12 06 2008

My first times are always cautious… and then after I experiment, I slowly but surely learn to er “express” me’self…

Take the time when I first failed to chat up a really cute girl… I had been on a roll at the function and had managed to say hello to three lovely girls, but there was one who was proving to be elusive… I went to the little boy’s room, and checked in the mirror and looked to see that I was still a dark handsome fella with nice jokes, and interesting jazz…

Was unpleasantly surprised to receive a very astounding “go away, you are not interested in me, but all them other fine hunnies you’ve been chatting up all day”

I looked left and right to see who had noticed and then slowly walked away… and cautiously “attacked “ her in the afternoon, and asked her how many of us had tried saying hello…

Or the time I first went down to play rugby with the BiggerBoys on the pitch at school right near the Tennis courts… I was a little more than cautious coz those boys were huge!! And the thought of actually going one on one with these huge guys was quite the threat…

It was going well, till I scored a try! Then all of a sudden, I was being treated and tackled like the big boys… Wasn’t friendly, but was really a good feeling too… Still remembering the time I scored that try… Have never looked back since then…

Oh, what about the time, when I was first found to be in trouble at school… took me almost two whole years to get out of the stubborn “flock”… Y’all are familiar with the over-used and never-true line, Birds of a feather…. I’m rather inclined to the other one, “show me your friends, and I’ma tell you your character”


What about the time I first kissed a girl who wasn’t me Momz, Aunt, Cousin, or Sister!!!

Hmmmn, yep.. I was as cautious as a very stealthy leopard which is eyeing its prey drinking from the river. I moved in real slowly and lucky for me, I have learned to “appreciate” the fact that girls, and women in general appreciate being kissed in a uneek way…

Oh, what about the first time I failed in my exams… this was really a major bomber… wake-up call and then some… had always relied on me head to get me out of trouble…. T’was from then on that I started watching and learning from any and every-one-situation that I could and would go through….

In retrospect, I’m glad it happened then and not now coz it can be a major de-motivator!

Oh, what about the time I first passed an exam that allowed me to be in the top 10 performers in my class… this sorta gave me a few bragging rights which I did not really make use of… Hmmn, if I could go back now…

So, I was saying, about the first times that I usually go through, cautiously and then experiment and steadily build me confidence…

Nowadays, there isn’t anytime to actually take the all the time in the world, but somehow, it does help to take a wider look at the situation at hand before jumping… these days, the “experiences” are numerous so I can just take a quick look and just head into it whole heartedly…

Like the first time I had an alkoholik drink… this was a truly world cup winning moment… I thought it was just like downing a glass of water… Well…. Let’s just say that I had a rather pretty one sided night… Lucky for me, I had been introduced to alcohol by Dad, who wanted us to “experiment” in his vicinity so the whole drama of banging on the door at the early hours was minimised…

And what about the time when I managed to get an interview and pass the first three steps, just to be told at the last hurdle that they found the person they were looking for… And they would keep my papers till something actually turns up…

And also the first time I was actually hired to do a job for somebody… This was really interesting coz I was expected to build the business…. That went well for a coupla months or so, and then the main partners decided to skip town and close the business… then I had to go through the first time I was being “sacked”…. Still remember the feeling I got when I anticipated the partner splitting the country…. So as cautious as I was about expecting the company closing….

And then there was the first time I managed to get a date…. It involved a game of rugby, and also a few sticks of pork, plus a quick drink at the game (duh!) The real date started after that…. We took a walk, and held hands, and laughed for a little bit before hesitation took over and the walls came (opposite of tumbling) back up… Her walls that is, something about not trusting herself around me (WTF??)

So, there was also the time when I was sorta-dumped… considering I never ever technically “dated” anyone till Mrs B2B, I wasn’t actually er dumped, but rather just “flushed”… The time that really comes to mind is the time when the lovely lady in question asked me if she thought me and her had more than a few weekends together… and I calmly told her I didn’t think so… Didn’t I surely deserve a flushing! Hmmn Funny, a few weekends… Funny how we talk every year or so Hmmn….

Oh, then there’s the first time when I managed to win respect of all my peers at the time… I confidently asked the new teacher a simple question and managed to keep her in class for a little while longer coz the guys liked listening to her stories of life in a girl’s school, both as a student and a teacher…. (she’d just crossed over from a certain girls’ school in Gayaza)

Oh, now to the first time a chic said yes to me… This was one of those moments when you know you know what to do, but you have no idea about how you are gwan go about it…. Lucky for me, the truth set me (and her free).. caution played fair and well…. Another time perhaps…

So anyways, in retrospect, it all stems from the fact that you always sorta learn from any drama that actually does happen in your or the few peeps close to you in your life(s)…

The main thing though is to always learn from that first time huh!!!



21 responses

12 06 2008

There one more first time that’s missing 😉

12 06 2008

interesting first times…

‘checked in the mirror and looked to see that I was still a dark handsome fella with nice jokes, and interesting jaz’… do i detect some vanity in mr.b2b?

i like this post.

12 06 2008

I’m going with Tumwi, where’s this other first time? Hmmm? Holding back from us! C’mon! Spill!

12 06 2008
Mr. B2B

well if i am being as cognitive as i usually am, check the second last paragraph…
On the first time a girl said yes to me!!

Appreciating is very humbling!
Vanity was learned from a chic
and sometimes, it does happen, but it hasn’t happened in a while

Girl, what’s been up!
You want a few saucy details huh!
Will see how many requests i shall get and if they exceed 12, then i shall er see what i can remember and then drop…

So 10 more peeps after u and Tumwi!
But shyaa…

12 06 2008
Mr. B2B

Make that 15…
So 13 more peeps!

12 06 2008

Stop making life hard for us B2B and spill already! Wait, if I comment and beg 13 times does that count? And Mrs. B2B is your real first girlfriend?!! Wow, you’re my hero.

12 06 2008

dude! u have kissed ur mom, sis and aunt? will be right back after taking this bathroom break. and no, am not bulimic.

12 06 2008

phew. am back. rest of the post, not so wierd. and i agree. we want to hear all about the first time u erm, erm, did that thing that parents do. or maybe the first time you realised in your adult life that you actuali needed to break ur virginity. either way man, say something leaning towards that topic

12 06 2008

pretty post. 🙂

12 06 2008

giving us something to talk abt, huh?


12 06 2008
Mr. B2B

Yeah she is…
and yeah 13 hits from you don’t count!!

I have kissed all my aunts, my momz, and my sister too
(You want in???)

I er…
wait, wait…

I love that name!

Says who…
Just a nice post to read. (yeah, i’m bragging)

12 06 2008

We have a potential Dr. Phil on our hands.

12 06 2008
Miss Cheri

There are many first times missing from this list. And I wanna get to the bottom of this!

13 06 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

well well
How to get paid mate

Like which ones…
ok besides that one!

13 06 2008

hi MrB2B?

15 06 2008
Esquire of the mountain

your father is indeed a venturer huh..introducing you to alcohol himself…smart move but then do tell, how are you faring since then….knockin at window at 3 am or did you steer away from the drink(am supposing that was the aim of his human guinea pig experiment)
And your description of the first time that everyone wants to read about is too cryptic…we clamour for blood(no pun intended)….

15 06 2008

ouuuu sweeet.

17 06 2008

Even me I want to hear about that first time, you’re not talking about!

19 06 2008

There is something about first times that just sets them apart, isn’t there??!!!

Brings back memories of when i first got drunk and had a fit of the laughs!!!!

Ooooh, to be young again!!

Keep that “first” everyone is clamouring for!!! makes it even more poignant, doesn’t it!!!

23 04 2009

Nice, B2B.
I was smiling as I read, I love “growing up” stories.
You really wrapped that “first time”, I had to read that second last paragraph again – it says a lot.

Thanks for sharing.

24 04 2009

i like this post…and i’m having the last word

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