16 06 2008

“Some men know that a light touch of the tongue, running from a woman’s toes to her ears, lingering in the softest way possible in various places in between, given often enough and sincerely enough, would add immeasurably to world peace”

Marianne Williamson laid it down so well that even this sentence seems irrelevant huh… Miss_Tandra-licious?



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16 06 2008

i has boooooooooots!!!

i cant make up me mind as to what the key word in this thingy is. Fink im goin with “some men”.

About the world peace thingy, it aint women who want to play with big guns, is it?

16 06 2008

Maybe it’s if men were nicer to girls then girls would want more sex and then men would be happier and there’d be less need or time for guns.

16 06 2008

i has booooooots!!!

Kati this thingy, i cannot make up me mind about the key word in that statement.

I fink its the “some men”.

But when u think abt it, world peace? tisnt women who want to play with guns, is it?

16 06 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

You finally have an opinion!!
Men just want some form of appreciation that comes from originally appreciating women!
then it goes backandforth like Aaliyah!

I thought if girls want sex… then then just get sex…
I am however listening to you…

@Tandra (again)
I thought having one set of socks and boots is enuff!

16 06 2008

i am still stuck at “laid it down”….

16 06 2008

oh but Tandralicious, some girls want to play with guns, the anatomy of said guns might be the misconception that you entertain?

16 06 2008

lol… 3, really? would you like to elaborate for us on those said guns that girls like?

i think my mind is still in the clouds for me to comment objectively

16 06 2008

oh bliss! just go spread that gospel Mr.B2B. go at the street corners if u like. that gospel, men need to hear. just dont take it to strip clubs. that means no preaching in kansanga, kawempe and nakulabye please.

16 06 2008
ugandan insomniac

What if the woman has carbon mugele?
What if she’s sweaty and the man’s tongue is dried up by the salt on the journey to the top?
What if the woman has worn the popular pungent lotion, Mekako?
What if she has wax in her ears?

What would happen then, huh? What would happen to world peace?

16 06 2008
Miss Cheri

Given to a woman…??? Nah, I think women are alreday programmed to be “world peaceful”..

Someone suggest this to Laura Bush and Grace Mugabe. They shd administer this to their men.

OR even Vladimir Putin and Hamid Khazai. And all the Palestinians/Isrealis fighting for the Gaza strip.

Infact, Iraq and afghanistan shd be given over dosages.

But I’d love this as well. Big clue hurrrr!!!!!!

16 06 2008
The Real Basics


Again seriously!
Yeah, you do have a point!

Heads in the clouds huh!

i hear you!

Hey wait up… What she meant to say was, the women should advocate for more of such behaviour from men, and as such lead to reduced drama…
By the time the men are applying the aforementioned tongue, we all know she ain’t been using Mekako whatver..
But how dyu know about mekakowhatever Tumwi???
i guess a simple shower would work

Need your number first, and his too so that when he finds me applying the aformentioned tongue…

16 06 2008
Miss Cheri

Oh my God…B2B…this is too explicit for me.

My eyes!!!

17 06 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

Awww Cmon
Was just teasing!

17 06 2008

Man, this is the quote of the year. I have to tell him about it if he wants world peace. And I know he does. He be’s telling me about the war in Iraq and ish. Wait, I’m going to him now

17 06 2008

Hmmm.Fascinating quote.
Even more fascinating comments…

27 06 2008

Man I have finally found something to relate to. I mean the blog and post. And seeing as a man is talking, I am going to relate all right. Back me up Mr B2B when I go all talky so I dont have to be eyed like I have kaloli poo on my shoulder

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