The Mommy’s Boi Debate…

17 06 2008

The mummy’s boy debate comes straight from the fact that I was never ever that tight with me Momz…. Well at least when I was growing up… I’ve been told (by her) that I was really to me’self a lot of the time… Though recently, we becoming thick as the Black Mambas

Why I am bringing this up is because women do tend to expect a lot of things in a relationship. Growing up, after being a player, you tend to sorta do what they want in a way that is mainly linked to what it is you want… and if it isn’t, you just learn to appreciate her smile(s)

I think I haven’t “expressed” my point clearly…

Here goes:

Many women (not all) like strong, go to, confident men. This is assumed to be brought about by hanging around macho-type figures… But then again, women want a man who will treat his Momz with utmost respect, and in turn expect them to be the eventual recipient of that er, “respect”

But then again, women do not want Mummy’s Bois….

And when growing up, women always want to be around their sons…

I guess I am just asking for a little form of clarity here…

Or maybe I am just tripping about irrelevancies….


That track by Joe comes out strongly, “what if a woman….”

Yep, I am tripping



12 responses

17 06 2008

i has booooooots!

17 06 2008

yeah, u r

17 06 2008

scary thought that. what if a woman?

17 06 2008
Miss Cheri

Not what if a woman…what if the tables turned? And they done turned for some people.

17 06 2008

Clarity? LOL.
Fact: guys will never truly understand girls. 😀

17 06 2008
Mr. B2B


Am i?

Guess they already do

True True…

A little help would do…

17 06 2008

clarity… we expect you to be tight with your mom as a boy, learn from her about respecting ladies and then mature to the point that you can cut those strings and be tight with your girl/wife and still love your mother as a man…

does that help?

18 06 2008

Am a guest on ur blog…..i agree wit Sybella plus don’t expect ur woman to be ur ma when u leave ur ma. Oh when do u take me for that drink? Am Sawa.

18 06 2008
The Real Basics

Appreciate the 2cents…
no idea how it helps

Again, appreciate the 2cents too
About that drink….
How about next month?

18 06 2008

I love that JOE joint…

Glad a man like you can realize it and handle it because that song resonates so true on so many levels and men in the game cant even fathom those tables being turned

18 06 2008

Dates? i need to be over there first.

19 06 2008

Sybella wants Rhys to cling to her and never let her go even if he gets a wife/girlfriend. He he he. At least she’s more informed when it comes to sons and boyfriends than many of us. And B2B, love your mother and adore your wife/girlfriend. Don’t substitute the one for the other. And when it comes to choosing, if you’re married, your wife comes first before her mother-in-law. Just a piece of advice.

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