18 06 2008

The first time [Hehehehe] In first person singular

I was 19… she was 21

She thought I was at least 21… (I wonder why)

She said she liked me, and liked the way my hand felt on her neck

I asked if I could walk her home from the dinghy bar we had been hanging out at…

She smiled and walked out…

I followed her…

I was calm as ice on the surface, but was itching with glee internally

It was a good ten minutes walk by the way…

I just wanted to walk her home…

She slowed down so I could catch up with her…

We didn’t say much considering we had seen each other through mutual friends… she kept returning my lingering stares the past coupla weekends…

Our friends had disappeared somewhere behind the cozy spot near the dj’s box (killah dinghy bar)

We held hands, and she eased into me almost like I was walking for her

We reached her digs, and she gave me the key to open the door…

While I opened the door, she reached and squeezed my a**…

I was shy as nails, but didn’t flinch…

It showed though coz I was fumbling with the keys by then…. She reached through my tee shirt and rubbed my belly… cheekily

And grabbed the keys from me… opened the door so easily

And was amazed that I let her in first…

I stayed outside waiting for her invitation…

She said I could come in after 5 minutes…

I waited in the cold…

Then she moved the curtain and allowed me to see her digs…

Cute one roomed self-contained digs….

She said she was a nurse, on training… she put the kettle on and brewed a cuppa coffee (brewed Tandra, she brewed!!!)

We shared a cup, coz the milk was only enuff for one!

We talked a bit, mostly one worded answer-type questions…

And then we reached that point when you have no words, but just hear each other’s breaths….

She tried to move, as if getting more coffee…

My heart was pounding real hard…

I reached for her hand, pulled her back and she faced me….

We kissed….

She was a different sort of (read pushy) kisser considering i had a little experience in kissing girls..

I kissed her some more just to prove it….

I stopped…..

I carefully showed her what not to do….

She was embarrassed..

We chuckled…. (ok, I chuckled to ease her…. Nerviness)

She told me she was attracted to me from the second time she saw me… i was nervous as a little kid who just smashed the TV with his football and Mom’s just got home

She told me she’d only slept with one guy who just “took” without her “giving”

I was shy as nails (again) at this point… and almost ready to jump out the digs….

To Be Continued…..

Or not!

infact not!



16 responses

18 06 2008

Not? Damn, that was some good reading.

18 06 2008

u know i actually first scrolled to the bottom to see if you had written “this isnt my story” LOL

and man.. shy as nails???

18 06 2008

Gees thats not a good ending………..i want to read some mo. Its not always that a guy tells u of their first tym and their mistakes.

19 06 2008

this has to continue!!

we shall picket here till you do. Princess, Tambles, Tandra, come on. WE WANT CONTINUATION!! let me go order the Tees.

19 06 2008

all that from just walking her home? how grateful was she?

19 06 2008

and i may need some lessons about what not to do…

19 06 2008

LOL at Antipop mbu ‘how grateful was she?’! That walk must have been the best walk home with such good company she just had to say ‘thank you’ in kind. ((now I’m really dying of laughter))
Order me an extra small tee 3, in black. I’m also picketting. Shya, we won’t accept those of leaving us hanging.

19 06 2008
Miss Cheri

Bambi B2B…your heart was pounding real hard…this is sweet to read. Goes to show how really PUSSY men are.

Lol Antipop…I c you’re back to the old loser loving monster we all know and love?

19 06 2008


19 06 2008

i bet she didnt let u go between coz just then some one knocked on the door to the place, some male nurse checking on ur lady just to see if she was ok. there, i have given a true ending. sup mr,
holla back

20 06 2008

@ foxylamb: It is a “first timer” so it reached the obvious conclusion. But the story doesnt sound like a “first timer”.

There is usually a lot of fumblings and awkward bumps!

“…I stopped…..

I carefully showed her what not to do….

She was embarrassed..

We chuckled…. (ok, I chuckled to ease her…. Nerviness)…”

That doesnt sound to me like a firstie … confess!!!

21 06 2008

lol…awww actually very sweet…love the one cup part…even though it was cos of lack of milk…

23 06 2008

okieeeeeeeee………where’s the rest of the story????????? I want I want….awww…this sounds so cute..okie officially back to stalking ur blog 🙂

27 06 2008

So did you tag anyone else on this one coz I would have loved to read people’s firsts. Was it like they said it feels?

27 06 2008

Why dont people blog on this topic seeing as it gets people excited. I was hoping I would be the unknown blogger who yups and yups about ‘nasty’ things till that trampchild opened her mother

23 04 2014

As promised, my comment: What’s with guys and older chics? Is it like some kind of rite of passage?

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