the movie…

20 06 2008

It flopped….

So now we have to back to the drawing board…


Iwaya, hola sometime!


blame it on the rain, and yeah Tumwi’s insistence on switching from Director to a hott chic… and what’s with being a hott chic anyways…. why can’t everyone just be like Baz…. get a hott chic already!!! 




8 responses

20 06 2008

show us an example mr. b2b.

i assure you i shall do the exact opposite!

20 06 2008
Miss Cheri


Ok…we need to re-brand and re-market it. Then hope it works out. Like Kelly Rowland.

20 06 2008

you haven’t been putting in enough effort… maybe you should re-cast

21 06 2008

I want a sluttier role than just debating with Princess about whatshisface’s existence!

23 06 2008

Do you mean we should ALL get hott chics? Nah, that’d be like some male fantasy come true.

23 06 2008

Where’s my shout out?? Aki I’m so sad and feel so can you post and not shout out??? Okie enough of my rant…but yeah..should have shout-outed (is that the verb??)

24 06 2008
Mr. B2B


yeah, thanks for the advice.
Will pick up on it too!

No doubt
Re-casting underway

On point!

Now that you’ve brought it up…
Dante what it is!

Welcome back to mine

24 06 2008

I could even get naked. Is there a nude scene going in this film?

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