After52ofthem/ 80toshowforit

24 06 2008

After a whole 52 of them, it feels like I have been dropping hits like Timbaland only that i ain’t able to charge the amount of moolah he asks for at every beat…. (ok, some form of narcissism, just a little, doesn’t sound that bad does it now?)

No wonder Michael Jackstyle can’t really afford him…or maybe, Timbo just doesn’t like MJ?

Truth of the matter was that I actually started dropping words on the B2B joint mainly to just find a uneek way to “express” me’self…

Didn’t have similar problems doing so, and I thought with all the questions that she had asked me about life, love, men, cars, sex, women, humour, literature, expression, lips, hips, neo-soul music, movies, more about men, and also more about women, hobs, professionalism, and a ton of more things that I have “expressed” me’self here at Back2Basics make it a little bit weird to actually notice that a whole year (tmrw, i shall have been a blogger for 365days and counting) has passed by without me actually missing a beat…

And also the number of questions i have asked her about sex, style, dreadlocks, women, men, parenting, fear of expression, being found out, patience, wicked urges, unfaltering pestering, nice short skirts, very sexy legs, buff bodies, very patient love-making, deep listening, lotsa laughing, not giving a shyte, watching, listening(again) and learning, a little clairvoyance, and a few other things too, i am again surprised that i have dropped words on so many things, and there are still other things that need to be expressed… (in due time)

In the beginning, I thought that you had to be really truthful about what was going on on blogger, till keitetsi dropped by and tripped with her drama; then realized that you can be that unusual extroverted loner who does get to know peeps and lets them in only as far as he /she wants to….

I am humbled by the fact that many of you do still pass by and er, complain when I don’t drop any words here….(Val, AntiPop, Cheri what it is?)

So, in true B2B fashion, I would like to say a simple basik thank you for all the peeps who have dropped comments here at Back2Basics!

Ok, now that is outta the way….

Blogging is simply about reading other peoples blogs and allowing what they have written to go through your mind like they are chatting you up in a very laid-back way…. Lest of course you are Aivan and you need to grab a coupla drinks and laugh at that last line too… (LOL)

Also, blogging is about sometimes finding a form of release, (just sometimes) and not overtly letting people in to your life(s) in that creepy sorta way, but rather showing a different side, and hoping that one, two, or three other peeps can relate to /with you!

And one last thing, blogging is certainly about creativity, a little truth, a whole load of sarcasm, some drama, and yeah, definitely some humour…

Oh, that is unless you are a deep blogger….

Unless, you would like to share an opinion with me about what you think blogging is all about, hmmmn? (Tandra…, Carlo…, Tumwi…, Sy…, Eb…, 3…, Princess…, DeTambs…, )

Was listening to Dilated Peoples’ track “this-way” and Nappy Roots’ “sick&tired” they have nada to do with this post though!!

Guess i just like listening to them… They remind me of how life used to suck when i used to write stuff down elsewhere… Guess life does always get better too!!




34 responses

24 06 2008

very funny that nappy roots’ song will not stop playing in my head past few days…sick and tired of being sick and tired…

one of the best things about the blogville is finding people experiencing the same things as you. you can sigh with relief at finding you are normal after all. or just happen to have another psycho like you…

i think blogging is really whatever you want it to be. i hate rules, and think blogville should be free of them. a blog can be whatever you want it to be…tikwe? shallow, deep, humorless, gross…

24 06 2008

yeiiiiiii…a shout-out…I’m pleased…errmm gosh yeah…(wiping imaginary tears away)

For me blogging is about release….its kinda like a diary but not quite….I dunno..I am inviting myself to ramble on your page so you have been forewarned….

Why read some blogs…coz some are freaking hilarious..others sweet (btw where’s the rest of the know what I’m talking about..)..some you can actually relate to..its so wierd

24 06 2008

I like “this way”. Its a tight jam. . .tight like a tiger! . . .okay this is odd, where’s Tandra

24 06 2008
Mr. B2B

Haza nikwe..
BHH Thurs….

i hear you Val
(the story, hmmmn need some time, but wasn’t thinking of doing a wrap-up…)
Sometimes it is wierd indeed.

Tight jam true… tiger, well dunno
Tandra, must be chilling out somewhere

24 06 2008

after 52 of them/ 80 to show for it?????

24 06 2008
Miss Cheri

Wow, congratulations…man, it’s like yesterday, u joined. Now it’s a year. We need to wean u off the breast milk now…time for bottle feeding.

8o posts in 52 weeks is no mean feat. Soon u’ll be in centuries.

Happy Birthday Edm.

24 06 2008

happy birthday b2b, can you imagine i dont know when i joined blogger!shame on me!

24 06 2008

A toast to keeping it basic. And much love.

24 06 2008
Mr. B2B

52 weeks
80 posts
nuff sed…

Breast milk
Cheers for the encouragement

Thanks Lucy
Just check your first post ever

was feeling a bit…
Not here

24 06 2008

what? i hav missed all of 40 something posts? i discovered you that late? i need to go back and read about more sex, love and men…i have sent basic birthday toast to you…will be delivered by a sexy DHL chic with long legs…

24 06 2008
Miss Cheri

Not that it’s any of my business, but this template is wanting…

25 06 2008

cheri. shuddup. its perfect.

mr 2 basics. i am here solely for the fame and fortune. that is all.

25 06 2008

i like the new template. there’s something beautiful in its ‘basic-ness’. nice.

25 06 2008
Miss Cheri

31337, that’s it…no more sugar in your tea!

25 06 2008

cheri, i thought the sugar was supplied with my tea, meaning on the side….

25 06 2008

finaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally! ur template was the reason i started on reader!

25 06 2008

I say, this is a nice template… i can clearly see the word breast in cheri’s comment…and sexy long legs elsewhere

25 06 2008

To me blogging is having fun…making new friends, friends you might never meet…entering this people’s lives, getting to know their fears and joys..Laughing and crying together…

But most of all laughing at our crazy stunts and schemes…

25 06 2008

I love this template. And congratulations!

25 06 2008
Miss Cheri

31337, I want a divorce.

25 06 2008

cheri. i have refused.

25 06 2008

what a world

26 06 2008

@Cheri: If you’re done with 31337 can I have him?

@Mr. B2B: Blogging is like the extreme sport of internet procrastination!

26 06 2008


You have been true to the basics and provoked some of us (read me) into some really basic thinking(s). And its quite amazing what you get to discover!!

Basically truly basic stuff!!

Happy birthday!

Long live B2B and Mrs. B2B

26 06 2008

Blogging is my form of news. Yes, you find out stuff they don’t put in newspapers on blogger.
Happy Birthday. A toast at BHH?

26 06 2008

enjoi yourself then!
Was hoping you’d bring the gift yourself!

Eat your heart out!

Thanks mate!

Appreciate the appreciation


I hear you…
Thanks for sharing too!

Thanks too!

@Cheri and 31337t
I can arrange for a room at a cute dinghy digs!


For real?
Well, i er… never knew that!
Thanks too
Dyu want in… i.e. that room with Cheri, and 3…
hmmmn, now i want in as well?

Thanks too…
Sometimes i read the old and older posts and i’m humbled too!
Will let her know about the long-liveth props!

Thanks too..
About that toast…
Sure thing..

26 06 2008

eh!this is your new crib?….Niiiice….will read later

26 06 2008

@B2B: I want in, you should come too. Awesome Foursome…

26 06 2008

Damn am too late again! Happy Birthday

27 06 2008
Miss Cheri

Argh…not a foursome. Or 3some. Three and I have to sort out some issues. Like Alimony and child support.

@B2B…u need to get started on the next batch of posts. POST and POST dude.

27 06 2008
Miss Cheri

And Three, I’m taking tha sets of daggers and swords in the settlement. U have custody of the mice.

27 06 2008

mr b2b, i think u write beautifully even though sometimes i have to read a sentence twice to understand the meaning, not because of grammar, but the words. r u fine? holla back
p.s, i love the way this page looks, the other one was killing me.

27 06 2008

For me i can never thank heaven more for introducing me to blogging, i got to learn to express my self in away i never knew how and ofcouse not forgetting the fact that i got to meet lovely people like y’all.

A toast to you my man.

but…”after 52 of them/ 80 to show for it”?

28 06 2008
Miss Cheri

Eddsla, thanking Heaven…


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