When Work Gets In The Way…

27 06 2008

When you do excel, and life becomes kind in a way, you reach a point when you can choose what it is that you want to do…

I am talking professionally…. (well and personally too)

This means that you are good enough to basikly chose what sorta job that you feel fulfills you, and you also fulfilling it….

Take er my homboi Stevie for example…. He’s a Makerere Uni trained lawyer who has had some great reviews on his work ethic, ever since he started out as Para-legal associate in whathisname & company advocates…

He kissed a lot of a**, worked late nights. He swallowed being pushed aside at meetings, but listened and learned well from the one partner who was willing to give a chance…

He hustled all those hot afternoon trips to the different registries, and he even told me he stayed a whole load of Sundays to finish up some case research for the other partner more times than he could remember….

Take also Jolene, a friend’s ex-girlfriend who I started talking to because she was argueing intimately with my homeboi about soccer, movies, business talk, and also certain literature… she was working as a junior accountant in a very bizzy firm and was constantly asked to put work before many things in her life for little compensation…

Anyways, Stevie and Jolene are so thorough now in their professional lives that it has had a very stark and interesting impact on their other lives…

Stevie can’t stop asking hard questions, that tend to make you think that you are guilty… I guess that’s because the cases he was always hustling with on Sundays, were the guilty type ones, but because of his careful explanations, he cleared them at the Bench….

And Jolene is so meticulous when it comes to costings, and financials that she is always the asking you questions and dealing with people in such a way that she makes you observe deeper than surface money minding habits, and ends up being quite the frugal type…

I am sure she and her soon to be husband have quite immense discussions on money, not with the way she can break everything down to a simple cost/ benefit analysis!!!

And Stevie is having a hard time keeping a stable hunnie bunnie because I guess work is still driving him and causing him to see potentials as only clients…

Maybe I am tripping…

Who cares…. At least Stevie and Jolene don’t…

That track by Gwen Guthrie called J.O.B (ain’t nuthin going on but the rent) would never fit this bill (pun intended), but yeah it does make you reminisce about the days when all you could do to get paid was have a simple 9to5….


In other news, Ug-BHH was jam-packt… had no idea that we were that many… the last time we appeared to be this many was when Tumwi promised to sort us out with a few Bi-Commandos (DeTambs & Val these are hastily made road-side chapatis cut up into small pieces and mixed with well fried beans, and depending what you say to the guy/ chic-at-the-road-side making them, you can organise a tasty meal: but i warn you, it should only happen once every 6 months or so, coz it has a certain dinghy-ness attached to it)

Anyways, Princess, what it is? Miss Tandra-licious what was up? H!, smile… Dante, guessing she made it worthwhile…. and so did AntiChild huh? Dee, as always…. Aivan, was the kasiki banging, wonder if Sy will ever turn up? Dusk-ish, newbie-ness doesn’t deter does it? Chanel-No-5…. pretty, and pretty quiet, well there’s always a first time… Eddslah, player… what it is mate… Jasmine, hola when you can make that appearance…. well…. the rest of us… Oh shyte… Kissyfur…. i know you was chilling like a villain… Duksey, you always look at nice at BHH… thanks for listening…You need to express that ish that’s happening and we see what happens….I wanted to hola at FoxxyLamb-ness about BHH, but something happened… will surely see about bringing her along next time… about the Mrs.B2B… i wonder what would make her come to Mateo’s…. well, let’s see….

Anyways, just goes to show the conviction that comes with being a blogger… Something about seeing if the thoughts match the appearance huh?



12 responses

27 06 2008

You guys are cool I am telling you.

27 06 2008

Any plans of getting hot and heavy. Wet and wild? At the beach I mean? At a party. Something, anything just to hang out with you guys full throttle.

28 06 2008

Another BBH gone by..i keep circling the last thursdays of every month..when i do attend, will everyone be there?

Now for your buddies, they need to stop at a pub, have a few drinks and chill!!

28 06 2008

sometimes it does get so bad that you take work home… in another life, i was going to be an accountant but God had different plans… maybe it is a good thing that i didn’t…

one of these days, i will turn up there… and surprise y’all!

28 06 2008

liking the new template…

28 06 2008

the blog writing in my experience has yet to match up with the authors i have met, at least by appearance but as soon as they start speaking you can see that they indeed are who they profess to be.

as for the job thing, you need to love your job else you shall be miserable since that is where you shall spend most of your life!

28 06 2008

i commented
it was eated
i will not try again

29 06 2008

lol 3… i c comment.. 🙂

everything happens for a reason, nuff said

30 06 2008

okie so I missed the BHH..sad…but I see y’all had fun…

I loved when Wendy sang that song for Tusker Project fame (the J.O.B. song)

1 07 2008

BHH for sure rocked! Sometimes I feel like I’m not living up to my potential in terms of career but then I have a choice of either living the good life or living for my job and I choose the good life. Few working hours, chilling mostly, yeah, that’s what life’s about. But there is still that nagging doubt . . .

1 07 2008

Jobs, career, work.
I’ll be sure to drop my shillings-worth comment on that in about four years! 😀

2 07 2008

Why don’t you believe that Princess is her name?

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