[B2B] 21As…

3 07 2008


Hmmm, I could ask, are you a boob man?

Yes. And a few others as well, like the mind, eyes, and legs

Or I could ask: where do you see yourself in 10 years? Spiritually, emotionally, financially, mentally, physically… and what are you doing now to get yourself there?

Spiritually: still steadily improving my relationship with God, and awaiting his guidance. Doing this with her too, coz she’s ahead of me and I’m learning from her

Financially: reading about the basics, i.e. finance, savings, and investments. Have always appreciated savings, but I’m learning to invest both theoretically, and practically, by opening a company, and talking about my ideas with her, my business partners, and also a farming project.

Emotionally: I see me and her in an even better relationship, and me being able to say things whether they hurt or not and freely expressing me’self. Doing this by listening a lot to me’self and noticing what I do, and how it relates to what I say in relation to myself, and her. Also asking her hard questions in relation to “us”

Mentally: don’t really know what you meant here, but will be mentally stable person still. By again listening to the few comments that people do say about me and taking them into perspective. Taking mandatory “ME” time is what I do now.

Physically: have a manageable weight, and steady breathing rhythm, and also to have not to get sick without preventing it, and also have the 6-pack again, or a flat tummy. Gunning for this, by walking a lot more, watching what I eat regularly, jogging once a week,(though this has been tricky), playing rugby again, and also hitting the gym more..


Mr. B2B…wassup!!! (yes I’m liking this shout-outing session you have going on…love it!!)

Now to the question…hmmmm

What do you love most about Mrs B2B..and what does she think about your blog??

Hey Val, what it is yourself…

About Mrs. B2B hmmmn her rack! LOL! Anyways, her strength, the fact that she is god fearing, and also the fact that she er is very patient with me, and has faith in me.

I know sometimes she laughs a lot at some of the posts, and comments, but most of all the fact that she gives me her opinion on many of the posts. She likes the fact that I can express me’self in a uneek way…


How many ladies are on your blogroll? And how many guys?

Ladies: forty seven (47)

Gents: twenty-four (24)


And why?

Generally speaking, there are not many guys on blogger who are that interesting, and on top of that, it was two ladies who got me into blogging and they came with some referenced sites… presumably ladies.

But ladies are also more willing to open up… guys just “blog” at the Bar… and it’s almost always about Hott Chics, Cars, Sports, Money, and more Hott Chics, Politiks…blah-zi-blah


Is Mrs. B2B the one? Would you spend the rest of your life with her? But more importantly, is she a blogger hiding from us yet knowing so much about our lives while she claims anonymity?

I think she is, and I will know in a few er…. (wait, this isn’t for the blog)

After the past few….. well, I think so

About her being a blogger, I have to ask her…. sometimes she seems to know some of you personally…. She said she just likes the comments and eventually goes on to follow through on many of you guys’ blogs, and the rest is history


Are you in love with Tandra? Is she Mrs B2B? Coz she is all over your keyboard

Me and Tandra, naagh. I am not in love with her, but she is a kewl person. And she isn’t Mrs.B2B


hmmm.I’m going to sit back with my popcorn on this one

Got enuff, can i join you


Lovely blog


Miss Cheri

i’m almost certain that 90% of the hits on the boobs post are yours…

Er, actually no…only 6 out of 37, so that translates to approx 16.2%

Miss Cheri

Chanel, I also think Tandra is Mrs B2B…

B, the jury is out on u and T…

Not true, the jury needs a drink on Mr.B2B, and there is no limit, except if Cheri is on the jury…. if Sy, Val, Baz, and Aivan are on, it rocks


What drives you/ triggers you to write these basic posts?

Many a time it is life itself Alesi… other times it is emotion, experiences of other peeps, and sometimes just watching and asking simple queries


My ?s 4 u…..Would u stand up for Mrs B2B or would u be influenced by family?

Is there anything in your past that would make Mrs B2B change her mind about you?

Sure i would…. my family would have to be explained to whatever it takes…

Maybe if someone else told me… but so far, I doubt it… infact looking back, I don’t see it….

How come there are questions on Mrs.B2B…. I thought that they would start with me, and then eventually end up to her..


this is going to be fun.
hit him guys, hit him with them questions.

Happy now, dawg?


How old were you when you first had sex? That would be sex with a man or woman. Yourself, animals and items do not count.

Does it really matter De…. was between 17 and 22

Was 19… and er… a few days…


@ de Tamble, where are your eyes? Check out “the real first time” post he did how many posts back? 3 or 4″

Thanks Alesi


Lol @ Detamble….items??? okie I can’t wait to see the answer to that one

Happy Val…


Answers? B2B?

Patience Chanel#5


Nga I’m holding my breath waiting for those answers! And Cheri et al, no T is NOT Mrs. B2B. Mrs. B2B is another lovely lady called Kemi with a great rack I must say. And her friends like T must not hit me with flying objects, I’m just saying the truth.

Thanks Carlo.

Miss Cheri

So Carlo , are u saying T has a lousy rack?

Carlo, this one’s for you.. I don’t know squat about Tandra’s rack…

And is this the Kemi I know…as in Kemigisha Pesh?

Carlo, again I believe this one’s for you


@Alesi: Yeah, yeah I saw that when he posted it but I was hoping he was lying or could be a little more specific. Like it was my 20th birthday but I actually got laid 30seconds before the date changed so I was 19 etc. etc. he could beef up the answer a little ya know!

I hope the few days beefed it up for you De…

Wait, I had just turned 19, and it was the last thing on my mind, actually had turned 19 a few days previously…. (4 days) and as you read, just wanted to walk her homebase, but then


Guaranteed to make me come back for the answers!!! My question….lemme think about it…I want it to be a really tough one….

See you when you get her dawg, just like Coolio….

Got milk?

Sorry, got any query(ies)


Does Mrs B2B know you tell us the size of you aah ahhha Palm?

No doubt. where are you getting this?


You said you would ‘drop the reply post whence the queries reach 21′

In the next comment, the answer lies within

Mr. B2B

only 12 queries….
9 left
22 comments though!


interesting… okay here goes…

what gives you the zeal for life, to continue living everyday?

for the 20 something years of your life, what has been your turning point?

HOPE… and also belief that the life I have lived has been enjoyable, fruitful and also has always gotten better no matter all the nasty trials tribulations (read drama) that I have gone through

Family and friends

Mrs. B2B

Sky blue range rovers

Appreciation from peeps who say thank you, and also…. a trip to Maui is on the cards 2018

Turning point was my 21st bday, when I got my first job, and realized the results always matter, and many times little respect is rewarded for how you got them

And also, the time I started going to church again, on my 25th bday… had not gone there lest for a wedding in almost 6 months


Why didnt you come home for diner or even call to tell me u aint coming?

Haagh, this I have to apologise, coz Kissyfur, I promised to rsvp the moment I got the text, but just didn’t get round to doing this…

Accept my apology please..


wat ur top 5 priorities next 5 yrs? in wat order n y.

Personal health maintenance

Grow professionally, financially, spriritually, emotionally…

Mrs. B2B and the whole B2Bfam

A house(coupla houses), and a few other investments

The trip to Maui.

The why question does seem obvious tandra…

But because they are the ones that matter most to me


How big is you aaahh Life

Depending on what criteria you are using…. my life is big in terns of friends and family…

It’s also big in terms of blog hits, and also in terms of Mrs.B2B

And also growing steadily in terms of spirituality…

Chanel, you seem a little shy.. what it is?


What would move you/ make you cry? Do you cry at all?

Emotions sometimes…. but I have learnt not to

Like Joy!

Pain, (very deep pain like loss of a loved one)

Actually, only those too have so far… 29 comments and 21 questions and answers..

the track by Jillscott singing in my ears is “a long walk” maybe we can talk about revelations 3:17…

Laters: Basics-No-More



37 responses

3 07 2008

Wooooow. Am contented with the As to my Qs. Lookin out for the woman. She’ll thank ur fans one day.

3 07 2008

4 days made all the difference! And the fact that it was the last thing on your mind…interesting that. Good job Edmo, I’m suitably pleased.

3 07 2008


4 07 2008

Thanks for answering my question.

4 07 2008

To Cheri: I did not say anything about Tandra’s rack. Anyone who has anything bigger than me is respected and envied by me so yes, Tandra has a great rack. But Mrs. B2B’s kinda stands out. I swear I’ll hide the next time I see her. And no, it’s not Pesh. I would have called her Pesh as opposed to Kemi. This one is so yellow she’s lighter than you. Unbelievable huh? 😀

4 07 2008

wtf? do i never ask any questions? *runs off to mars to go find our of this world questions for you buddy*

4 07 2008

thankyou for the additional insight into who mr.b2b really is…

4 07 2008

@ syb BOA!

4 07 2008

From all the answers, I reckon Mrs B2B is a lucky woman. Anyone agree?

4 07 2008

what is your zib tandra? why are you hating on me… ((((wailing))))

4 07 2008

Tandra and Sybella take it outside! And I still have beef Edmo,we go back 7 years

4 07 2008

Oh wow…not that I don’t love your posts…but something about this one…okie mebe its coz I’m curious..but yeah

Thanks for answering..and agree with all who say the Mrs is lucky (or you’re lucky…okie whatever..) you sound like a lovely couple…

and yeii..I saw my name next to some drinks…I’m so there…and Jilly from Philly sigh..so playing that on the long trip home..

Lovely weekend!

4 07 2008

@ sy hating on u??? u… u!!

u wont win any points for being all sweet on mr.b2b. imma report u by the way… the other rack having chick has a ka supply of ACID.


Naye on the other hand, the ka woman has been made to seem inordinary (yes, i meant that)…

who wanna take her down? 🙂

4 07 2008


Thanks too

well you will understand in due time…

you’s welcome..

ahem ahem…
i think you wrapped it up!

Delayed Action LOL!

thanks also

Beef, from where…
Oh Oh!

well well

i wonder why?

it’s all gravy, after 7 years i should be able to explain any drama…. and yeah i am sorry..
give it time

Drinks on me at the bar on my BarclayCard…
with Jilly doing her thing

4 07 2008
Miss Cheri

Thank you, thank you…u’re far too kind.

4 07 2008

lol tandra… take who down?

4 07 2008

Tandra you are joking right? You didnt said what I think you said

4 07 2008

no iz not! n im recruiting… who’s with me?

4 07 2008

Y’know if you look at it logically,
i think Tandra likes me!
Maybe it’s all those shout-outs Chanel….
i’m offering 2wice what Tandra’s offering to just have a drink on me!

4 07 2008

Tandra, i think you should hook up with Carlo…

4 07 2008

you also need a drink!

4 07 2008

mhhhh okaaaaay!

4 07 2008

can see there is some beef being stewed here. Tandra olaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

4 07 2008

Tandra wants to take Mrs B2B down?……massive crash on Mr B2B or what?

5 07 2008

Hmm…nice blog.

5 07 2008

So Tandra are you the one with the acid supply? Whats your beef with Mrs B2B. I will go with the free drink B2B. And I guess Tandra is crazy about you after all

5 07 2008

Someone has acid? Wait, is this the melt your skin acid or the melt your world acid? cause if it’s the drug one, i want in!!

or is it some other third kind of acid I dunno about?

5 07 2008

@ Det: Child Ask Tandra coz no body is getting it

6 07 2008

Taaaanndddddrrraaaaa? Acid? Whata?

7 07 2008

lol…..B2B you have def opened up a can of worms here…who had the popcorn again?? I’m going to grab some comfy cushions and be back in a sec 🙂

@ Detambs…lol @ the 3 types of acid!

7 07 2008

lol… hope there is some space on that couch for me valentia… i’ll come with some more popcorn…

need to watch this drama ma proper…

detamble, that is the flesh eating acid that tandra would have.

7 07 2008
Mr. B2B...

i wonder what Mrs. B2B would say herself…

7 07 2008

sssssssssshhhhffffff- what’d I miss?

Just wondering: B2B’s the one with the pet name for T- this whole Tandralicious if…smells foul! If anyone has a crush I’d say its B2B! And I’m sure Syb can testify that I am right about it! So- it being my conclusion that T is MrsB2B, let’s take her down- give her a taste of her own medicine! I suspect her other pet name is Kemi and this thing is skin colour is relative!

7 07 2008

oooh, kigandaskunk, i so like your reasoning…

i am so for taking tandra a.k.a. mrs.b2b down! so what should we do first? go taint her blog with some kind of virus?

7 07 2008

B2B, absolutely adored this post.
And the comments.LOL.
The popcorn etc. etc.
SO, is Tandra Mrs. B2B or not?
That would be infinitely more interesting than Carlo’s assertion about a certain Kemi with a great, erm, rack! 🙂

7 07 2008

passing by..interesting read

8 07 2008
leos child

on one hell of a big couch watching the drama silently agreeing bloggers RULE!in sert evil laugh here close brackets

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