He’ll be fine

15 07 2008

Time check 18.46hrs:

Eddslah hola’s at me asking me what time I will be at the spot…. I was still hustling with a tiny project at the work place and I as almost 75% on progress….

Was nearing 89% completion when Tandra-licious-ness calls asking me.

Time check 19.04hrs….

Reached 98% progress levels and realised that my boss wasked me to make sure I don’t leave out certain things…. checked and double checked and emailed it to him. Time check 19.14p.m…

Left the office and strolled lazily to Spectrum…. Well knowing that Eddslah and Tandra were already chilling like villains….

Walked in at 19.25p.m and saw Eddslah chuckling away with Tandra…

Moved a few steps forward and saw Chanel#5 seated by her lonesome….

Aplologised first off, and asked her to come sit down with me. The_Man, and Tandra….

He was sipping tea in this really exquisite cup…. be sure she will have pics….

Complemented everybody’s time keeping, no doubt got the wrath of coming late and not letting anybody know…. Had let Eddslah know and he still gave me grief…..

Got the intro-s down to the real basiks….

There was Eddslah, Tandra, and Chanel#5 with a friend of Eddslah’s who was pretty smooothe I must add….(more later)

We started off by asking TheMan what it is?

He promptly told us that he was doing fine with Sharon…… till some dude came into the picture and “stole” her away from him…

Truth be told that Eddslah does have really kewl spects, and Tandra also has some flashy ones to, but they could not do enuff justice to CHanel’s bling bling TorQ Labelled watch….

Then the lights went out and with it the sound from the television and then we could actually hear ourselves… You see the chaps at this digs were playing a movie “TwoLettersFromIwoJima”…. You must know that this movie did get critical acclaim for its sound, production, and screen writing at the Academy Awards of 2005, or was it ’06… whateiva….

The interesting/ boring part is that it is a foreign language film and is acted entirely in Bhutan, or was in Mayan, or Mandarin…. anyways the movie has subtitles so the whole sound thing is pretty irrelevant…

The lights came back on and we went back to bugging The_Man…. he carefully informed us that he liked Sharon…. he was on the very worn out road to being a player….

-> the one who only meets and greets chics so as to see if they make him wanna get into their pants….

-> the arrogant type dude who will only say hello more than once if he wants something other than how was the lecture went…

-> someone who will make him work for it and also allow him to show her who’s boss….

He seems to have found that in Sharon, and truth be told he had the skillz to steal her away from whathisname?

Turns out that she cooled a bwana down and was moulding him into a very respectable dude…. 4 years with a person is no mean feat….

Turns out she was slowly regressing and when whatshisname turned up (again), The_Man was kicked to the curb….

Chanel’s advice was to basically go back to being the dude that he was before….. be the wanted not the wanter…. (or should I say wanton) let her remember who’s boss…. doesn’t matter that whatshisname can buy her a ride…. the query is then what…. being treated like crap coz you bought  me a ride is just that: CRAP

Dawg, chics can put up with a lot of crap if in all truths she knows that she is worth it… she will only ever put up with a lot more crap if you only show her that she is worth it…..

Phillip graced us with his presence in the form of many words from Chanel#5…. Phillip is this really dope dude who i feel made Chenel#5 see men in a different light… the kind that would tell her to stop crying like a little girl and behave like a grown woman….. the kind that would refuse to jump into your pants ocz you are not ready, and when you are, shows you who’s boss… (Chanel#5, am i missing anything??)

Being emotionally available for a man can have some pretty tricky consequences…. but it is always like that…. the part that makes one want to chuckle is when the dude is overtly emotionally available for the chic…. Eddslah, dawg do not call her this week, or next week…. call me instead….. or Chanel#5…. Tandra would be just as kewl to hola at…

Or that fine chic you met after BHH. Remember her name was Sharon right?? (Wait, how may Sharon’s are we dealing with here?)

Meanwhile, another of Eddlsah’s friends turns up to talk business…. I think we made him look good…. Tandra’s there in her killer Stylish Spects…. Chanel’s their looking all flashy, and like she just bought herself a dopestyle shiny black Mercedes ML500…. and i am there looking like a young urban professional aka YUPPIE

Antichild meanwhile sent a text to Chanel asking how it was…. and if her presence was warranted….



We wait for a little while and the waitress is there masquerading coz Eddlsah ordered the dope tea…. in the concept cup….

We chatted more with Chanel about Phillip…. he’s most prolly getting married in a few, and his fiancé always looks annoyingly wary whenever Chanel’s in town….

Something about her eyes I think…. pretty shineee… just like her watch!

Eddslah came back and we completed the facts which came to show that Eddslah misses Sharon, and we all agreed that this was natural….

But does she miss him???? (100,000/=UGX for you Tandra…. but on Eddslah’s account that he had opened for Sharon)

She might, but she has a very dope way of not showing it and Eddlsah can’t see that

We pushed the bill to Eddslah and he covered it before Chanel suggested we go grab a burger or_something…

The walk to the or_something digs was eventful, with Eddlsah not needing any subtitles for trying to figure out what Chanel meant when she said she doesn’t like dudes overtly showing themselves…..

The Smoothe Guy who was quiet already seemed to have Chanel’s Number…. Something about her dope phone(s) I think were what gave him that edge… He bumped into a cute young lady along the way and held us back for a little over 7 minutes…. Eddslah had a point in case when he mentioned to me that chaps should always introduce their friends, espeshlee when they be young cute ladies…

Anyways, we settled for a pitza (pizza) at thingie’s and chatted about bloggers…. how Eddslah thinks that Ubongda is one dope blogger, and how he thinks Cheri is actually hott…. (Hmmmn) need a Savage Opinion here….

We watched how Tandra eats a Ugandan Burger with knife and fork…. (interesting) and listened to a song on Eddslah’s Blackberry (don’t know how to put the Registered Trademark sign here)

Timecheck 20.55 and a one DareDevil-(aka blogger formerly known as Dusk) sends text asking how the mini-BHH is going along…. Eddslah asks about how a certain hott blogger turned up at BHH and made him wanna…

Dawg, moral of the story is you will be ok….

Sharon flushed you easily, after 4 years of ups and downs, highs and lows… she is worth the salt in the shaker, to you and she is no doubt a fly piece….

But the way she flushed you for her former beau, man, I think she needs constant re-assurance that you were/ are the one, in a very nonchalant way…. i.e ignore her, and show her that you can and have moved on…. if she gets the hint, she will make up her mind and then either stay with whatshisname, or flow effortlessly back to TheMan…..

Atte, at this point in time, the part of being a plaer has to recede die down and show her her true worth, coz hse just flushed whatshisname a second time for you

Dawg, was dope hooking up with you….

Chanel’s watch was kewl, so were her eyes…. and the hook up was generally kewl too…

Tandra, what it is… we still tight huh!!!

Gotta run…. finish up the remaining 2% of the project before submission…

Timecheck was 22.03hrs when Chanel hopped into the cab, Tandra and Eddslah left (this might sound bad) and the Smoothe Guy followed them as well



No tracks in the list though we could play Jay-Z_with_LinkinPark’s…. “Encore”



15 responses

15 07 2008
Ugandan Insomniac

I wasn’t going to post a comment for this entry given that it is way to personal for me, but then you went and became a Philistine.

Now, I am going to rant on a complete irrelevancy because you’ve forced me to.

I love you, Mr. B2B, but if you call one of the best films of 2007 (not 2005!) “TwoLettersfromIwoJima” instead of “Letters from Iwo Jima”, I am going to have to lobotomise you. I also cannot believe you did not have the historial perspective to remember Iwo Jima and its role in WW2 and the fact that it is in Japan and not Bhutan or wherever else you placed it.

The film was a Clint Eastwood classic. It starred one of the best actors of this age – Ken Wantanabe. That it was in Japanese, doesn’t render the sound irrelevant. It adds to the authenticity of the film. A film is not just words, it is picture and music and mood. Try turning off a foreign language film and watching it with the subtitles only and see how empty your experience is.

Letters from Iwo Jima actually won an Oscar for sound editing and was nominated for Best Director, Best Motion Picture and Best Original Screenplay awards.

More irrelevancies? You tired of my useless ranting yet?

Kankusonyimwe. 😉

15 07 2008

@ tumwi, oscar for sound editing? BFD! i can imagine members of the oscar guild seated at round table, trying, and trying, to find anything they can credit this film with. then one of them goes. ‘oh i know! let’s give it that category that no one bothers about. clint eastwood is afterall our friend.
‘hmmm, there must be an angle there somewhere…’ thought social and society page columnists

‘nope, nothing….’said all columnists, and they all went back to writing about the movie that won picture of the year…

15 07 2008

Hold your horses….
this post is about Eddslah…

not a classic Clint Eastwood movie….

and that was why i put in that perspective, so that peeps do not pay attention to Ken Wattanabe’s excellence….

He is a sublime performer, and should have taken home the Academy Award for The Last Samurai….

I am waiting to be lobotomized coz of your deep perspective Tumwi!

Now you went and tore up our session with Eddslah


15 07 2008

@channel, i am expecting a shoutout for hooking you up with that watch!


15 07 2008

tihihihihiihi.. i somehow knew that would get your goat tumwi ((assuming it was inaccurate information to begin with))

15 07 2008

so is he like into Sharons?

tandra, we are waiting for the after you left with eddsla…

lol… antipop

15 07 2008
leos child

wama eddsla dont allow to be the rebound guy if she wanna walk out let her stay out.move on people do even after 30years and still find love.if she knows she can get back she will keep doing it knowing you will keep taking her back.

15 07 2008


[Now, I am going to rant on a complete irrelevancy because you’ve forced me to….I love you, Mr. B2B]

Tumwi, i never knew…


15 07 2008
Miss Cheri

The comments here are too long, I even forgot about that Iw as gonna say.

Lemme re-compose my self.

15 07 2008
Miss Cheri

What is Spectrum, gosh I may need an educ when I come back.

Shyaa I featured in this sit down session…I shd be invited to the next one.

Thanks Eddsla…

Tandra eats a burger witht fork? Eeeii, T, I will tell Kyazze.

Tandra left with Eddsla, shenzi, blooger couples are all the rage these days.

Instead of Encore, let’s play Big Pimpin/paper cut..in your words, “dope song”.

15 07 2008

YEAH!! GO TUMWI!!! You tell him!!

15 07 2008

wait, i left with tandra? ok, i did, but….damn! guys don’t make me explain this!
we just happened to be going in the same direction thats all, i swear.

15 07 2008

Dude, she is fine too. am talking chanel,my friend has ideas…

15 07 2008

sounds like i do i should have showed at. maybe in the near future…

16 07 2008

Totally jealous..I refuse to put up any nice comments…

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