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17 07 2008

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The other day, I was doing my usual rounds on the weekly rounds that I do, and came across a deep prayer posted by Kla (below)

Prayer of Thanks

Thank you Father for hearing my prayer / Thank you Lord for all of your care
Thank you Father for your love sincere / And thank you Father for answering me here

Thank you Father God in Heaven above
/ And thank you Lord for your gracious love
Thank you Father for Jesus your Son / And Thank you Father for thy will be done


Prayer Indeed is powerful!!! am a witness!

Well, the fact of the matter is that I have had some serious issues with HIM. The person I am carefully talking about is G. aka The Lord aka big-G aka God.

You see, recently my faith in him had waned/ reduced/ declined / decreased/ died away/ died down/ died out/ dimmed/ dropped/ dwindled/ eased off/ faded away/ failed/fallen short/ lessened/ let up/ relented/ shrunk/ sunk/ slackened off/ subsided/ tapered off/ wasted away/ weakened/ wound down/ withered

You might ask why?

I have been hustling in my relationship with G for over 4 months. I haven’t been to church or said a prayer to G since the 2nd week of April 2007. I guess he is seriously losing faith in me as well.

The main reason for this being family!

Yes, I said it!

Family. Guessing it sounds like a rambling, guessing it is. Family can be stressful, family can be loving, family can be in the way, family can be helpful, family can be a nuisance, and family can be unimaginably available for you…

Saturday came around and I was stuck washing my usuals on a Saturday listening to my hip_rock_soul drama…. I had rigged the player up so that I had one speaker in the bathroom so I could do a sing-a-long yeah, and DMX comes on the radio. For y’all un-initiated, D is a huge (ok one time huge) Rap, HipHop performer. He did some deep tracks in the late 90s and mid-2000s. And as his style usually goes, he sound rough/ raw. and surprisingly honest. Many of his songs have profanity, but there are those which are clean and have a strong personal story…

The song in question that really woke me up again was


I took the liberty……….. (but just the first verse only)

I really need to talk to you Lord/ Since the last time we talked the walk has been hard/ Now I know you haven’t left me/ But I feel like I’m alone/ I’m a big boy now but I’m still not grown/ And I’m still going threw it/ Pain and the hurt/ Soaking up trouble like rain in the dirt/ And I know!/ Only I can stop the rain/ Wit just the mention of my saviors name/ IN THE NAME OF JESUS!
Devil I rebuke you for what I go through/ And trying make me do what I used to/ But all that stops right here/ As long as the Lords in my life I will have no fear/ I will know no pain from the light to the dark/ I will show no shame spit it right from the heart/ Cuz its right from the start/ But you held me down/ And ain’t nothing they can tell me now/

First verse signifies exactly how I felt…

Had no idea I would need to hear someone else’s beef to go out and talk to HIM!

I went to church to ask G to gimme a sign, and ask him….. if anyone else goes through this drama…

The chorus is like this…

Let me know what’s on your mind/ Let me know what I’m gone find/ Its all the time
Show me how to teach the mind/ Show me how to reach the blind/


Guessing he answered a few questions for me. He assured me that it’s all in time, and that we are all on his mind. He also showed me how to learn how to help me’self and those who need help will always ask you kindly for it, and further assured me that everyone’s in the same drama, and that I should not give up on The_Fam

Thank you G!

Will hola round next time

He gave me a sign/ he assured me that faith is always questioned/ and showed me how to have some/

This post could go on forever….

listening to… I_Can_Only_Imagine…By Mercy_Me/ They_All_Fall_Down…by G.R.I.T.S/ and He_Still_Loves_Me off the Fighting_Temptations Album

This is a post I wrote out in September 2007 as evidenced by the links above, and it allowed me to look deeply at me’self, my family and all the great things that they have done for me without any hustle…. and now it’s my turn to should I say return the love, and all forms of drama and patience that I should and will return….

today my “big” bro turns 19….happy bday kid…mad love and no more sneaking chocobars through the window

No, I am not in the dumps, , i am actually quite calm and peaceful…

I just celebrated another month (today) with her (Mrs_Back2Basics aka Mrs_Basix aka…. Mrs_B2B aka… My_Girl), and for that I am thankful… i intend to celebrate a couple more, like a few gazillion of them… whatever it takes…. Temptations would most prolly, (will most prolly) be singing out their classic track MyGirl…. “i got sunshine…..”




15 responses

17 07 2008

these socks are mine what! i will wear them to bed tonite

17 07 2008

dude! you are counting months? you sure are whipped! well, good luck with her

17 07 2008


17 07 2008

man overboard. i repeat. man overboard!

17 07 2008
Miss Cheri

This is sweet B2B…both stories.

About God, listen to HE KNOWS MY NAME by Paul baloche…That song always makes me teary eyed, cuz it makes a whale of sense.

Actually, this is the idea for my next post.

Sorry for stealing ideas from u B2b, but I’m suffereing from bloggers’ block and this akshully helps me.

But God bless u and the Missus.

Another dedication to y’all-Mrs is HEAVEN- Bryan Adams. I love that song.

17 07 2008

for a moment there i thought i was slowly loosing me marbles. I could have sworn i had read that before!!!

PLus dude, u can wateiva as much as you want…

fact: sucker punched! punch drunk in love!

17 07 2008
Miss Cheri

Shenzi, my last comment sounded too mushy…

I retract most of what I said.

17 07 2008

Praise the Lord.
Eh congs I know that even half a month is not easy to get by.

17 07 2008

lol… 3, really! is that bad?

why is there no more sneaking of chocobars through the window? you can never be too old for that…

17 07 2008

What would you know?
break us into your er… other life!

thanks Chantal

you have marbles

i retract my appreciation

i hear you….
and i feel you

i also wonder…
about the chocobars, now he can walk into the house with them and no one will er “beg” him for any!!

17 07 2008

Am speechless……….good speechless that is. Mo happy days with the Mrs.

18 07 2008

Oh, I have loads of cynical things to say about love, but you sound so happy, I’ll hold my horses. Happy Something Month Anniversary and now that your kid bro is of age, give me his number already, will you?

18 07 2008

Your blog is refusing me to post…but I shall try one more time (Mebe even apologise for my previous jealous comments….there’s love oui???)

Anyhu..out of sync with God, family, life..aarrgghh…I like your post…So yes…the clichéd light at the end of the tunnel perhaps will also happen to Val??

As for the mushy bit…awww congrats to you and the Missus..and I adore that Temptations song…

18 07 2008
leos child

nows theres a good man who knows how to be grateful for the missus not everyday you get to spend with a great woman.

19 07 2008

There is this lovely song i like to call “The voice of Truth” (Don’t know actual name). Has lyrics that goes…
The voice of truth, tells me a different story, the voice of truth says do not be afraid! and the voice of truth says this is for my glory, out of all the voices calling out to me… i will choose to listen to the voice of truth.

I guess you know where to find that voice of truth.

Long life to you and Mrs. B2B

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