21 07 2008

Does it ever seem a weird situation when you and your chum keep wondering how so and so ended up as really close friends…

I am talking about how Yustus and Angelo ended up knowing that they actually like watching Shaquille play basketball no matter the team…or have the same apprehension when a BMW X5 goes past looking all shinee, or even when whatshername from accounts somehow always manages to wear that black dress on the days when no one else is looking hott!!!

Ideally all this seems kewl until you realise that it is not funny when it is not Yustus and Angelo, but Yustus and Angela….

Yeah, we’ve all had them, or should I say one… a really chummy homeboi who was your close buddy mainly coz you relate in ways that you don’t with other homebois… or homegirls

What about that member of the opposite sex who was your really good chum mainly because she was the only one who could click your jokes, and wasn’t afraid of telling you that you had a pot belly yet you had a divine 6-pack last December and that you should cut back on the brown bottles for the next coupla months…

You know, the one who you secretly wish she’d stay the night at your digs espeshlee when your housemate was at his girl.s digs..

You know, the one who always points out what not to accept from the hunnies that you always lust-(ed) after…

You know, the one who always told you that you look better with that killer green sleeveless top instead of the tight T-shirt…

You know, the one who, when she did stay the night at your digs when your housemate had crashed at his girl’s place, ended up wearing your extra large t-shirt and shorts and you talked the whole night and talked about her major crush, and asked about your current crush… and didn’t even try to jump into each other’s pants…

You know, the one you told about the rugby games and came to watch you play whether you won or lost always bought you that one bottle of beer even if you had sworn not to indulge in the next few but realised that one brown bottle wouldn’t hurt…

You know, the one all your homebois were asking if you were sleeping with…

For us guys it can be pretty tricky coz we sometimes (many times) do not read the signs… but there is just that one time that the signs are non existent and actually you do not even need any one else’s opinion coz you and her are just friends….

Till she gets a dope dude for a boyfriend

And though it actually does hurt, it is not as much as you thought and you realise that you are happy for her…

Really Really happy for her!

That my friend is platonic-ism

And though Usher did “make us wanna”, he also did make us say believe it when it “burns”



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21 07 2008


21 07 2008
leos child

seconds !!!!!!!!!!!!do those friends still exist? everyone believes someone is always digging on them tis hard nowadays.

21 07 2008

Yes, it burns.

21 07 2008

Those are the best friendships. And he gives you advise on how to handle the guy in your life and how to make him keep coming back!!

Only prob comes when, so many years down the line, you do end up “jumping into each others’ pants” and a great friendship comes to an end.

21 07 2008


21 07 2008
Miss Cheri

And now he wants u to make wierd confession, move mountains and make love in the club…bad Usher. Bad boy!!!

21 07 2008

Try dropping a comment sometime… better yet read the post!

in many cases it is hard to keep the friendship alive, but it definitely is worth the effort…
if you find that person….

i hear you…
i do!

in retrospect isn’t it worth it?
or is it not!

u read it huh!


21 07 2008

the majority of guys i know do not believe in such relationships, mbu they can’t be that tight with a lady without anything else going on…

good to know that you think otherwise and appreciate them.

21 07 2008

I have a relationship like the one you just wrote about…I remember the day she moved to ATL…Previous to that I did everything I could to keep her in NYC, but she left anyway…Took me a while to get used to her being gone. Kept waiting for her to call me back saying she was moving back to NYC…Guess what I’m still waiting…lol But she always seems to reach out to me when I need her. For that I’m grateful…

Good read brotha

21 07 2008

Thot i had found that “friend” one tym but boy was i wrong…he thot otherwise. Dropped him like hot coals. If u find such a friend they’re worth keepin if only the guys would get it and accept the fact that its a platonic friendship and thats all it will ever be.

22 07 2008
Mr. B2B

all that is part of maturity
both “physical”
and “emotional”
it takes time and can hurt a bunch, but with a little help, nada is impossible

Dude, welcome by!
and yeah i totally understand what you mean…
somehow, that connection is truly worth holding onto without squeezing…

i know the feeling….
both from “his” side

and from your side as well!

22 07 2008

I have written and re-written my response so many times..should probably blog about this..okie mebe in 5 years time when it doesn’t hurt as much… We’re still friends..but not as close as we once were…

Can you still term your friendship platonic if you hate the sight of all his previous girlfriends?? (okie guess I’ve kinda answered my own question)

I’m rambling..point is I guess I don’t believe in platonism…

22 07 2008

yeah they do exist…..And they never go away because they always have a special place in their heart for you. And the best part is the conversation picks up from where you left off years later. And not to forget they always have ur back!

22 07 2008

platonic. i has some.

26 07 2008

I always thought having platonic friend was odd(read gay)Till fate decided otherwise and threw me into the fray,I’m so feeling you especially the part about her coming to watch you of my best reads ever

13 08 2008

platonic huh ….. sounds like science fiction.

I think one of the two in the relationship shall not be ‘platonic’ 😀

30 12 2014

It’s a beautiful thing when you find a friendship like that.

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