~edmo~ vs [Mr.Back2Basics]

23 07 2008

My name is ~edmo~. i have been “expressing” me’self for the past year or so c/o WordPress..  Ever since i have been er jotting down a few things, i have know-ticed a few things about ~edmo~ and the Mr.Back2Basics…

Now, in all my days as a reader, i have know-ticed that some of us seem a little different from our real selves….is there any difference between ~edmo~ and Mr. Back2Basics… check out the analysis we came up with at the B2B-blog and tell me…

Chantal… is she any different from Cheri I keep wondering coz Chantal seems a bit more laid-back… and Cheri seems a lot more in your face… not that is bad, but is there any difference?

Queen… does she sound any different from Chantay.. she sounds really nice… haven’t met her before, but the fact of the matter is that she is very expressive, but when i do get that elusive date i shall notice the real Chantay?

Sy… deep down I really wonder what she really looks like…. I will ask Tandra… but she seems really a loving person… If Rhys could blog, he’d tell us whether there is kiboko….or should we do the whole patience thingie and wait…..

Tandra… well the difference between Faith and Tandra is not that huge… Tandra is just an extension of Faith…a much much cooler one though… a lot more chuckles tooo…. too many smelly boots though, but hey who’s complaining?

Dante: Hehehe Peter tries to be this uber cool chap… who as much as he tries doesn’t want to quit blogger… Dante on the other hand seems much deeper… and analytical.. i personally think that if he attempted to write out something like this, he would so spot on….

Aivan… and Innocent doesn’t have any difference whatsoever… except that if you met Aivan, you might not take him serious till he opens his mouth… always under-estimated!

Baz... This dude is totally just like Aivan… Just wondering how many peeps call him Ernest… Can you picture Dee saying Ernest…please pass me the sugah! (Oops)

Dee and Darlyne are exactly the same person… just that she seems a little more expressive in person…

Carlo and Carlomania also originally had no difference, but after the Jinja proggie, we might be seeing the real Carlomania… again, who’s complaining! Now after coming in from Kigali, who says that….

Intelligensia” dawg, are you and Cheri on? I know someone who has an eye for Chantal, so get with Cheri and my guy gets with Chantal…

Is there any difference between Rachael and Tumwi… I heard that once you actually get to know her, Rachael can be really sweet… Tumwi on the other hand is not one to be messed with espeshlee when you watched LetterFromIwoJima with little or no sound…. I remember reading a few older posts when she was “omutahinga”

Have you noticed that Teti is quite humble in person? Or maybe that was because of BHH and her homegirl Dusk (formerly known as Dusk that is) Very expressive I must add… Ny NY will surely bring out the real Teti-ness in Princess Hoping you go safe, when is that bytheway… most prolly next week right?

Doreen is a real calm one, but AntiChild is the real-deal mukiga-ness (no offense AntiChild) I met her after BHH and she seemed different from the AntiChild who just can’t stop coming up with hilarious posts like er… Wack Crack, Drying up Lake Vic and Losers galore….

Chanel….Girl, you know you have nice eyes… and the watch must add the entire ensemble of style huh… when you read her articles in the paper, and read her number5s, well the difference is evident… there’s a no holds barred approach on the number5s innit… Guess the editors are afraid that she will steal their jobs!!

Ok De…

You seem to be the real McCoy…..As in DeTamble and De Tamble are one and the same… almost a lot like Tandra and Miss_Tandralicious-ness

Owaaye… Suuna dawg… I have your back… but Eddslah is a wanna-be type player…. and Suuna is not yet there… don’t really know if this is true coz dawg you had bin off blogger for like what 5 months… But i think if Sharon could come back….

Ebonne, you are the real renaissance black girl aka black woman… you say it how it is and someday that convo will so go down bulungi (meaning: really well) and I am sure the blogger and the person shall gel into each other bulungi….

Kissyfur …. Apiyo, you are also what it is and what it should be! The fact that we go waaaaay back isn’t an issue, but…

Val Val… Val… sometimes I really wonder… you are so kewl… you have my taste in musiq… and then there’s all them Naija-wood and Bolly-wood joints… the issues you write about are close to mine… and stuff… if I met you I think you would be that chic in the office who no one knows about, but wants to know coz you always come in early, receive calls just before lunch hour, head out and come back promptly at 2.00p.m and the fact that only the hottest chics are always asking you’re your opinion is another dope thing…

Lucy, But you, maybe you need a new mojo…. you were what I thought you would be espeshlee when you opened your mouth… very expressive and then some… killer smile…

Jasmine, i love your name Jas… and the fact that your blog is cordoned off will not spare you… you are like that chic who would always come see my big bro, even when he isn’t around coz you secretly like that deep convo with me… (tacky) the fact remains that I think you are kewl, and then some

Girl open the damn blog

Iwaya, David, you will never cease to amaze me… I sometime wonder whenever you are writing some of your shyte, do you have a bottle of JD’s near you coz some of your shyte is pretty impressive… you remind me of that guy at school who no one really knew much about till that End of Year School debate, and ended up representing his team and murdered everyone at the presentation coz of his ability to see beyond his nose…

Heaven, I imagine-d you as this young woman with a really creative mind and then some…. the cute nose and voice were all just added on… The first BHH I went for really enhanced that…The Creative-ness….

Foxxy, well, after you read my joint, you had to start your own… the way you write does sound a little bit like you… a side I guess I used to see, but you never used to show… nowadays though….

PetesMomz… Anyone y’know who like Tracy Chapman peeps, and musiq like that… would not want to give away too much, but when she does go on a roll, you know that you will be both chuckling and then filling out the blanks that you seem are there but have no idea what to put in….

Flo, what it feels like when someone appreciate you back is for real… and the fact that you are still the same even after the years gone by… somethings you are thankful that they haven’t changed. Duksey is true testament to that…

Guess you can say that i drank too much Citrus Flavoured Water… courtesy of Chantal, or is it Cheri…

hoping that there is a comment or two? or 3

“i’m on the inside” by Staind is slowly playing in the background



32 responses

23 07 2008
leos child

sokies!!!!!!!!!!!mwahaahhhaaahha(evil laugh)

23 07 2008
leos child

one thing for sure is cheri is hantal dramatic i tell you .off to hide (before am dissected)

23 07 2008

lol…hmmm..what are you wondering about??? feel free to ask 🙂

Must say I like off beat stuff (re: Naija and Bollywoodness)..I should unleash my japanese music huh??

Loved the Tandra and Antipop bit…they make my day for sure..kwanza Tandra..hahaha

23 07 2008

i was going to add a comment, but since you wanted only three, i guess i will just go away quietly.

no. i wont go away quietly. i want to protest. are you saying that antipop is more gangsta than i really iam? i bind. i want a second opinion!

23 07 2008

interesting… i like this post

lol… about 3 being with cheri and your friend gets with chantal

23 07 2008

The cute nose?Oh my God!
i am going to tell everyone in my family about this!!!

Oh my God!!!!

23 07 2008

You really gat game.

23 07 2008

So which psychic have have been seeing lately you dude? hmmm…

23 07 2008
Miss Cheri

Double damn Cheri and Chantal…who is Chantal? And why does she keep being mentioned inthe same breath as Cheri?

Anywho, B2B, Chantal is reserved when it comes to people she dunno. But once that is off, then she becomes a very talkative person…even if they paid me to shut up.
The Cheri u see is here in blogistan is very different from Chantal (Ignore Leo’s child).

It’s easy to separate Cheri from Chantal. So, that way I’ll stay with Three and also with that person u have organised for me. Who dat by the way? Pray tell.

23 07 2008
Miss Cheri

Lol Heaven…u and I have had issues with out “little” noses.

23 07 2008

banange were i been??? im like at the bottom of the list!!!

now.. i need to meet some of these gangsta people.. antipop… what it is?

23 07 2008

just realized mrs.b2b isn’t on this list. Is she very different from the little we have read? or is she what she writes like?

23 07 2008

Who said blogging is about ‘real selves’? My real self is a downright bore. I’d kill her if killing her didn’t mean I’d kill me.

23 07 2008
Chris Baraka

Kale all along I thought Foxylamb was Mrs B2B and so I thought she’s already on the list, Tandra.

23 07 2008

Yes, Sir! The real McCoy, or is that The Real Macaw? I even tone it down for the blog. Just like I’ll tone it done for the BHH, don’t want you to lynch me for my…

23 07 2008

Baz… like me? What did I ever do to you?

23 07 2008

So r u into analyzin people or wat? If ur analysis of nearly everyone is true….then i like. At the moment none is sayin otherwise.

24 07 2008


24 07 2008

thanks for the link luv bruh. right back at ya.

i gat cheri and the other one too. a right threesome whenever i please.

24 07 2008

where was i all this time? mr. back to basics?

maybe coz i was at blogspot.. will definitely be back

24 07 2008
Miss Cheri

Lol Ivan…hahaha. Your second comment has killed me…April should see it.

Three, which other one…it’d better be Chantal and not Ivan, I will kill someone.

24 07 2008

wati? i hadn’t read this. i’m the chic that visits bigbro then wati because wati? You!

blog’s open. eish!
now lemme go read the rest of the post.

5 04 2017

If not for your writing this topic could be very coonulvted and oblique.

24 07 2008
Mr. B2B


Is that right?

The musiq thing is surely the ish… about whatver I am wondering about, nada, just wondering of you wear spects…
And what you look like in a skirt…

You are more gangsta than Doreen…


Yep, the cute nose…. Hehehehehe

Who says?
Oh ok…

Not really… just checking!

Well, Chantal is like that huh!
About you and 3…. Hehehehe
We’ll see

@Cheri – again

Hehehehe where’ve you been?

About Mrs.B2B… she’s bin on blogger all of what…. 3 weeks… can’t say much!

If you say so….
You finally get the basic idea that they are different!

@De Tamble
Sure thing the real McCoy
Hehehe about toning it down…

As in sheer genius

Well…. just continue reading their blogs for a while and see if it fits the bill in due time


Dude, you can’t be serious

Welcome by!

LOLs too!

Thanks for passing by!

24 07 2008

son, see cheri did not deny it?

24 07 2008

Ivan eeeeeeeeeeh i’ve hahad. LOL

24 07 2008

sula suleiman! not suuna.
and the real me aint there and don’t plan to go there.

25 07 2008

phew!it is val, tandra and cheri that i know…and oj, petesmama.she also interests me. i need to get deeper to understand this as well as context.

27 07 2008
Bloggers Against AIDS

Boyfulani…u know them or u wanna know them?

I will available for sit down sessions with u, whenever u are ready. I drink Sprite.

-Miss Cheri

28 07 2008

have not met all these people but they sound interesting. and i think it would be hard to separate your blog personality from your person. i know it would be hard for me.

28 07 2008

Hey B2B! Haven’t been here in a while! I is late seeing this!
*OK, YOu gotta know. Teti’s the humble, shy one. Princess [the one on the blog] is the one hitting the NY streets, next Friday!!!
I’m going to rock and rule the world!!!

7 01 2009
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