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28 07 2008

At the time of writing out 21Qs and doing the follow up 21As….

Foxxy Lamb asked me a question but I didn’t get the chance to answer it because I had already reached 21 joints

The question that I am sure will set one or two of you chuckling was, “which one of your parents are you most like?”

I been tripping about this coz it had never ever crossed me mind…. I met a couple of my friends’ parents, and it is very obvious when you meet them who they follow after…

Like my friend G, his dad was/ is a very outspoken,. And exposed character, with a vert strong character…. hid mom on the other hand is quiet, and very soft spoken… his dad is a very choleric type chap…. always trying to get his point across….

When I noticed that my boi G was exactly like his Momz, was when his eldest bro was jumping the broom… she would say only one thing to the Dad, and he would succumb… G is exactly like that… always biding his time waiting to strike so that his strike however soft/ hard whatever, is always the one that broke De Tamble’s back….

Sorry, I meant the camel’s back

My little bro meanwhile is exactly like my Dad…. exactly…. no two ways about it… there’s a way he can try to hide stuff, and pretend like he can handle things… anyways… that’s a different post


I am a lot like my Momz…. pretty jolly, and a good listener… (got that from a few old school friends) and the one part about Dad that is very entrenched in me is the caution… many times i do throw it all to the wind, but very calculatively!

And yeah, my patience surprises even him sometimes…. but then again, I guess we all have some parts of both them…

That track by Craig David called Fill Me in doesn’t fill any blanks, but it just does make me go back a few…

Princess, go safe to NY, Ny….



17 responses

28 07 2008

I wonder where the usual suspects are!! I got here first.

Not sure who i take after. Do grandies count? Coz thats what i am told i take after. Or is it great grandma?

28 07 2008
leos child

after my dad and moms but mostly after my dad.hard i tell you.

28 07 2008

sometimes Hitler, sometimes mother Theresa, sometimes ever superwoman. i wonder what that means?

28 07 2008

B2B who do u look like ur ma or pa? At least u ve the best of both worlds…..wats that sayin: The apples don’t fall far from the tree

28 07 2008

((heads off to think about it)))

29 07 2008

depends on the day. but mostly I’m like my late cat. her personality was contagious.

29 07 2008

i have already caused my parents enough heartache without having to mention that i am like either of them. this time i am sure they would disown me. or commit suicide before any of them admits that i take after them.

29 07 2008

lol… scotchie

it is actually amazing how can become so much like one of them… makes me wonder if it is genetic or just because we grow up with them…

29 07 2008

The comments on this one are too funny..Antipop you are mad!!! lol

Myself…like daddy…I even look like him…and have the same legs..I rem him comparing all our legs to see who took after him..haha

29 07 2008

Eeeh, you boy, endearing yourself to the chicks by claiming that you are like your mom. Eeeh, you boy.

29 07 2008

On the contrary tumwi,chicks are not keen on guy who are like the moms, so from now on b2b you are in my reserver box

I think I have a bit of both ma peros

29 07 2008
Mr. B2B

the usual suspects gave up coz their interwebs don’t have skillz
Yeah, grandies do count!

i hear you!


i have mu dad’s eyes, and my grandad’s face….
my momz ears, and my sister’s nose
want me to go on!

Well…. see you on the other side



yep at Scotch

about genetics…. it is genetics…. and it is cemented when we grow up with them

ask your grand parents how much Rhys behaves like your Dad… or the like

Antipop is smoking a different tree from the rest of us….
and about the legs…
hola with the proof…

you have cleverly skipped saying anything!

i had no idea i still had a chance
but now that it is poofed….
we can still hang out right!

29 07 2008

Thanks, Mr. Cool! 🙂

*Ahem, you’ve let us in on all your endearing qualities…I wanna hear about the not so endearing ones!

30 07 2008

Ohhhh rhyming DeTamble with Camel, Very Clever Mr.
Congratulations, clap clap, here here and all that jazz. And on my birthday and all, perhaps next year we can skip the birthday song and just quote from the book of B2B 🙂

30 07 2008
Miss Cheri

Bambi, Princess has gone already…goah, there goes my chance of ever meeting her.

30 07 2008

@b2b;you didnt read that right, that box is for the rejects or rather to be refered to when no other option comes thru lol

4 08 2008

sup, i really dont know if am like mom or dad. am just me. foxy one day and the lamb on another day or both on the same day.holla back

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