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11 08 2008

The week gone by was kind of blurry

TrampChild, Chanel#5 and Cheri/ Chantal (withallthedaggers-stillinthekitchen) were asking me how I been…

I been doing ok…/ The whole randomization thing was almost passing me by till I passed by Innocent’s Joint!/ The whole debate about size mattering….. (need a post on this)/ One that will make even Tumwijuke cringe…. but wait why Tumwi!/ Ok, even make er Tandra cringe (lol)/ Anyways, not much crap to share, oh, perhaps/ The road trip to western side of any country should in most cases include a certain lovelylady coz…..

Well…. Nuff said/ Haven’t dropped a random one before…. No wonder Tandra licious is always dropping these ones/ Other than that, there’s a track that Clef dropped for me at his concert the other Friday called “fastcar” that was performed in the studio with the amazing Paul Simon… Just one line: [you don’t gotta be no billionaire/ to get a ticket up to the moon]

I hope we are all doing ok, yeah you too Jaz, and Val….



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11 08 2008

firsties… now to read

11 08 2008

so your vision is back to being clear…

but seriously, looking forward to that post on size that will make the T’s cringe…. when should we expect it?

11 08 2008
Miss Cheri

Naye gwe, why do u keep “slashing my name with that Chantal bit? Who is Chantal????

Anyhow, welcome back.

11 08 2008

look wat the cat dragged in

11 08 2008
leos child

clef outdid himuselfu the after party was worth the sauna like condition and shaggy worth the theft pushing and shoving after clef had done gone till november it was done for me.

11 08 2008

Angry, some fool done sold us fake tickets. i swear if i get that cow…u gon hear about it in the news!

sap bro?

11 08 2008

Hi B2B!
A post on size? 😛
When are you putting that one up?

11 08 2008

Question to ya? Where are you from? I have sneaking suspicions its not the US…

11 08 2008

share the road trip………..size size size and more sizes…wonder y there’s no universal size.. one size fits all.

12 08 2008

lol… apr9. i like that…

12 08 2008

mrslish… my new hero 🙂

12 08 2008
Mr. B2B...

Ug br’a
Uganda i.e.

15 09 2008

Loving the shout-outs :***!!

So I have stuff to say to orr…err..later on this week..:)

I’m so totally behind the blogging world..gah!!!

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