12 08 2008

Many-a-time we never know what we want, until that point when we think we like something and when we try it….

We are like


“I used to like………..”

is what comes out from that point on out

Sex is a very “sensitive” topic, for lack of a milder word…. (ok, delicate, blah-zi-blah)

In the way that I want to bring it out, it strictly relays in the way that this lovely-eyed blogger tried to express her aversion to small er sized members**

Anyways, as a genuinely very normal and straight guy, I must admit that at one time in my life, I used to wonder whether size does matter at all for or when having sex….

I will explain this in a very uneek way

Splitting the different types of sex into:

Amazing/ Mindblowing/ Crazy/ Lousy/ Neveragain/ Seeyoutomorow


And finally


Kinda of sex….

Help me by putting in the word sex after each of the above prefix-es….

i.e. AmazingSex/ MindblowingSex/ CrazySex/ LousySex/ NeveragainSex/ SeeyoutomorowSex/ AreyouinyetSex/ And finally


For one to achieve any of the above mentioned types of sex, is the obvious warm blooded woman over the age of 22, and any virile hott blooded male above the age of 24….

Why 24 because in the real world of guy meets girl, a guy is the one in numerous cases expected to have been a little adventurous in his earlier years and experimented with older women (older than him in this case) , and learned a few things about pleasing a female…. and 22 coz well, though we think that girls are the ones who are protected from sex by their mothers, we actually know that girls are really really th e ones who get in sticky (excusethepun) type situations at an early-ier age than guys…. but hey what do i know??

As we grow older, we (read men) get more approached from women seeking sexual gratification….

Women learn to be a little less judgemental and more exprerimental

And men learn in truth that it takes a lot more than having a well (read largely sized member) to …..

1. have amazingsex….one must have a reasonably sized member…. i.e. one that will make her say Mmmh….. and also one that will make her notice when you attempt t pull-out

2. have mindblowingsex, one must use more than just his member to make her appreciate…. one must know what makes her respond…. how if you squeeze there, she reacts howly…..

3. crazysex….. one must be pretty spontaneous, and willing to be er open minded…

4. lousysex, well this one’s easy…. just put the member in and do nada….

5. neveragainsex, usually starts and ends with number 4 in the_plan and ends abruptly coz the man in question ends up ejaculating sooner than he should….

6. canIseeyoutomorrowsex is related to number 8 kind of sex…

7. Areyouinyetsex is really funny…. I remember watching Tupac’s movie with Janet Jackson. (Poetic Justice) and JJ’s homegirl Regina King was er riding her dude in the back of the van and he apparently had a small member….. but she did the necessary all the same coz she was well…. “appreciating”

And finally

8. Dayumohmygoodnessdon’tstopsex…. well this one is funny/ deep/ open/ real/ touchy and all the other words that women say during sex…

One may argue that to achieve this type of sex, one must have a larger sized member….

Not so….

One can achieve this by er, communicating with each other openly about the little things that you do to/ with each other that make you both say dayum…. or also just a real test run and welcome the response typesex…

Size does matter, especially if she is not comfortable with the small size and well,

She will try for only so long before she starts “creeping” around….

She will try for only so long before she starts looking at other women and wonder if they are in the same predicament…

She will try for only so long before she starts hanging out at the gym longer than before….

She will try for only so long before she starts accepting your approaches for sex without hesitating like before……. coz she is appreciating ot elsewhere

She will try for only so long before when you tick her off, she will trip and say that’s why you don’t fulfill my needs….

” any woman who has had that kind of sex where she looks at him in awe, afterwards will tell you that that dude knows how to er….. make her feel like a woman”

Mr_Back_To_Basics aka ~edmo~

And that my friend is where the debate on size ends

For the fellaz, don’t trip, if you’ve gotten with your girl more than once and she does stuff for you spontaneously….. calling you out of the blue to say hello, tells you she wants to come by your digs on Sunday afternoon, and yadi-yadi-yaagh, then you don’t need to bother with this….

Anyways, what I’m trying to say is this…

Women will always wonder in the back of their minds what a really big member must feel like…. when he is er….. representing….

But when they get in that one on one situation, she will cower at the chance, coz larger than life does have a nasty meaning

Nuff sed….

I heard all this from my “homegirls” a while ago…

Though some of it is a reflection of a few hommies lives….

** Members relates to the male genitalia…. aka d**k, whopper, pr**k, phallus, etc….



49 responses

12 08 2008

Our very own Senga here at blogger! what else are you good at b2b?

12 08 2008

Naye oba what is that word?

12 08 2008

Socks! I got ’em.It was about time…

12 08 2008

What happened?A while ago,as I typed my comment,no one had commented yet!
I hate wordpress!

Down to biz:
Who said size doesn’t matter?Hmmm…And the counsellors will tell you stuff like”size doesn’t matter.It’s how you use your member!”
Crap,crap,crap,mega crap!

Psst…Doesn’t anyone no where I can get..er…my member enlarged?I mean to horse-member proportions..That should earn me quite a name!

12 08 2008


12 08 2008

eh! Nga you are well read on the subject of size! what inspired you, i wonder?

12 08 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

who wants to know?

What exactly are you rocking?

Damn Oh My Goodness Don’t Stop
any clearer?


check out a previous post from Cheri/ Chantal on exhuming something… she dropped the advert on her joint… that will help


just wanted to settle the drama between you and Chanel…

Chanel must have been incensed!

12 08 2008

I’m not quite sure why I’ve read this post through to the end. A couple of months ago, I wouldn’t have! Blogger has spoilt me! LOL.

@ slybard: come on, Josh! Haven’t you seen those ‘penis enlargement’ ads?
Call 0755 557755.
No side effects.

12 08 2008

preach, preacher!

i am still stuck at the “creeping” part. my mind is twisted.

12 08 2008

Wow, you are for world cup. Full Stop.

12 08 2008

uhmmmm…. okay

thank you for that insightful view of size… and much more

12 08 2008

B2B………I’ll need a measuring tape….i may be gettin riped off. Give me all the measurements from the smallest to the largest ASAP

13 08 2008

What? 22? Excuse me B2B? What do you mean girls have to be over the age of 22 to achieve any of the above mentioned types of sex? Do you want me to fucking slap you?!?! And I will, unless you take it back or put in a clause that states DeTamble doesn’t have to be 22 for that. You fucking cunt.

13 08 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

Er DeTambs
Calm down girl

it is just an opinion
it can be different in your case….
Very Very different

and please
ease up on the four lettered words!

13 08 2008

I was easing! I could have used a whole heap of other much stronger four and more lettered words.

13 08 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

in your case
thanks for easing…
it can be much worse right?

and yeah, 20 would be fine, but if you think that you’re enjoying it at 20, wait till you hit 24-ish!!

13 08 2008

Actually I was enjoying it at 19. Hell, I’ve been enjoying it since 13 but lets just not go there, don’t think Ugandan minds can cope with that.

Wait till I hit 24? Don’t you think 7 years is already enough to figure out how things work?

And yes, it can be much worse.

13 08 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...


I am trying to tell you something
When you are younger, it is all blah-zi-blah
and then some

and when you grow older, you learn to weed out the real deal from the chaff…

and basikly, with people who you actually like, and want to see tomorrow….

not with that dude (in your case) or chic (in my case) who just has something that you think you can find by climbing between their legs…

One-night stands and stuff….

13 08 2008

I know what you’re trying to tell me. Now get what I’m telling you.

Not all young people are shallow players.

Some of us managed to weed out the real deal from the chaff when the others were still learning how to put a condom on.

13 08 2008

Didn’t think one could read about so much sex without it sounding ‘dirty’!! Bravo Mr. B2B.

I know what you mean by being above 22. I would put it at maybe 26 to be able to have gone through all the different sizes/ types you mention. Some people actually stop at one and don’t know how else it could be.

But then again, you can go through all those diff types of sex with one person i believe… except for the neveragain and areyouinyet type i suppose. Depends on the mood and frame of mind one is in. At least i believe so!

13 08 2008

This post is so beautiful… really basic!!!

13 08 2008
Mr. Back2Basics...

I have never been into guys so i wouldn’t know about measuring and shyte…

I hear you too!

i am humble-d….

ok, what about for Euro2008, CHOGM and the worldcup in South Africa as well….

ok, i am now really humble-d

Hola dawg

Hehehehe for Joshi

13 08 2008

Size does matter take it from a brotha who has women at his job whispering in the Hallway ” You think he stuffs his slacks. Damn I wanna know the truth! “..lol..

Now I’m not coming over here to brag about myself because they are some definite disadvantages to having a large penis.

1. It will not fit into every juicy hole. Sometimes you need a little KY JELLY to help ease the blow to your female counterpart.

2. You will most likely never be offered anal sex. No chick wants to rupture her ass crack.

3. You ever watch those porn movies where that buxom blond babe engulfs the average white man’s penis..Unless she has been exercising her Jaw Muscles you probably won’t experience that either…lol

4. Yeah you might give her that Dayumohmygoodnessdon’tstopsex but then she’ll be to sore to hop back on that pony to do it all over again…lol

5. Rough sex hmmm I dunno unless she’s had a few kids you might have to stay away from that. You don’t want her walking sideways for the next couple of days…

Now a big dick is a blessing, but if you don’t learn how to use it sex with a woman will be like a bull in a China Shop. Broken pieces every where.

Ladies I know you want a man with a penis that leaves no space between you and him, but be careful what you wish for most of you can’t handle the TRUTH!!! Oh and if you decide to cheat with a man who has a larger magic stick than your significant other make sure you wait until your coochie shrinks back to its normal size before you give him the business…lol

Mr Slish has left the building…

13 08 2008
Miss Cheri

Abaana abaaana, mubeireki ne kigambo kya sex?

First off B2B, for us the VITGINS, u shd have indicated that this post needs to be read with viewer discretion. A PG 29 shd have been put for us.

Now look wat u have caused? I have to wash my eyes.

Lol, Slybard, did u get the guy’s phone number? Tell us, were there any side effects?

So, 22 huh, I guess I still have some years to try these things.

13 08 2008

LOL Miss Cheri……B2B at least u should ve an idea u don’t ve to be into guys to know the sizes. I know the different boob sizes and am not into gals.

Anyway good sex educations some of us were kicked out of that class.

13 08 2008

jesus christ,…

rupture her wat.

parental guidance pliz
me am out!

13 08 2008
Miss Cheri


13 08 2008
nikki indigo

size matters and it don’t take a whole entry to tell it. LOL

13 08 2008

@Mrslish:Banange!”wait until her…” what?!
*shakes head*
@Cheri:LMFAO!Ah,the number.I did call but chickened out at the thought that the procedure may be more “herbal” than “scientific”.

@Apr:Boob sizes is a different thing all together.You have to coz well,you got to buy a bra some time,right?Besides,boobs are very visible.At least,their shape is.Which is not exactly the case for…er…those things.


13 08 2008

@Mr Slish: *worships* Finally someone here who’s talking some sense! Not like those bunch of prudish sexual black hole individuals who generally inhabit this place.

14 08 2008

@ de Tamble, me thinks the woman (not lady) protests too much… what are you trying to prove? Spew all your stuff on your blog. We shall find it there. And don’t go calling people names, else i may call you a few myself.

Ok, let me put it this way, i have already called you a few names but you will never get to know them!!!

14 08 2008
leos child


14 08 2008

Oh, the sex blog post. Always guarantees numerous responses. Always.

14 08 2008

That said, I know nothing about sex …

14 08 2008

Mr Slish and B2B you are for world cup. And thanks for kicking Sunshine’s butt. You are for Olympics too.

14 08 2008

hey…really deep

14 08 2008

mmm i was late!!!

14 08 2008

@Alesi: Call me as many names as you want, there’s no way you’ll be able to call me anything worse than I can already think of.

And yeah maybe I was slightly rude to be calling him names but who the fuck does he think he is? Just cause I’m younger suddenly means I don’t know anything and am apparently still stumbling around the swamp of sexual losers. And honestly if he’s going to be an ageist twat then he can go hang.

15 08 2008
Mr. B2B...

i am sure you have an enormous amount of words in your vocabulary to do more justice than OJ Simpson’s Jury could possibly have…

Mad Props to you!

it can sometimes go without saying that young(er) people can have no idea about certain things, like sex, because many of us and our peers at that age were actually a little hesitant.. (read scared)

and i do get your point about stumbling around the swamp of sexual losers (hehehehe that made me chuckle)

but you can ease up on the name-calling DeTambs….

i did not mean you per se, but rather a really generic point which you did say you understood

age-ist twat…
well, well

16 08 2008

I guess I am too late onthis topic. But Back2Basics, here are the lips.

16 08 2008

Why don’t they show.

16 08 2008
Mr. B2B...

Don’t matter if you was late Sunshine

Just drop your two-cents…

thanks for the pic of the ~lips~

18 08 2008

I object! The song u shd have been listening to is Ndi Kudigi by Ngoni!

19 08 2008

How can i be this late on such a topic?I’m not amused.All i can say at this point is that size does matter and gues what,some of us chics have a way of trying to find out the size before we jump into the sack with you.Don’t be shocked when your passionate kissing episode ends after her hand had run over your fly…

20 08 2008

@Duksey: Sooooo true!!

@B2B: more justice than OJ Simpson’s Jury, oh you flatter me so!! 🙂 I can only dream to live up to such high expectations on me, I’m so sure I shall dismally disappoint!! 😦 You shouldn’t put this much pressure on me! I can’t cope!

And yes, all points taken, and just for you I shall cut down on the name calling, but that also means I probably wont like you so much now since you can measure how much an Australian likes you by how many names they’ve called you.

15 12 2008
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