19 08 2008

I am hitting another annual milestone this Saturday

I am gwan be the Best Man for me brother’s broom jumping ceremony…

I am also gwan turn a year older than I was at about this time of the year…

I am the second born of four amazing children… I was the last born for almost 10 years before my parents realized that kids rule the world… Young children kids that is…. when they grow older, well… We are all living testament huh

Two things have actually knocked me on the head as I write this…

The best thing in life is actually life… I am trying to point at health here… I have grown up in a house where the motto is prevent any drama before it happens and I have learnt to “see” in a way certain things ahead of time… a lot of it is mostly based on asking the older, and more experienced people in my life about situations that I am anticipating….

The other is the fact that though Richard is not technically my bro, (his momz and my momz are just two years apart)…. he treats me like one and I have come to respect him for that…

When I asked him why sometime back, it resonates (hahaha TrampChild, big words huh) in the way that I treated him when he had drama in his teens…

Y’know stealing the ride, (the rides) and crashing one of them, breaking hearts, smoking crappy shyte, disappearing from home… the list goes on.. i didna criticise his drama but just decided to listen to it more than say crap… i was still the humble little B2B…. when it happened to me, no guessing who i turned to huh!!!

He has a lovely set of twins, who turned a year in April and are both going to be the ring-bearers at the wedding this Saturday…

Respect is earned in the easiest of ways, listening, asking, and most of all carrying yourself with dignity and a few morals…

It ain’t easy learning who you are, but Richard has come from far, and Desire is making him a happy man… and deep down, as much as he sometimes fails to say it, i know he is gwan make her a happy woman faster than he himself knows…

As for the main men i.e. the twins, er Alpha and Kristian, I hope they make it finally to the altar without deciding to start playing football with the rings…

Nas has a track on his “greatest hits” album called Surviving the Times which really does hit home on this post…..



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19 08 2008

And the tables will turn and it will be u…….Wat God has joined together let no man separate. To the bride and groom.

“Respect is earned in the easiest of ways, listening, asking, and most of all carrying yourself with dignity and a few morals…” very true.


19 08 2008
Miss Cheri


Congs upon all you’re gonna achieve this week. And for the rets of the year. While u’re at it, happy birthday.

19 08 2008
Miss Cheri

Ehh, but April????

19 08 2008

Ate wat Miss Cheri? B2B ur bday cake is on me…let me know ur flavor and i’ll put in the order.

19 08 2008

awww…hope the twins make it to the altar, and even if they do play around for a bit,m sure that would be adorable..

20 08 2008

being teh Best man is fun fun fun you get away with being DRUNK…lol

20 08 2008

What is a ‘gwan’?

Save us some cake from the wedding and bring it for BHH.

20 08 2008

@cheri, rets in peace the rets of the day

20 08 2008
Mr. B2B...




chocolate cake with no layers of chocolate….
just the cake… would be nice

Welcome by (again)
adorable indeed!

indeed… will drop you the drama when it happens
yu gwan finish “the drama” sometime?

“gwan” as in whattagwan??

what is going on?

i am going to be the best man
i am going to be a year older

you’re on fire…
welcome back too

20 08 2008

it was your birthday? DUDE!

20 08 2008

dude be speaking in tongues he is, then again what else would he speak in? right.

go party like its your birthday. because it is. ahem!

where is that coffee. bleedin’ assistant comes in later than i do!

20 08 2008
Mr. B2B

it will be… this Saturday jaz..

20 08 2008

“I am hitting another annual milestone this Saturday”
…that’s what you meant by that. feeling like a blonde right now.

hey, that will be quite the saturday for you! hope it turns out as great as it should. enjoy.

espied the Mrs yesterday. 🙂

20 08 2008

the twins being the ring bearers, that’s adorable…

what do you want for your birthday? can you give us a wishlist tumwi style?

20 08 2008
leos child

may the rest of the year bring you boundless joys and i hope you let someone earn their respect the same way you earned yours.happy forthcoming birthday.

20 08 2008

Chocolate cake comin ryt up……Sybella pick that order up for me. Send the bill after delivery no jokes. Ta

21 08 2008

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie!!!!

22 08 2008

Enjoy yo last day of your soon to be yesteryear.

22 08 2008

Happy birthday and hope the wedding’s a blast.
may this be a beautiful new year for you. blessings.

25 08 2008

so do we get an update?

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