Wedding Jitters…

26 08 2008

Time check: Thursday evening after picking up the suits and the shoes having been polished to that mirror shine, we went home for a Final bachelor-ish mass with the family….

Went smoothly, being pampered…. being asked if the salt is enuff, if the beer was cold enuff, if the smiles would be maintained…

Spent time with parents and grandparents who came in from the village….

Sneaked off to attend the bachelor’s party…. aka kasiki

Turned up like we was P.Diddy and Mase way back…. way way back….

Had a few rounds of Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 brand on crushed ice with coca-cola…

Smiled all round…. danced with one of the Groom’s Exes…. (chuckles here) I actually didn’t know till she said I was cute like the groom has always been… Hmmmn when I asked him who she was, he said he “dated” her when he was between the ages of 18 and 20, and that he had a “good” time with her, and then she dropped him like a hott potato…

That was then and this is now….

Left the club at around 20 gone 2 in the a.m to go say goodnight to the Twinzzz

We slept approaching 3 in the a.m and well felt really ticked off that I had to pass by the office the next day…

Hooked up with the groom in the early evening for a killah hair cut… We laughed at the humour that the barber still has….

Went round the town later just paying a few of the final things….

Went home at around 10.30p.m-ish…

Talked to her before I crashed out and told her that the groom isn’t feeling any different, or highly expectant like the bride was feeling the other side of town

Got a nasty call in he morning from the bride-to-be that a very nasty tragedy had occurred that could have cancelled the ceremony….

We held on just like little big men, and talked to all family members that we could at the time.. for any support that we could get

Went by to pick the rings, hugged the twinz, and thanked the Lord for the things he has done, even the ones that make you wanna hate him….

Like he can and always will be our Lord…

Picked up the other grooms-man from his digs….

Said a small prayer with him…..

Called the bride to ask how she was feeling…

Smiled and thanked the Lord for bringing out the sun….

Ate a little bite…

Passed by the Salon for a quick touch-up… high-fived the barber of yesterday, and chuckled when Mrs.Basix called asking if the groom felt nervous…

Smiled when we saw all the grooms men with sharp hair cuts, dressed in dinghy jeans and sneakers….

Waited for the photographer (Hassan with mad skillz) and when he did turn up started taking pics of us before and after changing… from dinghy jeans and sneakers to sharp killah suits….

Shiny-silvery-golden-cravates, black suits, new shoes, sharp haircuts, smiles all round…

It was hard to believe that a tragedy had occurred a few hours ago…

Anyways, when the Mercedes E320 turned up to pick us up, we then realized that Richard was gwan jump the broom and all them rehearsals were actually a joke compared to the real thing…

Walked into the church and was pleasantly surprised by how sharp everyone looked…. (when you are up at the altar, you notice that everyone in the church is dressed to the nines just for you, ok, just for the groom)

Greeted the main celebrant who told us he had flown in two days ago on the wishes of Aunt Philo coz she wedded her and Uncle Iggy 33 years ago (Richard’s Parents)

Smiles couldn’t stop

Anyways, fast forward to the part of the ring bearers (Messrs Alpha and Kristian)

Alpha sorta knew what was crackin and didn’t hesitate to hand-over the ring-box….

Kristian on the other hand seemed like the ring-box tasted sweet and couldn’t get it out of his mouth

More smiles…

And chuckles

She said “I do”

He said “I will forever do”

Ululations went round from the ladies in the church, even those who had been married for 33 years….

More smiles…

Fast forward to the wedding reception coz in started drizzling when we was at the photo studio….

Hilarious poses, and a lot of self-expression, and real feelings were shown!

One of the bridesmaids was hott too, but hey…(ok, two of them were hott)

Reached the reception 15 before time…

Drinks were still being served…

Relatives were laughing, and crying at the same time…

Friends were rolling in, and the food chaps were getting ready…

So were the waitresses and waiters..

The evening was pretty smooth until the manager of the establishment decided to close the tap on the drinks and the groom himself with the bestman in tow had to “calm” him down with a few bills… was pleasntly surprised when Richard said it was my birthday in the speech and had everyone sing me a Happy Bday sing-a-long..

Don’t want to add much to a joyous occasion marred by a tragedy in the family…

But marriages that have a dope foundation will allow it to be built on love, trust, and belief in the Lord….

All these can be shared, and openly communicated between the two partners….

To Richard & Desire aka Ricky and Dee

Mr.B2B’s toast to the BrideandGroom

You should have been with me up at the altar when he said “I forever do” and Dee’s eyes smiled…

And you should have been with me when he looked at me up at the altar when he Ricky saw Dee in that amazing white dress, and his eyes blinked 2wice at one go…. [I think inside he was like “DAYUM”]

And you should have been there when the main celebrant looked the rings and read the engravings… Dee’s ring said Ricky’s Desire/ and Ricky’s ring said Desire’s Ricky

Meet you at the altar in your white dress/ from Jagged-Edge’s track [Let’sGetMarried] anyone remember this??

In a sad note, the brother of the bride met his end that morning and as much as I want to keep it out of this post, it keeps hitting me…./ Sad times combined with joyous times presents a huge challenge, and you can really struggle through it, but being there for people makes you stronger in ways that only the Lord can make you believe…/ I cried that morning with Ricky&Dee, and I will always cry with him when they feels like it….




19 responses

26 08 2008
The Dark Knight

damn… read the end before the beginning…

26 08 2008

The cycle of life – birth, death, marriage…

26 08 2008

this is very depressing. the end bit just sucks the fun and joy out of the whole wedding epic. life’s a muthafaka

26 08 2008

who can tell why God decides to do what he does, when he does? who can question it?

26 08 2008

2008. the year when e must learn to hold grief and joy in one heart.
its like at the moment something very good happens and you are bursting with joy, a very nasty thing jolts you…and you are both sad and happy…confused.
happy for you and them, and sad too. going on with the wedding was a very brave thing.
now i have to go swear away…

26 08 2008

WAT THE FUCK. Forgive my french but MY GOD! You guys are STRONG. She is stronger. A new life began where an old one ended anyway. But damn

26 08 2008
Miss Cheri

U went to salon for a touch up???



U have just confirmed my suspicion.

On a sad note, couldn’t death wait a little bit longer? Just had top ruin someone’s day???

26 08 2008
Miss Cheri


26 08 2008

the death saddened me!!on such a joyous day, death still came in!!Sincerest Condolonces to all.

26 08 2008

Surprised none of you burst out crying in the middle of laughing. That usually happens when there is such a mix of sadness and happiness.

So the twinzz didnt mess up as much as you had feared… good for them. The one who was eating the ring box… i can imagine the box with drool all over it.

Congs for passing thru the day and coming out sane and in one piece!

26 08 2008

Death has a habit of knocking when life is sweetest.You guys are strong and KUDOS!

27 08 2008

they are both amazing to have handled the day so well…

ideally, they must have thought about what he would have wanted them to do and definately it was for them to continue with the wedding and enjoy their day…

27 08 2008

If you all feel your joyful read was sucked out at the end, I wonder how it felt to the family.

A proverbial Simon Makonde day.

27 08 2008

That Bride is strong!!!

27 08 2008

We feel sad wen a loved one departs from the earth…but life must go on. Such is life….wat a way to remember ur wedding anniversary tho…bitter sweet. To the bride and groom…RIP to the bro. AKUME.

28 08 2008

Sorry about that back2basics. May his soul RIP.

28 08 2008
leos child

that is one strong bride.good to know you had a nice day.

28 08 2008

you know, this post is precisely how I feel about life; so freakishly bittersweet with some more bitter added in and then wrapped up in more sweet.
You all hang in there beautifully seems like, and I am so very sorry about the bitter end of sweet.

2 09 2008

celebrating something new and bye bye to another, the newly married couple is strong. my prayers are with them.

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