respect-ish…. of sorts

30 08 2008

His name is Dr. Williams*/ He is a really really tight friend of my dad…

They have known each other for the past I don’t know how many years…

Dad said that they were neighbours growing up on the hill… deep in Bushenyi District/ They played football with that ball made out of banana leaves and used milk packaging bag/ Dad said that they progressed to O’Level together and they both had only one pair of shoes…. and two pairs of trousers each…./ They used to share each others “special” clothes…. i.e. When Dr was heading to town, my Dad would have to wait till next week to go to town…/ They always have kept the same level of respect. They were both Best Men at each other’s weddings…/ Their wives are really close, so too are their children/ He came to our dramatistikal rescue when Dad was in spot of financial drama/ He has a PhD in Engineering… He treats me and my siblings like we are his kids…./ His wife does the same thing…./ His wife is always asking us how life is progressing, and doesn’t hesitate to come to “our” family functions/ He lives a while away from us, but when we moved into our house when it was incomplete, he came and brought a crate of drinks just to spur us on that it will always get better considering that my Dad will never pay rent ever again, and then some/ There’s a way that whenever my Dad does or says something, the Doctor is quick to jump at it with a very objective point of view…/ So too does he…. they always call each other towards the end of the month like they are teenagers and give each other an update of whatever is going on!!/ I work in the building next to his, and sometime when I went to see him, his secretary thought I was disturbing him, so she made me wait for a little while longer than he would have wanted to..

He found me in the reception and ushered me into his office, and calmly told her that I am his son from another man…. i.e. he has seen me grow up and treats me like one of his sons/ When I was “hustling” between jobs, he called me to his office and gave me a talk down about career objectives, motivation, and being stuck on free-fall and not being able to realize it/ He has taught me to respect my dad a lot more that I have noticed other peeps do…/ He has taught me how to respect my sibling whether there is drama that is going down or whatevers./ He can and will always impress me coz of the “drama” that he has been through with my Dad, and I wonder how and why chics can’t just get along sometimes…

* not real name obviously er,

that song by LP called >somewhere-i-belong< works its way really well here!!

Val, What it is?



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30 08 2008


30 08 2008
The Dark Knight

Weekend boots.

Had an uncle like that. Grew up propping the chap. Till I realised he was the orchestrator of a few untimely family demises…

Waits for the ladies to get here and give us the low down on the last bit.

30 08 2008
The Dark Knight

damn you DeT!!

30 08 2008

skipped happily through until “He can and will always impress me coz of the “drama” that he has been through with my Dad, and I wonder how and why chics can’t just get along sometimes…”

Excuse me?

chics do get along. just as well infact.

be wary of making generalisations dude.

30 08 2008
Mr. B2B

not a really really general comment per se!
Was just trying to say that the chics like this are amazing…

and sometimes have huge huge drama between them!

30 08 2008

ok. thought you were making some sort of chic generalisation. can’t stand those.

Friendships that last through drama are the sweetest though. you are right on that one. when friends become more like siblings. nice.

30 08 2008
The Dark Knight

LOL. if I hadn’t read the new post as Jas’, I’d have been like WHOA.

30 08 2008

I thought you were making chic generalisations too…I was not impressed. But still, maybe you’re just friends with the wrong girls.

30 08 2008


31 08 2008
la reine

Yeah, maybe the wrong girls….

-I ran into an article Nigerians should read, check it out:

1 09 2008

Respect others and they’ll respect u back.

1 09 2008

so right apr9…

besides our parents and family, it is good to have such influential (in a good way) people in our lives…

1 09 2008

mmm i am going to shoot u for making me miss BHH!! make ur will and its great u respect pips of that sort!!

1 09 2008
Miss Cheri


1 09 2008

Danny, he made u miss BHH? HOW?

1 09 2008
Mr. B2B

i am trying
but i can’t see it!

1 09 2008

@ cheri, please graciously accept this position of 13 out of 15. be consoled by the fact that even though you did not come in 1st, atleast you did not come in last. For God and My country

2 09 2008
leos child

reminds me of my God father he has stuck by me as if a leech!somehow he believes in me keeps baffling me.

2 09 2008

drops knowledge. me. assailed by the knowledge dropped by the b2b person. faints. end.

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