4 09 2008

The fact that we are always asked about what we want usually makes us get skewed vision….

Leaving Uni, you will most prolly hear a few peers say that they want a form of employment that will allow them to travel, or get a company ride, or even allow them access to the boss…


Be a driver/ be a driver/ be a driver or at least the secretary


Meeting up with peeps on a longish week, you will again most prolly hear a few peers say they want more time to do blah-zi-blah/ spend too much time at work/ and then some

You will most prolly hear the same set of peeps saying they want this and that, but when it hits them in the face, some sort of hesitation takes charge

There’s a very distinct line between wants and needs…

Usually, people’s wants come first, and the life long devotion to getting that sexy phone, or that light blue range rover, or that sexy top with matching shoes, what about that kewl new laptop, and that amazingly shiny Canon or Olympus digi-cam that has everyone looking it instead of taking pics of the beautiful bride…

The list could go on


If we just take a moment to observe what we really need…

Y’know… the shoes that can stand a few months of Kampala’s hard knock streets, a coupla pair of jeans that can face your (read my) semi-empty wallet, and two basik tops, with that killah one that will make whatshisname in Sales offer to buy you lunch…

Then eventually we start to worry less about our needs and then focus on our wants

I am amused…. at nada…



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4 09 2008
Miss Cheri


4 09 2008
Miss Cheri

I want £5million.

I need a life long enough to use it all up.

4 09 2008


4 09 2008

but they say get your wants and the needs will follow…

4 09 2008

True that.

Still, I don’t know what ‘prolly’ is or who a ‘peep’ is.

4 09 2008

Oh and what’s a ‘kewl’ and a ‘killah’?

4 09 2008
Even Steven

where did all you peeps come from?! I just want be able to live without being judged by the world over things i don’t think are important.

4 09 2008

Forget all of that..I need a new cell phone…lol

4 09 2008

i shall go add some caffeine to my blood. i did not get this post.

4 09 2008
Miss Cheri

Lol Mrslish.

Killah=Killer, nice, good, sweet, sexy etc.

4 09 2008

I want and need all the good stuff the world has to offer……., my needs can’t be over looked my wants make me happy once they’re r fulfilled so they can’t also be over looked.

One leads to another….

5 09 2008

LOL looking at the cam instead of taking pics of the bride

5 09 2008

I want a chrysler and I still share a muzigo. I also want ten new pairs of high heels

5 09 2008

me i want Eva mendez!

6 09 2008

lol!!i am cracking up at the thought that every thought you say and think translates into i want to be a driver! driver! driver! dude. too fast too hilarious!

8 09 2008


8 09 2008

What I need, I have, What I want, I get!

9 09 2008

eh mama ivan… nga you are blessed!

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