18 09 2008

Growing up as a young boy, I was always asked to do stuff for people..

I used to think it was because I was a reliable person…

I was in the school holidays and I was just turning 11 or 12…. Picture your Momz asking you to do her shoes in the a.m. so that she can go to her office looking sharp… I used to do the black pair coz, well, they were first of all easy to do, and when done the basik way, they would shine to high heaven… You know that shine which allows you to see your cute little nose like Heaven’s in the shoe reflection

At first it used to work till she started colour co-coordinating her gear for work, and then some…. so I noticed this after 3 days of her not wearing the killah black pumps…. so I made it easier for her by first of all pulling out all her shoes (ok, not all, just the most recent buys) and then shining them all to that basik shine…

So in the a.m. she would just choose a pair that is rhyming with her current get-up….

With Dad, it was much easier, coz hey, he had (still has just the three pairs of shoes, and he would usually just wear the Clarks…) which had a dope shine…

Anyways, fast forward to when I was hitting the age when you start chatting up the ladies… This whole phenomenon of asking them what they like directly was never going to work… so I used to get to know the quietest one in the group who would normally enjoi the attention she is receiving from Mr.Basics, and she would end up telling all about her friends…

So that way, you not only make it easier for yourself, but also for the approaching the lady who you “know” a lot more than she thinks she knows…

Back to the parents, and family issues… the main point about making it easier allows you to be revered amongst family members for allowing less stress in your families’ lives…. the case in point being recently at my cousin’s wedding ceremony where I was the best man, I noticed a lotta peeps (Tumwi, that’s people) were fussing about petty issues about who goes first where, and not giving the newly weds a chance to make up their mnds…

Asking the rest of us to shut up was what made it easier for them (the newly weds) to make up their minds and not hold the rest of us up!

I recently had a major issue at work concerning the whole ease thing, and I realized that because of the shoe-shining experience, I have somehow made it a point in my life to always make stuff easier for people…

It used to be based on the simple premise that because you don’t stress peeps (Tumwi, I think we are clear now), peeps will surely not stress you..

Ideally I thought I was right, till I signed the contract to become a free lance sales-man… where I was being stressed before I could un-stress anyone…. that engrained the making it easier theorem in my skull and up to now, I have managed to cultivate the fact that because numerous people actually have a hard time expressing what they want to say, I do not rush them..

I had no idea that patience does delay, but pays more often than not…

Cheri, no more drama right…. Miss Tandralicious, what it is???? Dante, congs on finally finding the publish button, and Innocent, why hate on my chuckles… it was better than lolling away… Chanel-5s, how is the hair working? and Auntie Pop hola!!



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18 09 2008
Even Steven


18 09 2008
Even Steven

Being a salesman is supposed to be the greatest training one can ever ask for. I hear because of those things of meeting hundreds of people and in effect, becoming an expert in human nature.

18 09 2008
The Emrys

you’ve go to be ready for that stress if you are a salesman, tried it once for a few weeks, man it was not funny, the memories are still etched, but yeah it teaches you to deal with peeps

18 09 2008

you know that makes sense…you seem to have a good handle on human psyche.always thought you were some sort of conniving professional[yeah conniving in a good way by the way].
@Steve[n]: dude are you in sales? wait are you a dude?

18 09 2008
the antipop

Now basiks, what am i going to do with you? Auntie-Pop? Really?
At this rate i think i am going to have to beg you to atleast go back to Anti-child. ebibi nibihitahitana…

18 09 2008

Ever since I was eight, I’ve been known to hate.
Iwe, antipop, what song are those lyrics taken from? You know, the ones at the end of your comment.

18 09 2008
the antipop

@Ivan, tindatine

18 09 2008

first time here.

you seriously brought out ALL the shoes?

you were a nice kid.

18 09 2008

…taking notes.I need me some of those people skills

18 09 2008

*pops by, waves and runs off again* Hey Mr!

18 09 2008

“shoe-shining”, “make life easier for people” …wuss?

18 09 2008

i hate shining shoes. canvas shoes rock. totally.

18 09 2008

Weren’t you lucky to shine shoes.We had to wash the yellow datsun during my childhood.I keep wondering if no one had thought of the car wash then! yes… am back

18 09 2008

i also feel that people tend to ask me to do stuff for them a lot but i hvnt quite figured it out.i try to make sure that i’m not being taken advantage of anyways

18 09 2008
Miss Cheri


18 09 2008
Miss Cheri

Now my comments are being swallowed.

19 09 2008

Hi Mr. B2B,

I am discovering that LIFE is about what we do with our TIME here on planet earth. And once we discover what we are passionate about…that one thing that makes us angry as HELL! Then right in that very moment we would have in essence found our peace, purpose and patience to stick with it, to change it and GO through it! Because now the search is OVER!

ps that was so sweet what you did for you Momz and DaddyO. (smiles) Patience is a Virtue!

21 09 2008

I don’t have constructive comments…..have to say I hate shining shoes though…and agree with not stressing people unnecessarily

22 09 2008

Hey Edmo, its nice to wait on people and allow them to get all the drama out of their systems … but there are times when you got to put your foot down else they will think you are a softie!! You can only afford that when you are at the top of your game or when you are in a position of undoubted strength!

Reason being that they will pass you over when looking for people to promote, if you are not at the top. I say a bit of aggression won’t do you harm, because aggression is taken to be synonimous with assertion…not to mention attractiveish!!

22 09 2008

mmmm shoee shining dastun washing ……… who did balcony staring and waiting in the bus shade?

22 09 2008
Mr. B2B...

i am not a bully…
and i understand what you are saying too, but i usually do get my way…
How you get to the top is also w weird way of looking at yourself…
thanks for the comment..

22 09 2008

Imagine wakin’ u up at 5 so u can go by the road side to wait on the only peugot that used to ferry “the working class” in my Villa, and once u see it coming like in a mile away, u run back thru the kraal,go over afew fences and back to the house to call the old man…MASHA KABEREBERE Mbarara district, what about!

22 09 2008

I was taking the chidding for not posting but you are taking the crown from me

24 09 2008

let’s hope that the kids will do the same…

but eddsla, are you serious? kale you were a devoted son…

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