22 09 2008

Well in real essence we always seem to look at the “what if” scenarios right?

You don’t know what I’m on about do you?

I haven’t even intro’d this session like I sometimes do, y’know bringing in the simple drama before I go back to the basics (excusethepun)

I am meanwhile as usual hustling away at the 9to 5; 3 days a week at the company….

That basically coz I am the director in charge of chilling…. [a position created by the former Chairman of the Board (read me), that allows him to manage by remote all the regular goings on in the company]

Of course the most precious commodity that we have is time, or should I say that we don’t have is time….

Time to head out of the work place to have lunch with your Momz….

Time to sneak off and grab a drink with your Dad and your Uncle Jr who is in town for the week, and you are hustling with some million dollar (seriously, as in $1,000,000 Ka-ching dollars) report that you worked ever so hard to get

Time to rush off and sneak a kiss with Mrs.B2B in the elevator of her building

Time to organize a dinner with and for your ol skool mates coz everyone is bizzy running around the country tryinta get paid

Time to send your baby sistah a cute sms asking her how she is fairing at her sophomore year

Time to hook-up with that cute new intern who…. (wait????)

That shouldn’t be here….

Time to honestly just chill out by yourself and ask how you managed to go through the drama of last year!!

Time to say a nice quick thank you prayer to God and ask him to watch over the people you love

Time to call your big bro and give a shout out coz his wife is still as kewl as she was way back when you was 19…. and thought her sistah was fine

Time to just throw back a cold beer with Mrs.B2B though she don’t drink beer, but will indulge in just one, coz well, she is Mrs.B2B (i might be pushing it)

Time to ask how 24 became 28, and 28 became 32…. and 32 turned into 39….

Time to ask Lil’ Man JM how he is handling the bully at school

Time to just chill out playing whotheboss with Lil Jasmine

Time to just ask your big sister how your niece Kiara and nephew Andre are kickin at the coast

Time to sneak off and buy that return ticket to Maui for the last week of September and act like you are 19y.o with Mrs_Basix

Time to cook dinner for the fam

Time to just chill and just be listening to Jill Scott’ first album

Time to wonder how life would have been if you had actually studied the Maths degree….

Time to basically just go back2basics……





25 responses

22 09 2008
Miss Cheri


I dedicate these to Tandra.

22 09 2008
Miss Cheri

That airticket to Maui…I want in. I’m sure Mrs Basix wont really mind.

22 09 2008

lol… thanks Cheri…

ooo and time to get to the end of this to find the words “Time to basically just go back2basics……”

kinda a reading killer!

22 09 2008

I was here, B2B! 🙂

23 09 2008

Time to say ‘Back to earth, B2B’

23 09 2008

“director in charge of chilling”
lol…but u!

23 09 2008

Me I got stuck on Maui. Maui? Really? Wow! I want. Please go visit my man and bring him ‘back to basics’. So he can also take me to Maui. Or Jamaica. Doesn’t matter really.

23 09 2008

Time to get my ass back to work so I don’t get fired for being a SLACKER…lol

23 09 2008
nikki indigo

back to maui? i’ve never been! mrs. basix got it good…

24 09 2008

this your fascination with yo brother’s wife, dude that there is some oedipal shit right there. and watch out, don’t think i don’t see that look in your eyes.
but. still basix. great

24 09 2008
the antipop

“Time to get my ass back to work so I don’t get fired for being a SLACKER…lol”

@ mrslish, laughing at own jokes. Cool.

24 09 2008

lol @ ‘Time to hook-up with that cute new intern who…. (wait????)’
You’ve got a wild sense of humour. Love the writing too

24 09 2008

You naughty naughty people. So where is this elevator?

24 09 2008

lol… chanel, wouldn’t you like to know…

now about this intern, is there something you would like to tell me…

cheri, are you that intern?

24 09 2008
Mr. B2B...


She will mind, but between you and me….

Ok i get the point, but wait this is B2B’s right??

Welcome Welcome by!!

Hehehehe i hear you

Yeah, would be dope too innit?

I am sure he is planning something too

True dat??

Welcome by!
And Mrs.Basix….
We can discuss!!

Dawg, she was so kewl them days, and her sistah was HOTT!!! then i met MrsBasix

@Auntie Pop

Cheers dawg

if i let you know what gives??

i will tell you on your joint, ok??


Hey you
You want Chanel in???
or even Cher

Naagh, just me and you!

24 09 2008
Miss Cheri

Mrs B, I don’t know what u are talking about! I did not have sexual relations with that (wo)man.

25 09 2008

lol… cheri

alright, i believe you.

25 09 2008

i need me some of this thing…TIME..you called it?

25 09 2008

Reminds me of 100 yrs by Five for Fighting

25 09 2008

awww, elevator naughtyness!!! I really like!!!

25 09 2008


26 09 2008


Hey Sweets

I know what you mean

I remember that track too.

I know what you mean

Hey you..
There’s a section of this post that i didn’t input ..

it was talking about me seeing me’self in the next 10-15 or so years..
That’s why i put 32- 39…

You still want that story on men-cheating and shyte…

26 09 2008

Tym for someone to pop the qn…, tym to realise maybe i should pop the qn.

28 09 2008
esquire inc.

this post left me overflowing with nostalgia…ahh that ever elusive thing..time, one thing did stand out thought..the rapid shift in age. How i feel it everyday, like just yesterday i was in school, linin up for roll call, preparing for social and now, i am funding the social for lil bro!
This is a great post, i mightily enjoyed it

29 09 2008
leos child

@mr baisks i want to know where the said elevator is ours has got too many people!
TIME very available and yet unavailable.

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