29 09 2008

When I met her, it was nothing

It was always supposed to nothing

We never talked more than the simple how you is….

We never knew each other’s families….

We never even bothered with can I call yous…

It was basically I like you

Can we meet somewhere for a drink

I had just come back from Nairobi, or was it Eldoret, or ….was in Naivasha…

Anyways, the bus ride was really long and I was pretty tired..

I had my rucksack, and my hand luggage. I passed by my hommie CricketBoy’s room in that famous hall at Uni… the one right next to the swimming pool… I was just buying a little time before I headed to my digs and had a cold shower and slept….

Wasn’t hungry or anything, but sneaked a cup of strong coffee with chapattis and laughed a little. Then these three Kenyan ladies came into the room… Uneek: was cute, confident, approachable, warm and had deep eyes… CapitalCity had an ass to die for, long legs, bubbly personality, and also seemed a very cautious person… and CalmyAloof had the hotts for my hommie CricketBoy, and yet he deep down wanted to get with CapitalCity

BasketBallBoy walked in right about then…. he was the (and still is) the type of guy who was always drawing chics like CapitalCity to him…

Anyways, as the story went, we used to hang out at either CricketBoys’ digs, BasketBallBoy’s digs or my digs… C-Boy used to play cricket once in a while, so we only ever made it down to the oval to see him play a coupla times… / the basket ball court was and still is right next to the world famous hall that is next to the swimming pool… so most of the times, we used to hang out watching ball (basket ball Tandra, ok?) and chill out like we was so kewl…

Anyways, when Uneek found out I played rouge (again Tandra, this means rugby…) she started coming around more often… she used to tell me that she likes rouge players…She started “expressing” herself to me a lot in Swahili… mimi akuna shida na Kiswahili…Just that sometimes I could not wakilish any of my simple “expressions”

The first time she hanged at my digs alone, we talked quite a bit about the role of men in society, submission, arguments between tribes, and also the fact that if a man is interested in a woman, and he is dilly dallying, if the woman makes the first step, should the man feel like he was the hunted??? and if he does, does it matter anyways??


That night we did a few naughty things, but she refused my most successful lines and told me to give her a push to her digs…When we got there, she was all over me like a fly on …….. (yeah, I know really inappropriate)

Unfortunately or fortunately, I was chicken…. plus the fact that there were no gumboots aka protection

I slipped out of the door and crashed at my digs…

The following day after rouge practice (Tandra, we clear now), I found a note on my door saying

“my place, 9.00p.m, you know who”

Of course it was Uneek wanting to inquire why I chickened out

Unknown to her, it was part of a game I usually (used to) played when I wanted a chic…

Anyways, I was there at quarter past, and this time I spent the night

Fast forward to the time when you are heading into books, books and more books…

She left a note at my place saying she wanted to see me…/ I was there 15 minutes earlier this time…/ She as usual was her uneekly calm self…

She told me,

“Basix, how you been…. you haven’t called me in a bit… was hoping you’d come by to see me…”

I was all apologetic and stuff, and I really was, but knowing Uneek, she could see right through me….. she appreciated me saying the truth about hustling with reading, writing, other exams shyte, and generally having less time than before… coz she was hustling in the exact same boat like i was…..

I hadn’t even played rugby in almost 2 weeks …

Then she laid it on me… and said what was itching her….

Uneek: Basix, did we have er…. did we do the nasty?

Basix: well, not really… you was too tense, and we still had no protection…

Uneek: what about when i…

Basix: Nope…. we didn’t do the nasty

Uneek: then how come I have some crap messing me up and you are the only person I have been with since 1999…..

Basix: I am not gwan deny any crap, but maybe you had whatever it is your saying I gave you already

Uneek: get out

Basix: wait just a minute

Uneek: I said get out now….

I sauntered off with me head held high with all my attitude….

The one she said she liked about me….

Part deux coming up….

[Slish, its you always doing the separation of posts]



27 responses

29 09 2008
The Emrys

well if you didnt give to her then she gave it to you. part deux coming when??

29 09 2008
The Emrys

do socks count on this blog, cherie??

29 09 2008
Miss Cheri

U’re even quoting lakes…This is serious.

I’m not in my zone right now so can’t really read. But I guess u are talking about Missus if u’re yapping about lakes.

Bye. Wait, don’t shoot!!! B2B, seriously, hold your fire.

Okay bye.

29 09 2008
Miss Cheri

Yes they do Emrys…but they all belong to me so thanks for gathering these ones for me.

29 09 2008
the antipop

some crap messing me up…the clap?

29 09 2008

alaaa!!! I shall await part 2…

29 09 2008

okay…. awaiting part two…

29 09 2008
Solomon King

Lol, dude, this sounds like one heck of tale.

Part deux, s’il vous plait?

29 09 2008

part 2 ????

29 09 2008

Jeez bloggers aint you on katebe as if he will be passing out Gold. So when you spent the night, you guys read the bible and discussed how you can make her your sister?
Oh wait there is a part deux. Pass the Katebe

29 09 2008

Next scenario, please? 🙂

29 09 2008

Imapatiently waiting for part 2…..

30 09 2008

I bet you were “scared” lol with your head held high (laugh some more).

30 09 2008
the joker

am i the only one that has a problem with people laughing at their own jokes?

30 09 2008

@the joker laughing at one’s own jokes is not a problem at all. it is an icebreaker to ease any tension that might backlash OR JUMP OFF from TELLING THE TRUTH…lol!!!

So YES! You might be “the only ONE that has a problem with people laughing at their own jokes?”

For the record. I used to think as you. But then I started laughing at my own jokes. Try it some times and you will see how refreshing it is…LOL (LAUGH OUT LOUD!!!!)

Sorry B2B got a little cared away with the laugh at your own jokes question? lol!!!!!!!!!

30 09 2008
the antipop

@freedom, was just

30 09 2008

Lol…See what ya done started got people thirsty for Part 2…Give it to them Playboy…I wanna know who burned who…lol

30 09 2008

am waiting for this to happen to me

30 09 2008

then again maybe not

30 09 2008
nikki indigo

and THIS is why i don’t like slish. got EVERYBODY splitting up stories!

what kinda std uneek got? the clap? crabs? what?


1 10 2008

i think i know basket ball boy and cricket boy. dont i? holla

1 10 2008

part deux when?

1 10 2008

lol @ …I have some crap messing me up …!! Was it some itchy stuffs. lol. Part Deux plizzzzzzz

5 10 2008

ok mr. get to it already! 🙂

4 05 2009

i read this late…send me to part 2

8 05 2009
trendsetting-ness-twos « B2B’s…

[…] Anyways, fast forward to the beginning of Second year at the Uni and we are all chilling out at the Basketball court watching B.Ball dude from scared […]

12 08 2010
Flecks of gold

Reminds me of the kings of Leon song. There must be a way ‘stella’ got her clap back and I dont believe osmosis is an option…

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