10 10 2008


The dictionary defines it as the ability to see beyond the obvious…

A lot of the time, it can be seen to occur naturally, and in those cases, a person is seen to be very perceptive, intuitive, or just plain old sharp…

Other scenarios explain that one has a little more experience than others, and can in many cases, see what or where one is going before they say the next sentence…. Try hollering at your grandmomz/ or grandpops for a bout of clairvoyance…

Recently, I had a simple if very nonchalant discussion about the fact that women are blessed with a huge degree of clairvoyance, but many a time are very blind about many issues that relate to themselves…. I had this discussion with my grand pops and he just scoffed it off, saying that I am un-exposed to very endearing females…

He said these are the ones who will always express themselves, though not as easily done… as is rather said… they will always listen to whatever it is however crappy the reasons that you put forward…

Many a time, we are hesitant to listen because of the more often times than not that these endearing women are prone to say something out of the blue and put you in a doubting position…

Men on the other hand choose the word cognitive… (Tandra, just check in the dictionary for me please) it sort of explains…

Hmmmn we see in black&white, but are many a time made to see in colour just like females…

But I guess that is what makes the human balance even more interesting huh!

-B2B- yeah, i know that i have dropped this post before, but on Tandra’s think page…… guess it might seem a little ok, if i allowed two bites of the cherry, huh?



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10 10 2008
Opinionated Diva

TOTALLY agree that men see things in “black and white”. I wont say that as a woman I’m “clairvoyant”, but I’m pretty good at reading between the lines.

I think because of that, I expect other people to do the same. Maybe I could be more direct, but sometimes I just think people (meaning: MEN) should just know stuff without you completely spelling it out for them…all the time.

10 10 2008
Mr. B2B...

if you say you’re good at reading between the lines, then why can’t you read the fact that er MEN in your case don’t see…. ALL THE TIME, but only sometimes, and with a little help….

we can eventually get there…. huh!!

thanks for dropping by too

10 10 2008
Opinionated Diva

LOL…I KNOW this…but it’s still frustrates the hell out of me.

10 10 2008
Mr. B2B...

you have no idea how it can frustrate men too..

in the reverse situation that is…
so much so that chaps just end up being quiet all the time…

coz in many cases, it is a losing battle..

10 10 2008

At the end of the day men and women are exactly alike. All that is different about them is their appendages.

10 10 2008

B2B n the diva shd get a private chat…amen? amen to that..moving on…
@tumwi “All that is different about them is their appendages”
….that’s a big word…B2B and I do not understand it…does it mean loins?

10 10 2008

B2B, you never got round to changing the theme?or the header?what happened?

10 10 2008
Mr. B2B...

i hear you, but you are going to get a coupla peeps disputing that
“appendages” LOL!!

Dawg, i have a feeling you would…

I will, and i’ll makes sure it goes accordingly

10 10 2008

You call it clairvoyance I call it being nosy…lol Don’t believe the hype B2B women use that clairvoyant nonsense to get us to tell on ourselves….lol

10 10 2008

Clairvoyance? There is new foundation in town and I dont know about it? What the heal happened to my sixth sense? I cant even tell anymore when new makeup hits the market. Damn!!!

10 10 2008

Plus men dont have two floaters. And they dont come bodied. So we beat them with our bootiliciousness.

11 10 2008

i agree with sleek, the two of you need to go private…

12 10 2008

clair…clairvo…watever, if woman are this clair thingy yo talkin bout, how came they still give me ahard time when am coming thru,they want me to brake it down in abc and even d.

12 10 2008

LOL @ eddsla… wamma u ask hard qns 🙂

12 10 2008
Miss Cheri

Eddlsa, if ABC and D are what I think they are, I’m on my knees, praying for u.

14 10 2008

LOL @ appendages.
Tumwi is right. we are basically the same, society just tries to teach us to see and respond to life differently…I guess to allow some sort of order.

21 10 2008

hmm… i wouldn’t exactly say clairvoyant – cuz that veers more into the supernatural. I’d say women are more intuitive than men… sometimes

29 10 2008

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