14 10 2008

Truth be told, you might never ever get the truth out of someone’s mouth right…

But the hips never lie right?

Picture me walking from the mid-morning presentation and the lady from sales is asking how far the targets have been met, and is being all bossy down on Jimmy…

Deep down Jimmy thinks she is doing this coz she doesn’t really like him

Yet, if you take the time to observe any of the hidden smiles between when he looks away and heads to his desk to complete the mountain of work, then you will see that she does this coz she feels for him, she wants him to do better, she actually likes him and if she is not careful, she might catch feelings right? If you look at the way she sneaks glances at Jimmy, you will wish you were the J-man, but instead Jimmy’s weak sense of observance is killing his game, or maybe he has a different sorta game… hmmmn!

Again, picture me dropping by the pharmacy with the attractive new cashier and I am buying the morning after pill, and then this dapperly dressed lawyer scoots in and buys some painkillers, and before I can get to paying for my stash, he starts chatting up the cashier… if you carefully notice his leaning into the counter, the way his hands are on the counter, and the way his legs are facing the cashier, you will notice that he is definitely weighing in his options, and true to form he asks her out right there… perhaps swayed by his charm, and polite directness, she accepts…

Fast forward to when we are at my cousin’s wedding reception, and the master of Ceremonies (Mr. MC) says that the food is ready… and you look around and see that a few people’s then sorta relax and anticipate the washing hands, and looking down the buffet table….

Now if you turn up at the construction site, then you might observe a few other things as compared to walking into the tour and travel company when you are going to see if you can book a travel destination to some place outta town for the weekend that you have for-planned and not told Mrs.B2B about….

Coz at the construction site, there will be lots and lots of activity going on with he cement mixer breaking down, and the foreman yelling at the maintenance guy down the phone and also the drama that revolves when the suppliers are ferrying in all the steel and timber and not being told where to load all of it… maybe there is a very tight deadline looming ahead and with all the rain messing up shyte, and a very impatient client, things can seem pretty overloaded…. not to worry, the tea-girls always make that break a very nice time to smile, coz they both know they can work the brick-layers down to the porters ,and all the way up to the site-engineer and all of his prissiness…

But at the tour and travel company where the client is always right and has that whole distinction of I am paying for an excellent service huh!! The problem that keep re-occurring is when the expectant tourist thinks that heaven is actually here on earth and because the photographer has some mad skillz, on top of being pretty proficient with Adobe photoshop, we can at times get carried away… if you observe the way he is talking about how much fun his newly wed sister had with her hubby the first time they came down to East Africa, and booked a few days trip around the Serengeti….. you will be in awe and want to help them out, but if you notice how different he is from his sister and her hubby, then again you might want to check his impatience….

Looking forward is not an easy thing to do, and we always want to “experience” that plan and learn from it…

Makes it sound easy huh, but many times we are allowed to observe little tiny things that allow us to be slightly more knowledgeable about stuff….

It isn’t a sixthsense or any clairvoyance, it is just caution…

I think…. i er hadn’t thought this far, guess a have failed to er look forward…



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14 10 2008

Sixthsense none the wiser.

14 10 2008
The Emrys

dude too much observance but i like

14 10 2008

Okie so you have observed LOADS in this ONE post…but ahem…I blink towards the out of town trip..haven’t you blown the surprise by stating it here???

14 10 2008

Every time I come here I feel like closing down my blog coz dude you’ve got talent.Its amazing how some people can be good at observing things and the other lot completely clueless.Question is,is it inborn or do you become better by practicing?

14 10 2008
Solomon King

First. Awesome rockin gun-blazing sweet template.

Now off to read.

14 10 2008

planned a trip without telling the missus? 🙂

observance is a very useful skill. i would know!

14 10 2008
Solomon King

Observing the way your paragraphs don’t punctuate properly and you find yourself holding your breath until the fullstop then a deep breath before you plunge back into another lengthy narrative of passive observation and at the end of it all come gulping for the fresh air of literal sanity like a fish thrashing in the sands of the kalahari.

Tight dude.

I like.

14 10 2008

SoloK take your own advise. But I thought so too.

14 10 2008

“if you carefully notice his leaning into the counter, the way his hands are on the counter, and the way his legs are facing the cashier, you will notice that he is definitely weighing in his options,”

I like that part

15 10 2008
wynsters the tigress


15 10 2008
Mr. B2B...

sixthsensenonethewiser indeed…

Yeah dawg, i hear you too… sometimes it amazes me at how much happens while passing you by!!

No, that one was already done, and you know when she reads this, she is er gwan, er er…. anyways, between you and me, she doesn’t know about it….
and about observing all that, wait till it happens to you!!

I am humbled dawg..
and about getting beter, coz for sure, earlier on in my life i couldn’t observe crap…

Man, tight template huh!!

I already did that one mate, the trip that is…
and yeah observance is an amazing thing, you mosdef would know huh!

fish thrashing in the Kalahari huh!!
tight indeed!

Hehehe, maybe he should too

i knew you would like that part T…
mosdef i did

Hey, thanks for dropping by…
you are welcome

15 10 2008

i am so liking the new look… tis alicia keys!

i am in the category of the not-so-observant people… but trying to be more observant and actually getting better at it…

15 10 2008

Like the way this is writ. 🙂

16 10 2008

finally u change the template…nice…but i still stand by what i said: lust?lusty lust? or riyo riyo lust?

16 10 2008
Mr. B2B...

Cheers…. about the template i mean
i guess with being observant over Rhys, it sorta transcends externally to outside of him

appreciate the appreciation

Yeah dawg, i managed to get a “personal” header indeed..

but i am wondering which post(s) you are referring to concerning lust/ lusty/ etc…

16 10 2008

There are very few or very limited people who can manage the feat above. I should say your 1 in 100…..about that drink…..eeerrr it’s a great idea I might even be able to gain some of your observance/clairvoyance and writing skills by diffusion. Problem is am on the other side of the world if you do go to the tour and travel company and set destination to the big apple, then the drink can happen…Cheers

19 10 2008

Well written.

20 10 2008

i think i am the more observant…maybe tooo over observant!

20 10 2008
leos child

so which did you buy mean the morning after pill?one thing i know is being observant can be learnt but peripheral vision still deludes guysapparently so without peripheral vision i ask can you be observant?

20 10 2008
Mr. B2B...

Just to make them 20 comments
Here goes…

ok dawg
i hear you too

Cheers mate

Ahem Ahem, i get it indeed

Leo’s Kid..
what are you trying to say about the pill…
And some guys have peripheral vision which is a huge huge plus…
and yeah, you can be observant without the vision thing..

20 10 2008
Woman medicine

Just fellow author, a very interesting article , thanks for posting the article, was certainly a great read!

22 10 2008

solo K delved deep into the abyss of my brain and promulgated exactly what i had in mind hence extorting the very essence of my logging onto this blog and opening the comments slot just to say exactly what has just been said hoping b2b will peruse this deliberation…(his brain lacked oxygen and he got a stroke and died before completing his thoughts)…

19 11 2008

amazon makemoneyverygood

12 02 2009
Weird complexities « B2B’s…

[…] with all the observance that I have done in my life…. and also all the learning, I have found out two simple but very […]

13 08 2010
Flecks of gold

The irony is that the closer it is to us, the less we observe it…who discovered water for instance? It sure as hell wasn’t the fish!

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