21 10 2008

Thank you’s all round seem to be the order of the day here in blogsville…

Seriously, we are all indebted to someone for something and it gets worse with the fact that that someone never expresses/ expects some form of (for lack of a
better word) revenge from you when they ask you for help…

A few years ago, I was always the go-to guy… seriously speaking… I usually didn’t have what was needed, but because I was always available when someone needed something done, I had built up an impressive resume of friends, relatives, general happiness, and then some of people who would always come through for me because of the small/ tiny/ little things that they needed to be done pronto and no one else but me was available to do it…

These chaps I noticed always had one thing on common, ok, two things…

They were always very demanding/ But also always very very appreciative

This whole appreciative thing made me always offer my er, self for helping out chaps, coz they ended up coming to me for even stuff which I had no idea about….

I remember when Rodney asked me if I knew someone who was fixing satellite dishes…./ And Erick asked me where to get glow in the dark condoms…/
even when Baba asked me if I knew anyone who could repair an EV for his car
stereo/ and haagh, what about when Stacy asked me for help finding out if her
man was sleeping with that cute newbie in the neighbourhood/ and also when
Charity asked me to give Allan a huge hug on his birthday (ok, I might be mixed
up here)/ oh, what about when Uncle Pierre asked me to keep his house for
the weekend, (oh, I wish Ian was here, we tore that place up didn’t we Ian??)/
and also when Emma asked me how to make Big-Lex actually like him….(Ooops)

My point is simple, you learn from kind gestures that people who however as much are strapped for time, but are kind-hearted, will always appreciate the tiny things you do for them, right??



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21 10 2008

Mamanze Sokisi

21 10 2008

but you and Mrs know all the naughty things. Do I have to ask where i can find those things that glow in the dark? And you are way on track

21 10 2008
Mr. B2B...

first time i see to grab sockisi… here
no wait, it is the second time

for the record, it is Erick who wanted them glowy type things, and i actually didn’t get any till…

and yeah, this post has nada to do with the Mrs..
ok, in a way it does, but mostly about appreciating people who show you their kind side first before you see the crappy side(s) as well

21 10 2008

it is so true… appreciation can make you put in some more effort…

21 10 2008

You think I would on your blog even were I dont see a range rover on my door step?

21 10 2008
The Emrys

nop, they won’t always appreciate the kindness, matter of fact they will take it for granted and act as if they have a right to it.

21 10 2008
Mr. B2B...

yeah… tru true

i think the word clueless keeps coming up… oh shucks…
i get it

that’s the reality to it, but for such chaps you don’t have to do nada…

21 10 2008

Glow in the dark?? hahaha….now that made my day…I didn’t even know such things existed!

Sometimes the people we least expect to appreciate stuff shock us when they do (This happened to me recently I was quite touched)…

21 10 2008

As usual, Mr. Wiseman, you is making sense. 🙂
See my last post for the futility of kindness.

22 10 2008

Glow in the dark condoms? Really?

Hook me up and I appreciate.

22 10 2008
The Dark Knight

Me I chall bailing guys out. People never appreciate the things I do, however noble. So I threw them out.


22 10 2008
Mr. B2B...

i know what you mean about when someone says a very unexpected thank you
and about the glow in the dark ones….


Mr. Who?
i checked out the post… hilarious…

Will see what i can do

i hear you loud and clear…
there are only few chaps who i bail out and these are the ones i am talking about in the post

22 10 2008

Dude,u know where i can get those (petesmomz talkin’ bout)??
w’d u er,hook me up too?

22 10 2008

Uuuum Glow the dark condoms…lol Now that made me laugh…lol

22 10 2008

glow in the dark? hmm, jst when i thought i knew it all. kati dude where can i get ’em? thank u…

23 10 2008

But people of all the words in this post glow in the dark condoms are the most fascinating? Realle!

23 10 2008
Miss Cheri


24 10 2008

Hey b2b, Yes you are right and wrong at the same time lol. u would think that people do/would appreciate people who are strapped for time but sacrifice and make time for them…so do appreciate these people, while others think nothing of it as if it is a given that these people should support them with kind words and gestures. The person in which the showering is being done sometimes does not show the same courtesy to one showering them with kind words.

My family and I have cheated death, God keep us alive for a reason, and one of those reasons is to tell the world of his goodness and show LOVE thru our ACTIONS along with our WORDS!

I want you to know that I do appreciate all the kind words and thoughts that you have spoken into my life.

God Bless YOU!

I guess I’m back lol.

24 10 2008

My sis is always accusing me of taking her for granted… because i dont say thank you. But the fact is that i do, though i dont say thank you. So what does that make of me?

I believe in showing appreciation in action rather than words because anyone can say thank you so that they can take advantage of you again and again. Is that appreciation? I am a bit confused here… help me out.

24 10 2008

Man, I never get appreciated. Never.

Sometimes when I’m all in a fit over being taken for granted, I remember why it is I give of my time, my money and my life. It’s for a reward to which no appreciation on earth can compare.

26 10 2008

Haha glow in the who?? wow deep

New here…quite impressive my brotha!

30 10 2008

errr…Charity did what? err…..did you do that to Alan… there some connection btn the satelite dish, the glowing condom and the hug…..just kidding…..(or am i?)

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