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24 10 2008

Yep, it is one of them days when we at B2B’s joint are losing the basikness and just chilling out anticipating the weekend… between you and me, Mrs is away, so no doubt I am gwan chill…

Hehehehe Just playing..

I have had long weeks ever since August 16th, when my cousin jumped the broom, and I passed a certain stage which had been nagging me for the past 36 months…

I have opened up to me’self in a very uneek way, and carefully know when I might yell for a tiny thing

I have also learned to smile at the funny stuff, and chuckle at Aivan’s humour, without falling on the floor….

I am meanwhile hustling with the sorting out the new nomination categories for the upcoming back2basics awards…..

Yeah, I know, I know, Tumwi tore them up last year around by distributing envelopes which however are not that basik, but actually…….(Wait, what happened to the bi-commandos…. is it only relishing them?)

Please take a look at the first award B2B-nominations and the final B2B-Winners…. and let us know whether we should change any of the nominations… i will surely drop them up here when the feedback hits over 20 sometime in November, wait… in December i think and we disorganize Dee and her cronies over at TheKampalan….




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24 10 2008
The Dark Knight

weekend boots.

24 10 2008
Benge Solomon King


A while back Rebecca (Jackfruity) had mentioned something to me about Node Six participating in the Annual Ugandan Blogger’s Awards.

What do you guys think?

24 10 2008


Dude, all these chaps emanating from the same person are crazy

but about the UBOB, i think it is weclomed, but exactly how will you do this with you guys at Node Six?

24 10 2008

If you nominate me again for not blogging I will show you!

I am not shy – I shall now nominate myself for Comeback Queen.

24 10 2008
Benge Solomon King

@b2b, lol, I know, sometimes I even confuse myself.

Well, you guys do the nominations and we can offer free hosting to “Best Blogger / Blog” of the year.

Or sommat.

Ideas are welcome.

24 10 2008

Will there be a category for newbies and for the diserters like Kakaire?

24 10 2008

Do I have socks?

24 10 2008

Where did y’all come from? When I opened I was the only one here! Ok, some socks DK? I don’t have any left!
I’m just watching to see what happens.

24 10 2008

Blogger awards? Interesting. Had no idea blogging be serious like that! lol @ Petesmama

24 10 2008

Igis, catch up mate 🙂

But now Mr. B2B, me thinks u want to rig these things.. nga u are all for ur own awards?

24 10 2008

My awards would this time will include Princess, DK a.ka Solomon, Igis, Eric Mununuzi and others.

24 10 2008
Miss Cheri

Hehe, the guilty have already been running. I nominate Dante for most promising come back…he’s pulled up his socks.

24 10 2008

good idea… waiting to vote away

although can already tell that kissyfur and heaven will still be nominated for lousiest blogger

24 10 2008
Mr. B2B...

Mbu Queen of comeback

Dawg, there are just too many and we don’t want multiple awards going to the same dude….
i.e. the winner for category 1 is SoloKing
the winner for category 2 is TheDarkKnight

No doubt CHanle
that award has been on for a bit!! ask PetesMomz..

Hehehehe i can loan you a few pairs

I hear you too, love to see what happens this time round…

evidently you haven’t been around much have you….
Wait for he reactionary comments playa

They be my Awards, so this time around, we can “talk”

i hear you…

Hehehehe too…

maybe we can throw one in their too for Rhys…

24 10 2008

@ Mudamuli: *blush* 😀
@ B2B: This should be fun! 🙂

24 10 2008

Where’s the after party?

24 10 2008

Another Great one.

Am still looking for em socks

25 10 2008
the antipop

i love trophies. thing is, i have never won any. now, who do i have to sleep with to get nominated?

25 10 2008
Morris Mugisha

You, my friend, are a nigma.

25 10 2008
Miss Cheri

A nigma?

25 10 2008

Antipop, I’ll nominate

28 10 2008

‘Dee and her cronies …’?

b2b, where is the beef coming from? Was that really necessary?

The UBOBs, no matter how flawed the voting is, were not Dee’s invention and she should not be consistently hounded by you for it. 😦 Last year she volunteered to take on a duty whose ideals are nobel: an open forum to recognize Ugandan blogs. The voting process was transparent, although it is apparent from your previous posts that you did not agree with the outcome. Nothing was rigged because neither Dee nor Jackfruity had anything to gain from the rigging.

I understand that your statement may have been written in good humor, but still …

It is a very good idea to have ONE site on which to move the UBOBs and Nodesix may be a great start, considering the only aggregator. Instead of splitting the vote in an already small blogsphere, why not back something ‘neutral’? We should go Nodesix if you don’t trust The Kampalan.

Just stop it with the nyanyanya about Dee.

And yes; I’m defending my friend.

28 10 2008
Mr. B2B...

First off Tumwi
thanks for understanding that my comment was written in good humour…
coz it really was written in good humour too

and seriously speaking, you can see it is only you who has “felt” the need to bring this up…

but i will listen to you

the UBOB awards are really true, but then again, they are all so serious Tumwi

Secondly, what i am trying to do is present a less-serious case of awards for Ugandan Blogren, i.e. humorous, lively, entertaining and generally not so serious….

you remember the first ones i put up which had stuff like er….

-blogger with the most bloggers on his/her blogroll
-sockies of the eyar

I know you remember…

Of course the awards at UBOB are really true and not flawed, but there’s a certain distraction that comes with blogging, and it not having to be something that is really really serious like winning a Pulitzer…

like the post you did ( the one about Blindjie and him living with his Momz)

you saw how everyone really liked that post….

surely, the NodeSix chaps will do an excellent job, and not saying Dee didn’t do that excellent job either, and i am apologizing if you “feel” that i and everyone else said stuff in bad taste…

and then again, look at the comments for the B2B awards Tumwi

it’s all just like the Razzies in Hollywood…
all just stuff that people read and chuckle to themselves and even Dee herself understands this as well…..

thanks for the feedback…

and i will surely stop with the Nyanya about Dee….
are we cool?

28 10 2008

eh tumwi, what’s the deal? is it that time of the month for you? ((ducking to avoid the glares))

really it was all said in good faith, no need to say all that and get B2B defensive

28 10 2008

me for funniest blogger. really.

30 10 2008

…watching and reading,I am…makes for interesting conversation,I would have said argument but that would be in bad taste, lol

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