3 11 2008

back_2_what_the_????? 25 06 2007

I just got wind of this whole drama like almost 3 and a half years ago!!

I have realised we might be the same in body and the rest, but not in mind and soul….

Got some major news about possibly my closest BUDDY!!

Gees, just reminds me of that track…

“It would be fly if you were b-u-d-d-y
Don’t be shy, give it a try I could be yours and you could be mine
I can’t lie it would be fly if you were my b-u-d-d-y
Don’t be shy give it a try I could be yours if you could be mine”

Anyways, let me just hit the head on the nail…

You are living my life for real….

i am convinced that that shyte that is going on in your life, should be being done by the whole world…

i am personally convinced already that if you are doing it, then the whole world is doing it…..

only in a different way…. say it with me….


You can’t beat the shyte!!!

glad, fulfilled, relieved, aided, allayed, alleviation, amelioration, appeasement, assistance, assuagement, breather, cheer, comfort, comforting, consolation, contentment, cure, deliverance, diversion, easement, extrication, fix, hand, happiness, help, let-up, lift, lightening, maintenance, mitigation, mollification, palliative, quick fix*, refreshment, release, remedy, remission, reprieve, respite, rest, restfulness, satisfaction, softening, solace, succor, support, sustenance

I like the quick-fix part mostly….

then again there’s release, breather, contentment, gees, i could go on and on and on…..

like they used to say in the nineties!!!

till the break of….

Mood is “very unproductive”

Correction, Very Very Unproductive


T’was way back in June 2007 and I was encouraged by P’s-Momz and Kissyfurrrrr to get off the high-road and stop only reading and start writing coz of the drama that is attached with blogging

Don’t think I remember what I was on about, oh yeah… it was about finding about some info about a close friend of mine who used to trip about one-night stands, and how she will never ever…

Anyways, when it happened, she called me up and reliably informed me that she would do it again coz it makde her feel (using her words) in-charge..

Guess many days have gone by and other lessons have been learnt…

For her now, she is away from that crappy one-night-stand *ish and in some form of deep commitment which seems more herself than anyone else I could have ever seen her as….

~Dope week~