5 11 2008

Thank you for caring for me- when I’ve not cared
Thank you for loving me -when I’ve not loved me
Thank you for providing – when I’ve lacked
Thank you for listening – when I’ve needed an ear
Thank you for carrying me – when I’ve succumbed under my own weight
Thank you for a shoulder – when I’ve needed to put my head down
Thank you for wiping my tears – when I’ve cried
Thank you for lifting the burden – when I’ve been overwhelmed
Thank you for staying – when I’ve moved far far away from you
Thank you for forgiving me – when I’ve fallen
Thank you for your angels – when I’ve felt alone
Thank you for your protection – when fear has ceased my soul
Thank you for your guidance – for every path I’ve trod
Thank you for remaining unchanging – when I’ve been shifty
Thank you for being my friend – when others have disappointed me
Love me, carry me, grace me, mercy me – now and always, God


i copied this off of PrettyLyf’s blog and i felt the need to share this…. you might want to ask me why… but not right now…



17 responses

5 11 2008

Dude, Whats not happening?

5 11 2008


5 11 2008

Hey, thank for sharing this
some times when i read posts to do with God, man…it makes me feel like…i’m so far away from Him,…i need to find him.

5 11 2008

but you are so sweet dude. watched you open a car door for a chic this morning. really sweet.
Amen to your Thank You.

5 11 2008
The Emrys

thank you God for letting basix share this

5 11 2008
Mr. B2B...

just some shyte that is weird to talk about…

i hear you..

get there quickly dawg
real quickly..

remember Gentlemanliness…
same same
thanks too

Anytime B…

i did find if off of PrettyLyf’s Joint…
so no, it wasn’t me.. who penned it…

5 11 2008
Miss Cheri

Thank you God that I am well enough to think I am well enough.

And thank u God for giving it to Obama.

I know that is loose of me but hey…I had him in my prayers.

B2B…nice angle u’ve taken.

5 11 2008
Miss Cheri

Eddslah, same here. Makes me guilty even.

5 11 2008

Thank you lord for i know it will be well, in your time.holla

5 11 2008

You’re welcome. In fact, we all are.


5 11 2008

Thank you God for life

5 11 2008

Thank you God for who You are…..

B2B u can mail me…use the 17ug address. Akuume.

6 11 2008

@B2B That was beautifully spoken!

Thank you God that B2B was Obedient to YOU and shared his Soul with us so that we could SEE YOU thru HIM!

6 11 2008

dude, so it is for copying and pasting these days huh? inspirational post to land on in the morning tho… hi B2B? how have u been? holla

6 11 2008


Amen! 😉

6 11 2008

Eh! that was supposed to be a smile…slip of the fingers!

6 11 2008
kigandaskunk B2B how many times has your soul kicked the bucket because of fear- “when fear has ceased my soul”…dude you really have alot to be thankful for!!!shhhhsssfffff

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