6 11 2008

Been told that love is effortless

Been told that when life gets hard, all you have to do is let people in your life that truly love you and have stuck by your side when times didn’t seem effortless….

Been told to say a prayer to the Lord to show him that as much you are hustling (even though we all know he knows right?),

You can and will always get through this present moment with his guidance

Been told that the hustle makes you stronger…

Been told a lot of things concerning the word [effortless-ness]

Been told that whence you get to a point in your life when you want to just leave it be…


You remember the hustle you put in

You remember the time

You remember the energy

You remember the trust**

You remember the patience*

You remember the love**

You remember the kindness*

You start seeing how life was…

You start to see how life can be

You start seeing how life will be

You then realize that whatever it takes, whatever it takes, it will always go on and it is you who makes it effortless

It is you who shows people how the hustles in your life are making you stronger

It is you who can and will always make it better

It is you who will always show that you can see past certain crappy things that make life a drag

It is you who will always see that you can and will learn to trust…. (again)

So get on with it…. we can forge a way ahead slowly, but surely.


Dropped this with Freedom’s help, and in a way i am feeling better about some crap that was messing with my whole effortless-ness in making progress.

Through HIS guidance, i do now do believe that HE can and will show me the way to make it even better…

(Thank you Freedom!)



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6 11 2008


my experience with Love has made me think it’s too complicated and not as simple as you’ve placed it here.
It’s true to have people around you who can love and bail you out.
Interesting piece

6 11 2008
Solomon King

I think the biggest irony of love is the fact that we suddenly start expecting [too many] things from each other, and being human, it means we fall short of the other’s expectations, and things do downhill from there.

Ask yourself why friends have less drama than lovers. I think it’s because we accept our friends for who they are…

Yet somehow, I think this is not what B2B is going on about…, is it, Mr?

6 11 2008
The Emrys

i think its not wat he is goin on about but then again, i think you are both spot on

6 11 2008

you are on a roll with the collabo posts dude!

6 11 2008
Miss Cheri

Emi’s those are mine. Energy, Trust, Love, Patience, Kindness, Time…? Sounds like a condom ad.

Love is smooth…soft, silky and warm. Like Egyptian silk bedsheets. I just hear. Obviaouly I’ve never been between any of them…the love and the Egyptian sheets.

6 11 2008
Miss Cheri


6 11 2008

Are you having pre-marriage counselling? I mean like go to church these days especially in the evening thats when they go right? The way you are going on these days I see a wedding in the offing

6 11 2008

you sound abit mumbled are you okay

6 11 2008

why did you stop yourself…the story was really rolling out,should we expect a sequel?

6 11 2008

okay… clearly im missing something

6 11 2008

lol, naye cheri…how the condom comes in… i really don’t know

hey dough, u ok man?
chanel thinks yo going down, are u?

6 11 2008

I’ve read so much into the whole post………sure hope HE can show u the way to make it way better than u expect.

7 11 2008

B2B…It was a pleasure brainstorming with you. You are indeed a talented individual. You did an excellent job speaking the TRUTH about how you feel and SEE things right now in your life. And in lives of others that you might not know is going thru, not stuck, but going thru the same issues and thoughts as you my friend! BE STRONG MY FRIEND for GOD has made you unique as well as all who reads this and it is up to US to study ourselves and LOVE ourselves and TRUST our God to bring this effortless-ness gift out of ourselves regardless of what people might say or think of us!

7 11 2008

oso me, i missed something…there are some deep undertones here

7 11 2008

YOU. important bit.

7 11 2008

dude! ok just to make u feel beta I’m posting something about love tomorrow

10 11 2008

Since we can’t comment on your latest post. I’ll comment here instead.
In a word: ‘Sweet.’
Mrs. B2B is lucky to have you. 🙂

21 01 2009
Being_B2B « B2B’s…

[…] Saying it how it is has and never will be a plus sign… (although there a few circumstances, when it can er, be a sort of blessing in disguise) […]

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