11 11 2008

Props are those things that are usually reserved for the following occasions…

In rugby, it refers to that chap (actually two chaps) who forms the mainstay of the first row in the scrum and coz of this is (are) highly revered coz they basically hold up the scrum…(along with the locks)

On stage acting and theatre, props are any objects held or used on stage by an actor for use in furthering the plot, e.g. a chair, a kitchen set, or even a horse on stage…. if it isn’t touched by the actor (tress) then it is simply a decoration If it is touched by the actor in accordance to script requirements or as deemed by the director, it is a prop. Some actors themselves are props…. anyone remember when The Last King of Scotland was being directed down here in Kampala, they were giving the equivalent of US$ 45 a day for actors to be props…

Coming down to black urban culture originating from the streets and back yards of America, props refers to something sorta similar to the above, but hey not so so…

Seriously, check out these sentences…

You gotta give Slish props for expressing his anger like that and not hurting her…

You also gotta give the chaps at Node Six mad props for setting up that amazing aggregator known as BlogSpirit

You also gotta give props to Dee for taking the time to always do a mention of The Uganda’s Blogger’s Happy Hour at Mateo’s every last week of the month on her joint

You also gotta give Auntie Pop mad props for keeping us inclined to waiting for her to always drop a blog post or poop…. sorry two

What about the way Tandra keeps up with the randomizes…. huh!

No mean feat innit??

Allow me to take the time to make it know that every one wants these props, but hey not everyone actually deserves these props… seriously, look at how we chaps at the B2B joint are always looking for props…. even thinking that writing about them will get us some…

Anyways, props in the modern say of words means simply that public recognition is deserved and that it results more into some form of respect…

No wait…

R.E.S.P.E.C.T/ ,


and I.N.F.L.U.E.N.C.E/

I like to say that it can relate to even them chaps who always gotcha back…

Dawg, I gots ya back, I’ma handle and be your props playa….

Anyways nuff said….

Just waiting for the sun to come out later on in the day….



25 responses

11 11 2008

I give you props and I also give me props 4 possibly being the 1st 🙂

11 11 2008
Mr. B2B...

i just put this up
serious props on firsties huh!

11 11 2008
Miss Cheri

Miss Love is me…those socks are mine!!!

11 11 2008
Solomon King

but Miss Fyne, p.r.o.p.s to you for real. I came scrambling for these boots, but WAAH.

Off to read.

11 11 2008
Solomon King

Dude, your closing statements these days are a case study in ambiguity.

Props to you for propping the Node Six team.

Much appreciated.

11 11 2008
The Emrys

props are in order

11 11 2008

Big up yo’ sewf!

11 11 2008
Miss Cheri

Miss Cheri, Miss Fyne, Miss Love…damn…liking the names.

Keep the credits rolling.

I want my props B2B.

11 11 2008

mad props for your unik posts 🙂

11 11 2008

Thank u for the props, but on occasion I do hurt my lady’s feelings…She knows that if i don’t express myself it makes Slish a very angry man.

11 11 2008

hah, are you doing the yo’ dwag thang with your hands all over in the air… props man, nice aritcle

11 11 2008
nikki indigo

you get props for a great blog entry!

11 11 2008

love the black woman’s essence post!

11 11 2008

and the only person I know above is slish so I’m bout to go see what you talking bout

11 11 2008

Props for propping, few actually do that.
I only just knew about node six and it has widened the no of socks I can get.

12 11 2008


12 11 2008

thanks for the mad props dawg! i got your back!- did i sound gangstar enuff?

12 11 2008

unique posts indeed… i like

props to you for that

12 11 2008

Props to all propperz.

12 11 2008
Esquire for President « samali mudamuli ntikita ntikita

[…] “Please stay with us while we hear from our callers.  And we’re joined first by Basix from Muyenga.  Basix, do you love […]

13 11 2008

Props for to Mrs for kicking your ghetto fabulousness out. Props to your for kicking my sweet us out. Props to blogren for kicking the zombie that WAS me out.

13 11 2008

Props for to Mrs for kicking your ghetto fabulousness out. Props to you for kicking my sweet ass out. Props to blogren for kicking the zombie that WAS me out.

14 11 2008

sshhhfffff…….just went swooosh over me head! Guess that means either I am a prop right now or I get props for being slow!

15 11 2008

wats up this wkend?

20 11 2008

You have not mendtioned the props as in the bling blings that Bobby Wine wears. Can you honestly imagine him without them? Those are his props to my way of thinking.

Then there is the flirting with a stranger/ not stranger to prop up your confidence that was waning because your man/woman was paying you no mind. Then you get home and she is full of smiles and you wonder to yourself what there is to smile/ be happy about. She just got confirmation that there is someone out there that finds her attractive!!!

Isnt that a prop too?

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