17 11 2008

She is there on the right side of this blog marked under The Truth…

Why I say she is the truth, it is plain and simple because she has stirred up all the emotions in me that any and every man should be privy too, especially from someone as special as her…

When I met her, I liked her and in my mind there was (and still is) something about her that made me want to find out more about her… she was (and still is) different..

She was (and still is) good to look at… she was (and still is) intrigue-ing…


She is even all the more intrigue-ing….

She is kind**

She is beautiful*

She is hott*

She is difficult*

She is god-fearing***

She is warm**

She is what I thought she would be…

She is a pain*

She is my joy

She is his joy too

She is a rock to lean on when you’s tripping..

She is…


Heck… I am reaching a milestone with her sometime in a few (today playa, today), and to celebrate this, I have ………. wait… getcha own joint…

I have just been through a whole year of… ~~wait for them~~


warm kisses*
spicy flavored chips

tuna melts
warm kisses (ok, that’s 2wice)







big screen pictures at the cinema


cash forecasting

awareness of the other female gender….

squeezing a** when she is looking the other way (hers obviously**)

amazing honesty

certain amounts of dishonesty

deep deep conversation

more drama

deep conversations with the Lord

lots of expression

a brand new Bible**********

deep conversations with my Dad+Momz about her…

very very personal thoughts

a brand new phone*****

some peculiar requests

speaking runyankole from out of the blue

lotsa warnings


long telephone calls (nice*)

cheese nans & chicken tikka masalas

Smirnoff red-ices

double shots of Bond7 on crushed ice with coke

doubles of JackDaniel’s on crushed ice with lime***

Dope rock music**

Time away…

Huge arguments

Lots and lots of looking inside me’self..

and many other words, (hmmn, sounds like a blog post)

Hmmn maybe I should post it…


Damn, I should not be showing this side, coz……. it ain’t macho innit?

She has allowed me to see and feel the 9 fruits of the Spirit (Freedom, thanks for this)

She is very joyful/ She is very peaceful/ She is very very kind/ She fills me up with goodness/ She is faithful/ She is allowing me to show her my gentle side/ She is making me exercise all my self-control/ She has shown me what patience means and how much it pays when I am patient…/ She has shown me love….


17 11 2008

I er had no idea what it was like being pushed…

I don’t mean that whole being pushed by Dad+Momz…

You know that pushing you into a deepened hole that makes you want to just re-ACT like a leopard that has been eyeing the lonely deer at the water hole for the past 6 hours waiting to pounce…

We are all capable of being really rude, terrible and down right disrespectful

Looking back at what makes people all tripp and be badd is a mixture of poking, provoking and being edged towards it…

Many other times, people are just waiting to be stabbed so that they can severely stab you back and hurt you in ways that you didn’t know were possible… I have been the giver before of such crappy bad-sided-ness and until I was the recipient of this crap, I had no idea how it affects someone…


Today is the day I started the journey with Mrs.B2B….

I will make it proper laters on…

The sun is shining today…