17 11 2008

I er had no idea what it was like being pushed…

I don’t mean that whole being pushed by Dad+Momz…

You know that pushing you into a deepened hole that makes you want to just re-ACT like a leopard that has been eyeing the lonely deer at the water hole for the past 6 hours waiting to pounce…

We are all capable of being really rude, terrible and down right disrespectful

Looking back at what makes people all tripp and be badd is a mixture of poking, provoking and being edged towards it…

Many other times, people are just waiting to be stabbed so that they can severely stab you back and hurt you in ways that you didn’t know were possible… I have been the giver before of such crappy bad-sided-ness and until I was the recipient of this crap, I had no idea how it affects someone…


Today is the day I started the journey with Mrs.B2B….

I will make it proper laters on…

The sun is shining today…



12 responses

17 11 2008

No wonder you were all godly knowing that the Mrs is a Godly woman. Enjoy the journey

17 11 2008

Before lightening strikes me I meant Godly with a CAPITAL GEE. And where was this that you was given permission to start the journey. How come I wasnt invited? Oba you are cramping my style?

17 11 2008

anniversary! yay! how long now?


17 11 2008
Solomon King

Dopeness on the Anniversary thing.

And I’m with you on the baddside. Everytime I react differently from my usual “no stress, it’s aight, no beef.” People give me this incredulous look and go, “I had NO idea you were capable of doing that.”

Dopeness still.

17 11 2008
Miss Cheri

Gack, SOCKS!!

Hi Chanel, Three and Mr. King.

17 11 2008
Miss Cheri

First of all LOLz.

Push into hole….leopard, deer…pounce? Gwe, why the porn on Monday morning?

Happy anniversary. Have 3 rails of goat’s meat from kicontainer at Shell Bukoto. All on me boy, all on me!!! And then give the bill to Solomon King. He handles all my accounts and finances.

17 11 2008
The Emrys

happy anns dude

17 11 2008

mirror Emrys

17 11 2008

From the sound of things, it seems you’re not having such a swell day, given the pressure nfrom the ‘push-ers’ …hang in there,
and congratulations on your anniversary

17 11 2008

which journey? the one of badsideness or as her being Mrs B2B…guess its back to being the slow one…oh well, for whichever congratulations are in order….I guess!

17 11 2008
Solomon King

Erique, if you mirror emrys, it would become : edud snna yppah

Lame, I know.

Hi cheri, hehehe, since when was I elevated to such a position of honour? Accountant and financier, good Lord.

Dude, we need to hooks up on that drink sometime. How’s Wednesday?

17 11 2008

the sun is indeed shining…

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