22 11 2008

You ever noticed to both you and your inner self that you would rather go the easy way out…


Take a look at the available scenarios…

Take a walk out for lunch, or stay and cook it indoors yourself and then tidy up and do the dishes…/ Wash the car yourself or just have Mr.B2B drive it up to the car wash and have it waxed to that heavenly shine…/ Think of a new place to take Mrs.B2B out or just head to that dinghy digs that makes her eyes light up… in both appreciation and disappointment!! / How about starting to write out that 6 months anticipated budget of expenditure or just get the money and give it to the chaps down at the Investment Firm…/ What about walking up that fine a** shawtie and asking her name or just chilling with whats~her~name’s boring boring fine a** cousin?/ Oh, then there’s checking out that new job in the papers (or online) which has the name Basix (or you too AuntiePop) written all over it, and then imagining all the hustle that you are going through right now…

We never know how much we are really capable of, until you look back and look at all the mountains that you have scaled in a single bound, or even the time when you watched the entire season 5 of Twenty~Four in a single day……and then when you saved all that moolah, by not going to fancy joint A, but chilling at dinghy joint B and investing them savings just to see the returns are amazing…

I remember the time when I had to re-do my A’ levels, I thought of all the late nights that I had spent in the library which had no returns, and what I would have to go through all over again….

I just changed the game and switched all around like a true playa was supposed to them days and then upped the anti… got the necessary marks and went on to play hard at the correct levels…

Looking back like the SoloDawgKing has been doing allows you to check your errors and focus a lot on your key points, and make sure that it always gets better…


I’m heading out just like Tumwi for a few, something to do with time-off/ reading/ writing

Hola at you on the flip side…

I wonder what the Mrs. will suggest…



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22 11 2008


22 11 2008
Miss Cheri

Shya, now u’re going as well?

23 11 2008

B2b where is it exactly? Am still disturbed by this sad post.
We’ll hear I hope

23 11 2008

As long as u put ur all into somethin….i want to believe everythin works out for the best.

Have a worthwhile one.

23 11 2008

Your right man….
i need to stop taking the easy way out and ofcos try at those things i’ve always said ‘later’ to.

24 11 2008

…digital footprints..these

24 11 2008
the antipop

first off, congs on the hard wrk at a-levels. I did not work hard. and i did not score highly! i have no regrets.
And dawg! where do you come up with thes titles?
and third, you are saving and investing and sht? dude, we need to chat a bit!

24 11 2008

Resonates seriously!!

Got to take my own stock and see what can be changed at this late hour… but i have always believed its never too late.

Wishing you good reading and better results still!!

24 11 2008

saving has mob rewards…

24 11 2008

i want to learn how to save.
Could yu please give me some tips on
how to

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