15 12 2008


There’s always a way that you feel

Ok, I need to clarify….

There’s always a way that stuff relates to you in regard to likes and dislikes….

Any clearer?


Ok, I been trying to explain to my bro the way certain likes and dislikes have come about in my life….

I started off by saying that it started out with the world-famous-though-not-overly-used Trial&Error methodology… This was a major hit….. i.e. try eating caviar…. if you like it…. you will mosdef seek an encore….

If you don’t….

Who cares

Moving on to movies, cars, and whole load of drama…


I am so damn serious…

That is what he used to say to us before hoe would go on to carefully explain to us how things keep changing and if you do not watch out, you could get left behind..

He was always the one who would turn up with new slang whenever we would come back for the school term… he would also tell us the latest movies to watch and which tracks were hott at the time…

He was always the one who would be quiet at the times of heated debates, and was truly an excellent listener…. he was always the one who would calmly say the final words of the discussion that would no doubt put an end to so many heated debates espeshlee with those that concerned sports, music and film.

As we moved higher academically, so did he…

He was very good at always referring to what the teacher said word for word and some times, we would wonder if he had a tape-recorder like them chaps in the American Universities…

He was always so good at “conversing” movies and turning up with a new trend every so often…

When he would walk this way, like Aerosmith, he was always followed and looking back in retrospect, he sorta didn’t know the amount of influence he held…

Till he became the Head Prefect of our school…

I was in his class, and as such, it seems he wanted to prove a few things… he ……..



don’t ask…..

i think i am getting lazier by the day…

i was just wondering if you could possibly suggest me writing on something…

Infact, let’s do a small creative session, where we all get Mr.B2B to express his thoughts and sentiments on something which you would be trying to write about and inadvertently got stuck!!!


It can range across anything from girls, cars, work, religion, parenting, drama, movies, to blogging, and even the odd topic that will surely get a few more comments than most…


Other than that…

Dee reliably informed me that we shall not be having BHH this month, but since this Lovely-Eyed Blogger is intending on dropping a semi-formal BHH in the name of a house soiree….



16 responses

15 12 2008
Miss Cheri


15 12 2008
The Emrys

imcomplete mos def. you could try blogging about the pic over at igiss’ blog

15 12 2008

Classic loss of words moment.

15 12 2008
Solomon King

okay, a little discontinuity there… your bro, you were in his class…? twins perchance?

now, dawg, complete the tale, we’re wide eyed…

Yes, I got it. Will get back to you.

Lively-eyed-blogger huh? Well I never!

15 12 2008

enhee…finish first post please….

Now what do I want u to blog about…hmmmm..shall think about it..n get back

15 12 2008

Just read the size post….now where was I when it was posted…tehehe…

15 12 2008

incomplete comments no idea

15 12 2008

u shd have titled this random, dude… 🙂

16 12 2008

i am so with tandra… random indeed…

reminds me of your older posts when you would so drift from one point to another without really completing the previous one…

16 12 2008

i totally get you dude!
that email?

16 12 2008

???????????? am yet to reply.

17 12 2008

YOU! I dont like you right about now. You better redem yourself by beating whatever it is there is to beat n show up at mine

18 12 2008

eeeh but you! i liked how it was going then you stopped…whats up? okay lemme contitnue it for you but in the next yr

22 12 2008

Do what I do when the creativity starts to fade. Take a break from blogging. Come back in about two weeks and you’ll have a whole bunch of stories to tell….

31 12 2008

mr, when u r burnt out, you simply are burnt out. if blogging starts to feel like a job not a hobby, first give it a rest then get back later. u will see, an idea or story line will pop up and u wont resist the urge to write bout it. blogging should be fun not a job. try it, i have and it worked, and even now, …..
happy new year mr b2b, holla back

31 12 2008

that is why writers take years on one book, reminds me of the other post on love. if u do something for the sake, then u r just any body, not some body. holla

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