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7 01 2009

I like to think of my joint as one which offers some of my thoughts on the everyday drama in my life…. I rarely use it as a Journal and many times avoid writing out details of  the goings-on on my life…. There are times however when I just want to write out so much crap that I am going through and if you can read between the lines like PetesMomz, then I guess you have sensed the times when I am hustling with some crap….

As per now, I am getting by, and was doing a weird form of actually reading a few of my old and older posts (as followed by new reader of mine called Di-Who-Doesn’t-Got-A-BlogJoint) and yes, I have come up with a few semi-charmed-type-concusions….

Just like the band 3rdEyeBlind would have loved to say….

Y’all love sex, and the way it reads when ever someone tries to even attempt to write about it… as I sed, y’all love it, not too sure about having it, but y’all love to read about it

Y’all also love to ask deep queries that tend to give off a few issues about the other person and that also….

Y’all love to read the comments on certain deep issues

And yes, y’all love it when someone does a simple piece about y’all

Correction make that simple pieces about y’all


The beginning of the year is always one to allow us to look back at the past year and make sure that we check….. er… check…. what it is we are trying to move towards….

In March-Twenty-Oh-Eight, I found a list of things i had written down depicting what I want to acccccccccomplish  and they included…..

[] / [] / [wake.up.a.little.earlier]/  [drink.more.water.and.less.alcohol] / [] / [spend.time.with.MrsB2B] / and a few other personal ones which I shall not throw-down here….

I am on the steady road to conjuring up more and more reasons to want to wake up with that dope step in the a.m….


Er, JackFruity is in town and has suggested an impromptu BHH next week on thursday 15th jan twenty-oh-nine… you down????



13 responses

7 01 2009
The Dark Knight

I’m down like a disease.

7 01 2009

Those memory lane posts are killer.

Dope res’s. So did you succeed? Is the dope a.m step on it’s way.

On for IBHH.

7 01 2009

Man you had come interesting posts there. The Movie this is so so so funny and had everyone talking. I am gonna steal one idea though

7 01 2009

yes we love sex,… don’t u, edmund?.

7 01 2009

Yep, these reflective posts of yours are always the best. 😀

7 01 2009

wat would life be without reflection……? how’s the Mrs…..
was told sex is good for the heart

7 01 2009

im down!!

8 01 2009

Reconciling the blog persona to the real person….always interesting…

I so need to find my “rock” side again!!

Awaiting your next deep post Mr B….. and the Mrs too..

8 01 2009

lol… what exactly are you down for Tandra?

8 01 2009

Oh yeah, people do love to read about themselves (I just smiled when u mentioned me up there) n sex too. Wonder why. U could reflect n tell us.

8 01 2009 « Chanelno5’s Weblog

[…] be recollecting Cheri be lying to us over and over again.  I be reading and re-reading posts. And B2B unearthed a post that had me stealing his idea. I wanna air my dirty laundry to all and […]

8 01 2009

@ syb, she down for whatever? *now that song is stuck in me head.*

9 01 2009

I’m down (thought I’d chime in, since I’m the one who’s offering the IBHH). Can’t wait to see you all.

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