12 01 2009

Has always been a kinda tricky situation…

When I first started out, I read a few joints and wondered how some immensely talented people come up with all the stuff that they write about…

So, I listened to me’self and just started by opening up the joint

Usually, there some things on your mind that keep coming up and you really want to share them…

Other times, you relate to what someone writes and it hits you in such a calm way that you have to, just have to really write out your own exasperation’s!!

Nowadays, I write out the title(s) and see if I can come up with the matching text….

Seriously don’t believe me….

Effortless, started out as a post about how many people always make things look effortless, and then with some mixed up emotions, I wrote out effortlress-ness

Being a gentleman turned out exactly how I wanted it to!! With all the simple basik drama that we chaps go through trying to put women first and then some…

The ones about Game, and Game-ish were always amusing in my head and turned out to be even more hilarious on the joint!

There was this particularly interesting story that came about during a discussion with some friends about that girl who got away!!!

And they keep coming up and going on and on right!!

So basikly, how do you come up with your killah posts!!

Yeah, how do you, and you, and you and you and you and you and you and you as well??



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12 01 2009

I sometimes go onto my blog runs and wish I could come up with the stuff that some bloggers come up with, or write as well as they do!I’m always pleasantly surprised when I get positive feedback on some of my posts…kinda motivates me and makes me ‘up my writing game’….I think writing is a talent in itself!!
I do like your work…so how do YOU do it..lol..

12 01 2009

oooh and I’m first and second!! yay

12 01 2009
Miss Cheri

I wish I could come up with a post now…

B2B thanks, for the bubaka….I will holla at u when u send my nsenene. My in-law is in kla at the mo and will be returning in a week…some nsenene and ffene will do. Danke

12 01 2009

Hey I like this, I can catch up with your previous mussings and have a laugh. Good Idea here

12 01 2009

Dawg, mine ain’t so _basik~.

It’s a fine mix of drama, bollocks, *ish and a little mental rum finely marinated in a glass of 1878 Fleur de Chardonnay. Throw in a few ice cubes of experience and you’re sipping the essence of The Rogue King.

Thursday, we’re on dawg.

12 01 2009

Like Shona says, writing is a talent. And one you already have, dude.

@ Coochie Coo
Cheri, how many people do you ask for ffene? I thought I was patented to send it. You have to arrive first, though.

12 01 2009
Miss Cheri

Oh shiz, I forgot. B2B, I don’t want your ffene. My coochie coo Erique is already sending me some. U can keep yours.

Erique Coo, I messed up big time. I’m sorry. Please find it in your heart to forgive me so we can move on from these trying times in our relationship. U’re the only bean in my soup.
And Lol, u said I have to *first arrive*…I think u wanted to say I have to *COME* first before u can gimme ffene…

12 01 2009

lol… cheri cheri. you have decided to kwana each other over ffene?!

it just comes naturally with the everyday life drama and blessings galore…

12 01 2009


LMAO, LOL and all the L’s in chatville. I just got busted. Yes Coochie, you have to COME. I don’t know how I’ll MAKE you do it but somehow you have to do it. So find ways of doing it on your own. You can name IT ‘visa’ or ‘passport’. Your ffene and nsenene are already here. I’ll microwave them when I see you. Then I’ll consider forgiving you.

Bean in your soup.

12 01 2009

You are the original basix, my friend. It is impossible not to love your style and candour.

12 01 2009

my title is always last for some reason, not the other way about. thoughts first title it after i am done.

12 01 2009

Hey B2B (waves!!!)

Thanks…but me..its all about the mood I am in…..

Some sort of release, or because I thought it was interesting….(I dunno really)

What I like about your posts is sometimes you seem to write from the 3rd person’s point of view..kinda like its your story but not you who’s telling it (makes sense???)

lol @ Bean in the soup conversations…….

13 01 2009

Some posts seem out of this world……..and reading them makes my day.

My fav posts on ur blog are abt the Mrs..

Oh ya there are so many talented people on here somewhere.

13 01 2009

So I have bn reading some of ur previous posts…

where was I when all this was bn written?? drat!!

13 01 2009

i thiink inspiratin comes out of so many things… especially volumes of things yur heart wants t say

13 01 2009

so is it your calm nature or is just that you’re able to translate the essence of your spirit into your writing? its not lethargic, but its very laid back, like a fallen monk.seen it all and not hoping for too much kinda like…
and i like it. you should teach me to do that coz most writers are very different in person form their literary fiery persons.

13 01 2009
Miss Cheri

Dear bean in my soup…

I’m so sorry for hurting your feelings. But nothing was going on between B2B and I I t’s not what u think it is. It’s just ffene.
And I was thinking about u the entire time I was asking for the ffene.

Please forgive me or I will die.

14 01 2009

I guess you can find inspiration wherever you look: consider these two going on and on about ffene………my point exactly!!!

14 01 2009
the antipop

me, i just tell tales about my life. that is how come i write what i write

15 01 2009

interesting!some of these thoughts have actually dawned on me more than once. and your approach is cool…basics and all that.
i think writing is more personal and you can’t duplicate someone else’s work w.out sounding fake.
just b real.

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