19 01 2009


I am putting a few final touches to the Second Annual Basiks Awards, and I have thrown in a few other categories that will surely make you smile…

Incase you had not checked out the First Annual Basiks Awards, just take a quick look at them and smile a little…

i will however put them up after Dee and the chaps at TheKampalan have torn down the real UBOB awards for twenty-oh-eight…. Check out the ones from twenty-oh-seven


How many of you were satisfied with Cheri’s non-answers…??

Hmmn, I wasn’t…


And yeah, Aivan is gradding on Wednesday… Congs playa


Igiss, where is that elusive email huh!!



12 responses

19 01 2009

Yeah Igiss what happened with tha elusive naked mile you LIAR. Ivan we want a party

19 01 2009

@ Chanel – The naked mile did happen….from what I heard 😉

@ Mr Basix – Dawg…I got your digits. Both numbers. haha. ama holla at you soon. email?

19 01 2009

Congrats to you Ivan. And to you too Erique. Cheri was very elusive with her answers. We need to strong arm her into answering.

19 01 2009
Miss Cheri

I’m also waiting for the answers y’all.

Igis, No 5 of that quiz is what is still giving me a tough time.

Congratulations go out to Ivan and Erique. Lemme send some cake.

19 01 2009

I have all the Naked Mile pics…

…look at all those anxious faces…go buy a porn DVD.

19 01 2009

Still waiting on those answers too. The responses Miss Cherie gave were useless.

B2B Awards huh? Bring ’em on!

19 01 2009

cool awards

19 01 2009
the antipop

ha! those guys at the kampalan have totally neglected that joint. I doubt there will be any sort of awards or some such. that said, me, i hate cheri. Did yu see how she was unapologetic with her non complaince? kale people!

19 01 2009

lol… antipop, easy on cheri

awaiting those awards, they were enlightening 😉

19 01 2009

Awards?? I’m waiting…do the bloggers get to wear sexy gowns and pose infront of a camera?? (off to dream bout my dream…okie I’m getting carried away)

And as for Cheri….woman we have bn waiting for those answers for like FOREVER!! Get to writing!!!

19 01 2009
Miss Cheri

Lol…answers zifuuse answers…

Lemme consult all the stakeholders then I will hit y’all with answers.
Relax Antipop, we may soon need marriage counseling. Thanks Sybella…

20 01 2009


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