22 01 2009

Growing up as a youngster, I was influenced a lot by what my parents used to listen to…

Playas like ABBA, BoneyM, and such acts as talented as rare as Amazulu were always amusing to listen to… (ok, ABBA are not playas)

You see as a young boy with very hip parents, the record collection was always going to be a way to check out their tastes…

Of course Michael Jackson’s Thriller album, Whitney Houston’s self-titled debut album as well as Lionel Richie, Billy Ocean and acts such as Mel&Kim, ThePolice, and classics like the~man~himself Bob Marley and the Wailers always stand out…

If you can remember acts like Starship, The Jets, Dione Warwick, Stevie Wonder, and Prince, then you might be able to keep up a musical conversation with me, my sister or our parents on a late Friday evening when we are doing their old skool reminisce…

As I grew older however, it became more and more evident that I needed to find and tune my ear to my own musical tastes…

In the late 90s emerged a form of musik that was based on the late 80s type of musik…

Groups like New-Edition, Shalama, NewKidsOnTheBlock and even individual acts like Kylie Minogue and Madonna were a huge huge influence on my musical drama-tisti-kal listening..

You see, every year around about the birthday times my momz+pops would take that special interest in making sure that they buy us a present that would include a tape (cassette tape that is Princess) which would surely be of the hottest artist on the TV and radio

When Hammer couldn’t touch this, we were slowly but surely waiting for the tradition to keep rolling on, until Momz turned up with Vanilla Ice’s BabyBabyIce, or was it IceIceBaby, alright stop????

And when Momz dropped BlackBox’s everybody for my sister, we was surely tearing up the house with our classic Toshiba Radio….

When me and my sister attended boarding schools, we were sorta kept outta touch with the goings on in the musik world, as her school was not in the habit of allowing young students like herself to entertain themselves instead of reading books in the school library. But as well all know, there is always that smooth and uneek person who always has the hook up with the stuff that is in red ink in the school rule book…

Her friends Babs&Eva were (and still are) amongst the most uneek sistaz I ever met…

Always turning up at home with videos of the newest and latest joints that we had heard on the radio and not even thought about on the television… You see back in the day, MTv was a privilege of the heavy-laden… aka the Babs type chics of this world, but lucky for some of us we were in the right circles by association…

Anyways, that was about the time that Shaggy was just smarting from jumping ship after him and General Schwarzkopf had a fallen out and he interested us with his excerpts of Oh Carolina. And the bombastic-ness was formed…

I at the time was hooking up with Jeff…. Jeff you see was (and still is) that chap who will always have the hook-up… you don’t believe me… Jeff had a SEGA Mega Drive even before we had seen it at the Duty Free, Jeff was bootlegging Steve Harvey before it was even on TV, and he even had underground rap recordings of MC Hammer featuring the west coast ni99az….

Jeff introduced me to Gangsta Rap… I didn’t even know what it was till I was so far gone…

Ice Cube, EazyE, Dr.Dre, and the entire Dogg Pound Crew were the way to go… Playa, I didn’t even bother with all the Shabba Ranks type German Dish Crappy Hair cuts, I was the real deal and was scoping out checked shirts and sagging jeans way before my Momz and Pops could understand nada….

I even still have Dr. Dre’s murderous The Chronic album!!!

That paved the way for my foray into listening to Hip Hop! I dabbled with peeps like Lords of the Underground (ticktock this is how we rock) , Da Yangstaz,(hiphopride and then some), NaughtyByNature….. and treacherous Treach doing his thing…. Cypress Hill and of course EnteringTheWu…..

I am telling you by the time Sean Puffy Combs and the one BiggieSmallz were blazing Juicy and shyte, I was already down with Tupac and his wessssyde (for you Kay and Jay)

I do have to give an honorable mention to Nasty Nas for his 5mic efforts on It was written and obviously Illlllllllll-matic….

For those of you not in the know of the whole 5 mics and shyte, ask Iwaya….

By the time I was finishing up my O’levels, I was so deep into the entire Poetry and shyte-ness associated with Hip Hop, I was just slowing down on RnB…

You see, acts like Brownstone, Jade, and En Vogue will always be a deep listen for me…. Don’t believe me, remember 5miles to empty, and kiss and tell by brownstone… what about don’t let go by EnVogue, and obviously everyday of the week by Jade…

Looking back at the master RnB acts, TLC were always on point…. they managed to come together and put up some really interesting tracks, like ain’t too proud to beg…. and of course the delicious, redlight special…

The re-entry of New Edition was welcomed with huge hand claps, and yes they were on point…

As you can see that by the time Dru Hill came to try and trounce BoyzIIMen, they were not really as excellent, but they did have some amazingly well written tracks…. seriously, don’t believe me….. How deep is your love, somebody’s sleeping in my bed, and the remix done by Dupri was on fire….

Man, I am failing to keep up with all the tracks in my head…

Anyways, RnB was and still is a dope list on my collection… I have joints like Anthony Hamilton, Gerald Levert (RIP), Keith Sweat, and yeah Johnny Gill..

As you can see, I was (am) a real RnB lover…

By the time I bumped into ColdPlay, and Alannis’ drama…. I was pretty skeptical and practically used to switch off the radio whenever a rock track would play!

But somehow, with the intervention of a one Rick Dees, on a certain repetitive music playing radio station, I managed to ease into potentials like 3DoorsDown, and Puddle of Mudd….. when I joined Uni, I had the hook up so badly coz Jeff had introduced me to his cronies….

Jeff somehow knew (and still does) someone who had stuff which he needed…

I had the Linkin Park joint before “in-the-end” was banging on the radio…

The hybrid theory really did mess up a few of my cronies, and when we got Dido in full effect, we were blazing really high… groups like Vertical Horizon, matchbox20, and even U2 somehow made into my collectibles….

I am still a hiprocksoul listener, and now I must admit that my musical taste has been refined a little bit to include the likes of some jazz peeps like Jonathan Butler…

The entire journey though must have some neo-soulites like Musiqsoulchild, Jilly from Philly JillScott, flo-etry, Badu…. Jaheim and yeah Sade….

I am hustling with a few words, but believe me, numerous artists are missing from this list, but hey…. help the basikness and add one or two of them in the comments…



Val, i know you’ve waited for this…



27 responses

22 01 2009

Some list this is. Right at the top along with Abba and stuff, I thought I would read Jimmy Katumba somewhere. Who? Okay, Afrigo?

22 01 2009
The Emrys

dude, yo a man after my own heart. but you forgot philly lutaya, luther vandross, ll cool j and all the congolese acts from back in the day 😀

22 01 2009
Mr. B2B...

and for reasons unknown to me…. Jimmy Katumba didn’t reach me till later..

Dude, i hear you laaaaoooouuud and clear.

22 01 2009

Dood, u are a genius !! How do you remember all that shait!! Oh the memories 😀 Meanwhile do you remember Kriss Kross. Where I grew up, those kids tore up the entire neighbourhood. We would all be walking around, bouncing and stuff wearing our clothes back to front. It was crayzeeeeeeee !!

22 01 2009

Errr…this is all in English right?

22 01 2009
Mr. B2B...

Yeah mate
i was totally krossed out

yes it is totally in English
i must add that i didnot mix it with Gospel music till the late 1990s, coz i only used to listen and sing a long with the church choirs…

22 01 2009

Everything except the underground and all Rap/ HipHop I love…..

Abba…I think of that Mama Mia movie..but Daddy Val was obsessed with them for the longest time!!!

Plus I still listen to Mel&Kim…haha….did the dancing in that video of theirs..okie tried..

Can’t touch this….now that was a song and a half…the cartoon also rem his dancing shoes??

Boney M was a must for December trips to see the grandparents….felis navidad…I’m sure 3TOC has a copy of this track somewhere 🙂

Shaggy…reminds me of the parties I used to go to…the parents would be outside..and we kids would be inside watching the older teens grooving to this..and thinking “Bad manners!!!!”

haha…I can literally blog on this….so lemme leave it here…

(liked the post..could you tell??)

22 01 2009
Mr. B2B...

i hear you too..
and yeah, i can definitely tell

22 01 2009

wabula you are an archive of sorts concerning music… really vast and good… thank goodness there is no country in that mix.

although, don’t see any ugandan/east african music there…

22 01 2009

Ur parents didn’t listen to country? the likes of Kenny Rogers and Dolly?…….

Was Dabrat in there?, SWV, McLyte, Bell, Biv Devoe-Poison, Kenny G, Westlife, Beastie Boys.

Good memories……B2B

23 01 2009

nga u had a lot to say! 🙂

23 01 2009

Loving this post… and understanding the musical journey. Did I miss Sade along the line? And some classic reggae I know you listen to?

23 01 2009

K.K on sanyu fm seems to know exactly wat i wan listen to every Sunday even’g (kalango)

this is by far the best post i have read here.

23 01 2009
Sherry Darling

Lol B2B…I need that lunch update…with my life on the line. I’m sending a new padlock for that girl to be locked up!

Igis coo, I have that image in my head now…u bouncing around the hood with your trousers on back to front… Did u wear those wierd shades as well? And the Maradona shoes?

23 01 2009


24 01 2009

hahahaha, i swear you are an old skool junkie! nicely writen oh, it maede me think of brown sugar!

24 01 2009

yourmusic must go really deep.
i can’t make it up to that..regardless.

25 01 2009

Wow you have come from far….Me am not amused you did not put the Rhythm of the night song..

27 01 2009

When you mention Jonny Gill, I remember the likes of James Ingram. Guy had a serious voice!

Freddie Jackson surely deserved a mention. And Cleopatra with the other randy guy, Shabba Ranks was it?

Then i would say that Shalama were not exactly a 90s group. If i recall, i first heard them in the early to mid 80s.

Osborne? I forget his other name. Phil Collins?

Sorry i am a mainly R&Bs person… this is real down memory lane. They don’t make music like they used to, do they?

27 01 2009

Just a very Unusual appearance. Proof that Im still alive somewhere.
The Dogg Pound mos def very memorable

27 01 2009
Miss Cheri

B2B dawg (to steal your words) post…I’m beginning to miss u!!!

27 01 2009

But you man, have you listened to ABBA’s “The Day Before You Came”—changed my mind about that group!

And yes, I watched Mamma Mia and darnit, Streep is evil, I loved it!

28 01 2009

Nice music journey, I identified with the first and second generation, after that I kinda got lost, I guess my taste in music went to the lines of Toby Mac, Chris Tomlin, Mercyme e.t.c.
But it reminded me of groups like – Bananarama, Kajagugu (don’t know how they thought up those names), then the beegees, Paul Young, Rod Stewart.

28 01 2009

Duran Duran

9 02 2009

Great histo bwoy,, i appreacite….
Talking about hiphop..DEF squad,De la soul,The roots,The alkoholics,KRS ONE,Talib K,Common sense…

If you love them album for way back in em days,just come to me.Trust me i got the vibe…
More oldskool flavours for yo ears..

We were truelly moved by the souls n kickers..Where is the music now? Kanye Turnin Hiphop to some white Sh*tty rock bullshit.

Peace to KK at Sanyu Fm.Keep on keepin on


14 02 2009

edmokmg.wordpress.com – great domain name for blog like this)))
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17 08 2009
Eva Baguma

Hey Ed,

Thanks for the mention sweetie. Thanks for taking me back in time.
However, you forgot to mention the neo-soulist of all time Rafael Saddiq and my very extensive Rock collection. Jeff got all the credit for introducing you to Rock. I need to have a word with him. Give my love to Hel Kay.

A tout a l’heure!!!

Eva B

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