29 01 2009

CB4 was the title of one of them ol skool black movie joints that was set off by the BoyzNThaHood drama…. (A young Cuba Gooding Jr and who even remembers the drama of a young-er Jada Pinkett)

It featured a very very young and over pimped up Chris Rock…. and Allen Payne… (yeah, you wouldn’t even remember…. just think…)


CB4 was loosely based on a bunch of gangstaz, were caught on the corner peddling joints, and then some….. they were basically trying to become hip-hoppers yet they were originally from more sub-urban type families where in them days, hip-hop was for graduates of the street…. anyways a cop grabbed them and he was on a mission to put-away some ni99az…

And put them away did he do…

Looking at the way this movie was penned, kind of reminds me of a choice I made to keep for as long as I could…. It involved avoiding scenarios whereby I could get tempted to touch anything in a skirt…

Where touching revolved around kissing, squeezing, rubbing, kneading, licking….. (yeah, you get the drift don’tchu??)

Anyways, at first it was actually quite a hard thing, and looking back now I actually can’t believe that I always used to find me’self in such situations…

Don’t believe me…

Well I don’t doubt you, I also doubted me’self when I made that decision to not getting any for a little over 6 months…

Well, again at first it seemed like asking David to have a drink with Goliath and also asking TheWolf to come out of the sheep’s skin….

Hmmn, what I first did was tell the lady I was seeing that I am a man with a plan… she scoffed at me and told me I was a man with no direction… that spurred me on even further…

A week went by and I started to focus on drama that was always in my life… family, academiks, money-and-the-lack-of-it, spiritual-less-ness, peace of mind-and its non-evidence, a lot more focus, a plan….

I think you are getting the gist of the matter… I actually took a trip down to me’self and spent a lot of time with me’self…. That was when I started writing my first basic-stories…

I recently took a look at that note-pad, it is actually a joint I titled MTMFMT, MYthoughtsMYfearsMYtrust….

In a way, I went through the first month without any hiccups, and then I smiled to me’self and kept telling me’self that it is actually an easy thing to do…. The next 5 months were nasty…. I hanged out with a coupla ol skool friends at some really interesting slumber parties………

Well, I avoided all possibilities of a confrontation with any fine ass lasses, and did not succumb to the wiles of any delightables….. and I must admit that at the time that was a pretty tuff thing to do…

The next month was a breeeeze… seriously, I only interacted to the ladies that I was (and still am) too too attached to platonically to even try to say or touch in that way…

I had just passed my target of 6 months with no nooky in a very laid-back way with ease…

So I decided to take the tussle further, and insist that I could focus on every other factor in my life except that, and that included looking for a better employer, smiling a lot more at the new receptionist and stopping at that (I remember the last time I tried ignoring a fine lady in the same building, she brought her game to me hmmmn)

So yeah, I trudged the streets at lunch hour checking on all my ol skool hommies asking around for any knowledge about hirings goings-on, and even met a few lovely possible female bosses… You see at the time, I was a smooth as silk sales guy whose targets were not being met… yeah, I was meeting the right people, but these were not translating into cheques.. and we all know how cheques sometimes make life a lot easier…

In all that time, never once did I try to tingle with any lovelies, although there was this one smoothe and quick lady who I met at a presentation who reminded me of me… Hmmmn

Anyways, the next 6 months went by even quicker and I somehow squeezed through without any hiccup…

In the 13th month, hmmmmn (please believe me, it does sound like a fantasy huh) I bumped into a friend’s cousin who is fine as nails (Tandra, I mean really well done nails after a manicure, you digg??)

She was calm as ice cool John Malkovich, she was not bothered about nada, except herself, and at the time seemed so interesting. She was fair skinned, and somehow seemed to smile when I saw her…. Making her all the more inviting..

We kept bumping into each other and I had a feeling that God was trying to tell me something… we somehow were too full of attitude to even bother asking each other for our cell numbers…. I had a huge alcatel which I had just skyved from my Mom’s old stash and it had the most annoying ringtone like an emergency had gone off…

Anyways, we managed to bump into each other some day near her digs, and at that precise moment is when my hommie called me with that irritating ringtone… I acted like it was so kewl, and answered and pushed our plans…

She candidly laughed at me and told me that peeps must be laughing at me, and not only did she validate me she pulled out the exact same phone…. (I laughed at her for both of us)

Anyways, we finally exchanged numbers (and phones too LOL), and started texting and calling each other for a very interesting period of time… I seriously was attracted to this, to this, er to this chic…

And between you and me, I wanted to er, do the do… IgissDawg, help me out here…

Anyways, I avoided it like the plague… and believe me that was no mean feat..

Don’t believe me, huh??


MsLovelyToGo: hey Basics, y’know you ain’t never come by my digs?

B2B: (light bulb moment with alarm bells at the same time) er, yeah!!

MsLTG: and you don’t wanna change that huh!!

B2B: well, I had actually thought about it..

MsLTG: only thought about it? Dudes can be so slow when they choose to!!!

B2B: what dyu mean? (KB, that’s for you)

MsLTG: don’t you know that chics always speak in rhymes, and only dudes who read between the lines will get the drift?

B2B; chic, I ain’t called basiks for nada… when you free? How about kesho, I skyve jobbo and come cook you breakfast

MsLTG: Ummm, I see you’s a man with a plan

B2B: (AlarmBells again, she said a man with a plan) well, I’ll give you a shout nyenkyakare…


At that point I had been just chatting with her, and it was all so lovely, just like her name…

We’d laughed together on the phone and at the chicken joint near her digs so many times in the past 4 weeks that I was actually liking this lovely…


the sequel coming up… (slish, i blame you again)



6 responses

29 01 2009

And then?
Waiting on the next part…

29 01 2009
Miss Cheri

Hurry up…and u know the part I’m dying to read up on!!!

The Lunch…

Lemme print this to read again on the train.

29 01 2009

13 whole months ?? ** Starring out of the window in deep thought ** Much respect man !! (Said with a Jamaican accent) 😀

– I am rubbing my hands in glee waiting for the Sequel. Interesting stuff !!

29 01 2009

Second post you’re putting up that I can’t comment on without making a fool of mself.

oh wait. I just did.


29 01 2009

You’ve had lots of drama in ur life……..good drama that is.

Just rewatched BoyzNThaHood to understand it well in my grown up years.

31 01 2009

Oi! Me likey this post…..

Big booth of a phone huh?? muaahahaha

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