30 01 2009

if you’s just joining us, check out the prequel


Anyways, the next morning I duly called Lisa (the boss with nice legs) and told her that I would come in after lunch coz I had three important sales meetings and presentations from 8 in the am, and she as dope as she was said Ed-dawg, it’s all gravy… (ok, AuntiePop dyu get my drift)

I took a cold shower and headed to MsLTG’s digs for “breakfast”…

I reached in time coz she was just fresh outta da shower… smelling like that dope cusson’s imperial leather soap..

She smiled when she saw me and questioned me with her eyes and confirmed that I was serious to skyve work for “breakfast” with her…. Anyways, she dressed up in a pair of sky blue jeans and a dark blue t-shirt and we took a walk to buy eggs, onions, green peppers, and fresh buns…

We went back to her digs and we hanged out together in the kitchen, she sliced up the stuff, while I cracked 4 eggs and beat them up…. We laughed at the morning deejays dry humour and then some…

We had strong coffee with egg sandwiches and I even managed to “wow” her by cleaning up very easily!

Hmmmn (lame huh)

She was slightly impressed, and then she asked me what we do now that the “breakfast” was over…


I told her we could just chill out and throw back a few stories like we usually do but with a lot more ease coz none of us was heading home in the next hour or so… we sat together in the settee, and laughed a bit more at the deejays on the radio with their now lame humour…

We then went into a deathly silence with only the radio playing and the deejay said that today’s special people are those people who have ever dodged work for no genuine reason!!

MsLTG laughed at me and came over to me in the settee and fell on top of me… then the laughing stopped, and we looked into each other’s eyes… and then we kissed…

At that moment, the alarm bells had all the impetus to stay off by themselves and not even try to switch themselves on….

I kissed her back and adjusted her position on top of me as she attempted to run her hands into my shirt… (still no alarm bells) we kissed for a few more minutes before she grabbed my hand and pulled it nearer to her chest… (still no alarm bells) we continued with no one raising the courage to ring the alarm…

And then I did the only thing I could to force an impasse…

I sat up, and eased her away from me and asked her about her boyfriend…

She didn’t say nada, but her eyes said differently and she was visibly irritated at my utterings…

She got up off of me, stood up and went to the kitchen. I followed her and found her drinking a glass of juice… she then looked at me and asked me very quietly…

“what is it with you Basiks??” “can’t you just go with the moment and enjoi the flow?”

My alarm bells then went off… I tried to apologize but she was having nada like that… it seemed I had brought up a nasty bit of drama that she couldn’t even try talking about…

I left and went to work, and smiled at Lisa, only to be told we had a presentation after lunch and that she was glad I turned up way before lunch… we went and murdered the deal and I got my first big commission…

I didn’t try contacting MsLovelyToGo for a little over a fortnight and then attempted calling her….

She surprised me when she picked up and said she was hoping I’d call, and said she wanted to see me…

I was smiling inside, and felt kinda weird coz my alarm bells went off again, but I ignored them since she was only on the phone…

We hooked up at the chicken joint and smiled at each other and after some mild humorous banter, she told me that her and her boyfie had split after she found him between the sheets of her friend’s bed some Saturday morning just about a few months before we bumped into each other with our huge cell phones…

Anyways, we chatted and she came clean and told me she was attracted to me, and I also told her how I was always hoping she was wearing a nice pair of fitting jeans or even knee length skirt coz I appreciated her body… and then some…

When I came clean and told her that I was actually a man with a plan, she almost choked on her piece of chicken, and looked deeply into my eyes just before she said, “Basiks, you is serious???”,

“for how long do you want to not-get-lucky??”,

“dawg, you are straight playing me??”,

“Basiks, how long have you not been getting-lucky??”

I told her just over a year and she chuckled and again looked deep in my eyes and said, “p.r.o.p.s must be in order…”

“you are actually serious”

“then you must have died when you left my digs the other day”

“now I understand why you asked me about whatshisface!”

She fully accepted my apology and was amazingly flattered that she was the almost lucky one…

I managed to go a full, wait for it…













twenty~something~months, two~weeks and two~days before I called her and told her I had to explain something to her…(yeah i know the detail)

No guesses for what she said….


CB4 stands for Cell Block 4 and it signified the prison cell of them chaps who were arrested in the beginning of the movie…..


In retrospect, it is not an easy thing to do (for gentlemen), but at the end of it all, it allows you to look at yourself in many different lights….. and yeah, word of advice to anyone who wants to try this…

make sure you ain’t got a lovely of any sorts….


you won’t even cross the fifth week…

Unless you and her are married and a baby is on the way…. so mosdef, no nookie…

Yeah IgissDawg, none at all…

and Miss_WOB, it allows you to seriously appreciate other things about that special person other than…. ahem ahem…..


but hey i’m just saying…



18 responses

30 01 2009

I’m sorry. I couldn’t read past “… Lisa (the boss with nice legs) …” Kept wondering if you would ever define your male boss by a body part. Like John, the boss with the nice butt or Stephen, the director with the hard pecs.

I’m sure this post is great because the prequel was, but I can’t do it. I just can’t.

30 01 2009
Mr. B2B...

i hear you
and i totally understand you
though i didn’t think that would stop you (or anyone from reading to the end)

i actually didn’t…

30 01 2009

I think i am being dense at the moment. I am trying to connect the story with the guys who were arrested and coming up …nada!

Twenty something months! That must be a record somewhere! Sure props to you.

30 01 2009
Mr. B2B...

Arrested and locked up in a cell on block 4
and i was also on lockdown, but by choice Alesi!!

30 01 2009

Mate, ur a little hard to read for someone who’s Basik u know… but I think i get the gist of this story. Twenty months is a pretty good achievement. Only thing i’d add to ur list of advice for anyone who wants to try it, they’d need God. And lots of other distractions 😀

30 01 2009
The Emrys

how could someone possibly not finish reading(am looking at you tumwi) this, its dopeness just

30 01 2009

*curtsy* *i know* *now shush!*

30 01 2009

20months? Dayum !! Thats tight ! I gotta take Neros advice to focus on other distractions fo sho.

I read somewhere that ” The only way to avoid temptation is to give in to it.” I tend to live by that mantra.

Dope post. hopefully a part three will be seen

30 01 2009
Mr. B2B...

@Nero aka DanteNoMoreForSho
I hear you about asking God for some passage directions
that is a very sincere point of view…
and i must also admit that during that period in CB4, i was and still am learning how to communicate better with the Lord…

Cheers B

i totally understand what you mean
but many times, we do not send time with “ourselves”
that period for me was truly truly amazing!
and looking back, making a decision to not jump into the pants of someone as lovely and warm as MsLTG was quite hard back then, but right now….

it is still hard, but not as hard as it used to be way back then

Dawg, hola kesho playa!!

30 01 2009
Mr. B2B...

@Nero akaDanteNoMoreForSho (again)
About other distractions….

one needs to avoid getting in those “tight” situations just like how IgiSSDawg has been hustling!!


30 01 2009
The Dark Knight

A fitting sequel.

“twenty~something~months, two~weeks and two~days” I am highly unqualified to comment on this…

Now, why do I get the feeling there’s a lot between the lines, huh, playa?

30 01 2009
Miss Cheri

((Some people take life so seriously.)) Have fun.

Now for the real comment.

Like DK, I can’t comment on this, but damn!!!! Thats an age.

30 01 2009
Miss Cheri

The 20 + years.

31 01 2009

I’m with Tumwi on her comment…I actually sat and thought about it..its kinda sexist…

Moving on…loved the rest of the post…..sighs at the happy ever after 🙂

lol with the dotted lines..

31 01 2009

I liked the flow….reminded me of me especially the chopping work bit

31 01 2009

I guess I wont make the year. I tried but I wont be moving on with you. its a short story….but after the first month and especial;ly after you have done THE measure, sex becomes anything other thing you can do without, like how you can do without GTV and life with still be beautiful. I sure aint missing either at the moment.

5 02 2009
the antipop

Nice post! Did not really get the prequel, but this one is tight
@ Tumwi, have you never described a male boss as more than just a name? Let your hair down girl!

12 02 2009

Antipop sweetie I wanna hug u right now. And surely I cant lie about GTV or the other thing because I know u have been keeping count and you are doing the count down with me. But you are FINE girl.

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