when B2B=back2bed

11 02 2009


This sounds like a dope plan for Saturday night into Sunday morning…

Doesn’t it? NO, i do not wear make-up…

and yeah…

I hope that the V-Zone is warming up for the V-Day..

Even those like IgissDawg!!



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11 02 2009

if thats your handwritng then i wanna jump into bed with….
your nursery teacher !!!

11 02 2009
Miss Cheri


Translation: She looks like a monster in the morning!

Lol @ Spartakuss hahahahahah….I was gonna make a door for your closet.

11 02 2009

I wake up early to fix my coffee and then I hope back into bed. So get the hell out!

11 02 2009

@Spartakus, hahaha.

Aha, some people and being in love!

V-Day, in my books is Vagina Day. It is the day feminists like me gather for readings of the Vagina Monologues and go into great detail about our coochies and the violation of the yoni. It is a day of great power for us.

I had no idea Valentines Day is now being referred to as V-Day.

11 02 2009
Miss Cheri

Vagina day?

Anha, now even Vaginas have a day dedicated to them? Wow. Abeg, is that the day when they should be given a holiday and made to feel so special? Like womens day or mothers’ day?

11 02 2009
Mr. B2B...

ok dawg!!

In your books…
Lucky for us…
Only you have such weird connotations!!


Power huh!!
I had no idea..
infact i still don’t!!

and about the celebrations of coochies….

i knew i should have put moderation on this one!!!

11 02 2009

V-zone? My mind immediately replaced the V with Vagina, and that makes your statement, Mr. B2B come across as exceedingly sexist.

11 02 2009
Mr. B2B...


11 02 2009
Mr. B2B...

Infact it does sound sexist

I will change it in a bit after the comments have er….

11 02 2009

Valentines day again !! * Sigh * I like to call it the moment of truth. Its that one day of the year that shows up and ruins everything completely….if you know what I mean 😉

LOL @ Tumwi. I wonder what it would be like if guys got together to talk about their ummmmm…….
Nah, thats just too nasty.

11 02 2009

back2bed… i like the way that sounds… and it would be a wonderful plan!

11 02 2009
Miss Cheri

Sybella, bad manners!

11 02 2009
some girl who is shy to put her name on this one

yep. Definitely Vagina Day!
the day Vagina gets violated- albeit with consent!

11 02 2009
Miss Cheri

Lol some girl who is too shy, that ihappens like every damn day!!! So now we owe it a special day? Baffles

11 02 2009

lol @ Tumwi, I though everyday is V-day (Vagina Day)…well for most of the guys I know at least, so why should this day be any special for the V-Monologues which I totally distrust and loath.

B2b = Back to Bed…lol, This sounds really funny which ever way I try to imagine it.

some girl who is too shy to name her self is still a virgin..lol Cheri, am starting to doubt all those virgin stories of yo’s..

12 02 2009

If I am getting a car for valentines then heck valentines should come every day so I can get a newer version. Lets see how many of u valentines non believers will send your presents to me.

12 02 2009

lol… cheri one of these you when you are married you will so understand and be telling us about the THINGS he does to you that get you on a HIGH!

antipop & chanel, kumubuzire! nimugambaki?

16 02 2009

Sybella darling, credit crunch

17 02 2009

V-zone! Very sexist!?!?! Else, where is the v-zone for men?… sorry i see there was no mention of whose v-zone was to warm up.

So how was it… the v-day?

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