17 02 2009

2009_mercedes_benz_m_class i am a huge fan of the above ride…

She likes it more than i do though and it is mosdef on the cards in a deep maroon colour… in a few..

The main reason why i flushed it is because of….

ahem, ahem…

cough… cough… sic…


Yeah nuff sed…

or is it…


Yeah, you guessed right… it ain’t over..


And please please please somebody help me look at those rims dawg!!



nuff sed



19 responses

17 02 2009
The Dark Knight

Mercedez STOCKS!!

17 02 2009

A man and his toys…

17 02 2009
The Dark Knight

I’m not a G-Wagon fan, but. That. Is. Ill.

Still, I’ll take a Jeep any day.

17 02 2009

Give me the G-Class any day. Buts its a bit uncomfortable inside just like the landrover 😦 Meanwhile those rims…..double DAMN !!

17 02 2009
The Emrys

yep, nuf sed mos def

17 02 2009

Some fool said that the day Peter Miles bought a similar car to the first one, it lost status. I dont know why the fool said that but being that he is from the class of kampalans that own cool cars for a living I didnt even bother defending

17 02 2009

I saw the first car and drooled….I want!

18 02 2009


18 02 2009

The G anyday.
But the GL kills em all. A combo of an ML
and the G class.

18 02 2009

Sorry for sounding stoopid but which one is M-Class and which G500? if it is in order of appearance, then the M-class any day.

I mean what is the use of driving a benz if its going to feel just like a land cruiser, if not worse because that is almost the case with the one i have labelled G.

I say, eat a fat toad and get the M-class!?!?!

The rims are cool though… but we dont sit on rims, do we?

18 02 2009


18 02 2009
Miss Cheri

Me I want a Range Rover Vogue!

Like that one the British High Commissioner rools around in. Get me that and u get some star dust.

18 02 2009
Miss Cheri

Kale that car is ugly.

Even a Rav4 is much better.

18 02 2009

lol….. Cheri… dont b a hater

18 02 2009
Mr. B2B...

it’s now called star dust

dawg, ditch the VW-Bora and grab the Range ROver Vogue player…

19 02 2009

Yep! This is the stuff

19 02 2009
Mrs. B2B

Oh yes I do love the M/ML Benz. Look at those wonderful curves and the the comfortable interior that just welcomes you to relaaaaaax and then some more! Purring engine, what more would you want?!

The G500 is all angles, no curves. Such a guy car.

So baby, the next anniversary present 🙂 in maroon?

20 02 2009

But Mrs…………….nga u r high maintenance.

Am cluless abt cars but anythin that looks nice should do and yes especially the ones i’ve heard of.

20 02 2009
Mr. B2B...


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